Wildfire: Chapter 1

This story is rated for violence and if i decide to take the story in that directon I may have a lemon or three included as well.

Two years ago:

Simon's eyes snapped open, he leant over and clicked on the light on his bed side cabinet before glancing at the clock on the wall, he sighed it was midnight. Then it came again the squeal that had woke him up, he threw the covers off and dashed down the stairs as fast as he could while still keeping quiet enough so as not to wake his parents. His hand darted out and grabbed the key off its usual place on the sideboard at the bottom of the stairs; there was only the short distance of the front hall to go now. It came again a pitiful howl weaker than before, redoubling his efforts Simon put and extra burst of speed on and flew across the hall, stopping abruptly he fumbled with the door key trying to unlock the door 'come on, come on." He mumbled under his breath. Finally he heard the click off the lock, he shoved open the door not bothering to shut it behind him and ran towards the forest his house backed up onto. Sprinting into the woods his eyes darted left and right looking for the source of the noise he had heard. His run through the forest came to a quick halt however as he heard a howl go up into the night air shortly followed by the pitiful whine he was searching for, a shiver ran down Simon's spine he could only imagine what was happening to that poor creature. Pausing briefly to catch his breath and to snap a branch off a nearby tree, he didn't like the sound of that howl; Simon sprinted in the direction of the noises.

After another minute of frantic running he broke into a clearing, a low growl came from behind him. Spinning around Simon saw a large Mightyena hackles raised advancing on a small Vulpix that was cowering in a small hollow in a tree trunk. "Oi, over here you overgrown mutt" Simon shouted, the Mightyena turned his head and bared its teeth at Simon then began to advance on him. Simon backed off slowly cursing himself for his 'bravery' the Mightyena pounced and Simon swung the branch in self defence, it caught the Mightyena in the side of it's head knocking it to a side but doing no real damage. The Mightyena picked itself up growling angrily, great I just made it mad think next time Simon berated himself, the Mightyena sized up its opponent then pounced a second time, Simon swung the stick again but it missed completely. The Mightyena sunk it's jaws into Simon arm, his eyes flashed red as he screamed in agony and kicked out at the Mightyena his foot caught it in its stomach and winded the Pokemon, it released Simon's arm from its jaws and backed off preparing for another attack. Simon dropped the stick tears falling down his face, he couldn't feel his arm, a howl from the Mightyena quickly brought him back to his senses however, remembering the stick he picked it up with his good arm and swung it like a sword. The Mightyena aimed its next attack for Simon's throat as it jumped at him; Simon ducked under the Mightyena's jaws and drove his stick upwards into its stomach. Unfortunately it was too blunt to deal any real damage and the Mightyena landed gracefully then turned for another strike. The Mightyena leapt into the air intending to come down on Simon's stomach but he Simon kicked it in the face with both feet launching it backwards into the undergrowth with a sickening crack. Simon struggled to his feet and glanced at his arm the arm of his pyjama top was almost completely shredded and what little was left was soaked with his blood. A pitiful cry from the other side of the clearing reminded Simon why he came out here in the first place; he walked over to the Vulpix's hiding place and knelt down so he was eye to eye with the terrified Pokemon "Hey there, I not coming to hurt you, please come out it's okay." He gently coaxed the Vulpix out of its cubby hole. It slowly emerged from the hole shaking with fright, Simon carefully reached out to touch it's head "Ssh, its okay I won't hurt you" he tried to calm the little thing down. He stroked the Vulpix trying to calm it down while checking its body for any injury, there was a large scratch on one of it's rear legs and it looked pained by it "Ah, you're hurt too" Simon said gently "I'll help you please just trust me." He reached forward to pick up the Vulpix; surprisingly it didn't try to stop him it leapt into his arms when he reached forward. Wincing as the felt the weight of the Pokemon on his injured arm Simon carefully made his way home, how was he going to explain this to mum!

Simon slowly opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was a Vulpix she was licking his nose and her tails were wagging wildly "Good morning ember" he yawned. Ember jumped off his bed onto the floor and 'vul'ed happily, Simon laughed as he rolled out of bed "Someone's eager to leave on our journey" he leant down and scratched the Vulpix affectionately behind it's ear "You go get my bag while I get dressed k?". Ember barked and nodded her head to show she had understood then padded out of his room. Simon gently pushed the door too then threw on his travelling gear; blue jeans and a black tee-shirt then grabbed a navy blue jumper off his chair and tied it round his waist he paused and glanced in a mirror, he was quite tall for his age and had short brown hair and alert blue eyes, he shifted the sleeve of his t-shirt to hide the crisscross of stitches on his left arm then walked downstairs towards the door. He was greeted at the door by Ember who had his rucksack in her mouth and was wagging her tails. Leaning down Simon gently took the bag from her teeth "Thanks girl, so I guess we'll say goodbye then we'll be on our way." Ember yapped and jumped up into Simon's arms, "Hey lazy, I'm not carrying you all the way to Littleroot"

"Vuulpix" Ember replied

Simon laughed at her tone of voice "You know Ember; I really wish I could understand what you say"

Simon carefully shifted Ember so she would be comfortable "Mum's waiting down by the poke mart we shouldn't be late"