Wildfire: Chapter 33

Hey everyone, I know this chapter is a bit short but I wanted to upload to let you know I'm bringing this story off the back burner and since I don't really want to upload for just that I wrote a quasi chapter, hope you enjoy

Charmander shook his head in disbelief turning back to Ember "Chaar manderrr char chaar?"

Ember giggled slightly and shook her head "Vul"

"Why would I be joking?" Simon asked chuckled softly under his breath leaning down he rested a hand gently on the shocked Pokemon's head "So do you have a name?"

Charmander paused for a second in thought "Charr chaaar manderr char mander manderrrr chaarr, chaaar manderrr charrr." he explained

Simon blinked "Umm.. what?" he smiled apologetically

Charmander frowned "Chaaar mander chaarr?"

Simon smiled "I don't know everything" he chuckled "I'm finding more and more holes in what Ember taught me of late"

Nuri padded forward "Eeev eev veee eev?" she tried

Simon nodded "So each trainer gave you a different name? Is that right?" Charmander nodded giving a small squeak of agreement waiting for the inevitable follow up question of why he had so many trainers. "So which name do you prefer?" Simon continued

Charmander looked up at Simon and paused, he had never really thought about that before, "Charrr" he finally said

Simon nodded "Ingis?" he grinned when Ingis nodded "Alright then Ingis it is"

"Groww litheee grow?" Iri asked, Ingis flinched it was the question he had been dreading.

"I'll field that" Simon said unable to keep a grin of his face when he saw the look of shock plastered on Ingis' "He refuses to fight and so his trainers constantly abandon him."

"Ch-chaar manderr?" Ingis stuttered

"Yeah, Nurse Joy told me when she gave me your ball." Simon leant down and smiled reassuringly at Ingis "The thing I don't understand is why you suddenly stopped fighting."

Ingis looked down slightly avoiding eye contact "Charrr manderrr chaaaarr chaar, charrrr manderr manderr charrr. Charrrrr manderrrr chaaar chaaaaarr manderrr! Charrr mander char!" he explained

Simon blinked "I only got like half of that, your trainer said something about evolving and then something about your family."

Ember gave small sigh "Vuuull piix vuuul pixxx pix vuuuul vuul. Vuuuuul piiix piiiix" she repeated Ingis in simpler language

Simon nodded "Why don't you want to evolve then?"

Ingis sniffed slightly a few tears collecting in his eyes "Chaar chaar mander chaar! Chaaar manderrr manderr."

Simon nodded again "Evolving won't make you a monster" he said softly "Just because one Charmeleon is evil doesn't make them all evil."

Ingis shook his head "Chaar! Chaarrr char!" he said vehemently

Simon just gave a soft sigh "Alright, I'm not going to force you to fight if you don't want to"

Ingis looked up at Simon his face filled with hope "Char?"

Simon chuckled "Yes really, why would I lie about something like this?"

Ingis looked down "Chaar chaar... mander charrr mander" he apologized sadness creeping back into his voice

Simon smiled reassuringly and rubbed Ingis' head "It's fine"he reached out grabbing the last bowl of curry and placing it in front of Ingis "Here you go"

Ingis gaze snapped between Simon and the food before drifting over to the other Pokemon most of whom where wearing similar reassuring smiles to Simon, Nuri however was watching cautiously from behind Ember's tails, satisfied he was safe Ingis dug into the food with abandon.

Simon watched Ingis eat for a little while before sighing and stretching "I don't know about you guys but I'm beat"

Nuri nodded her agreement giving a tiny yawn "Vee" she agreed softly; her agreement came as no great surprise to Simon since she was still a kit.

The others all shook their head, they still had a good few hours of energy in them especially since they had spent most of the day in their balls. Simon nodded "Ok then, me and Nuri will turn in, try not to set anything on fire."

Ember smirked slight "Vull pix" she replied sticking her tongue out at Simon

Simon shook his head, laughing, as he slipped into the bathroom to change into his pyjamas.