By: Raven612

Chapter 7: Oil Paints

Summary: Sango speaks with Shessomaru and some things are made clear while others are made murkier, also Sango and Kagome receive a very firm talking to and Kouga does some brooding of his own. Kouga also gets a talking to himself, but for the better.

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Sango awoke the next morning and her first thought was that something was restraining her, squeezing her middle, trying to cut off her oxygen. She thrashed her way out of whatever she was wrapped in and landed on the floor in a pile of sheets and body parts.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Kouga snapped as he jumped gracefully to his feet clad in only a pair of black boxers.

Sango's cheeks reddened as she noticed this and averted her gaze, the sting in her throat reminded her of the previous night, "Sorry, I forgot what happened and I thought someone was trying to uh kill me."

Kouga chuckled and ran a hand through his hair, "Well looks like I didn't succeed."

Sango glared and pulled herself to her feet and threw the sheets back on the bed in a ball, "Well aren't you going to go?"

Kouga was walking towards the tray of food on the table to get some breakfast when he turned to her and shrugged, "I figure the least I could get for my troubles is some food."

Sango clenched her fists and stalked towards him, "Get out, I don't need you in here belittling me at every turn, I had a lousy night and waking up with you and dealing with you is only going to make today even more lousy, now just get out and leave me alone." Sango wasn't aware that she was yelling until a soft knock on the door caught her attention.

"Sorry, I uhm heard yelling and got worried, is everything okay?" Kagome asked in a concerned tone as she stepped into the room.

Sango plastered a smile on her face and threw Kouga's clothes at him while she addressed Kagome, "Everything is fine, and Kouga was just leaving."

Kouga glared and growled at her but smiled seductively when he turned to Kagome, "You look ravishing this morning Kagome," he kept grinning as he passed her and she blushed.

Sango sent killer glares at his retreating back but turned back to Kagome as soon as the door closed behind him, "Are you okay Kagome?"

"I'm fine, but I should be asking you that how are you Sango, how is your throat?"

Sango smiled thinly and rubbed her throat absently, "I'm okay, thank you for helping me."

Kagome blushed and sat in one of the chairs at the table which still held the tray of breakfast items, "You would do it for me, but uhm…" Kagome trailed as she picked at a muffin and took to studying the table.

Sango sensed what she wanted to say so she slipped into a chair opposite the girl and poured herself some hot tea, "I don't know what he wants, I'd seen him a lot around our neighborhood when I was growing up, but I didn't mind him because he hired us to terminate rouge youkies, as rare as they were and we were grateful for his generosity. I know he runs a conglomerate that deals with all kinds of aspects like reality, land development, and even weaponry. I always found it odd that he'd always ask to hear the legend of the Shikon No-Tama; he was in our house a lot. My ancestors were said to be the guardians of the jewel before it went to a priestess. And then one day all the best slayers in my clan were called to a vacant lot where rouge demons had taken control and something was wrong with them…they weren't normal, not that demons are normal to begin with, but these ones were different from all the rest. We were winning when all of a sudden someone attacked from behind, I turned just as my father fell at my side and I saw the sickle of my brother's weapon buried in his back and that's when I noticed all the other slayers dead around me. Kohaku got me next and I thought I was dead until I felt Kirara's wet nose on my face and she carried me away from the mess. I spent two years in my old neighborhood thinking I could rebuild on my own, but in reality Slayers were already a dying breed so I had to rely on my artistic talent. I lived on the streets for another two years and I kept thinking I saw Kohaku among the crowds, and I thought I was slowly going crazy. The day my family and friends were slain was the day I swore I would kill Naraku and I would stop at nothing to achieve that goal. I just need to figure out how to get to him and if my brother is somehow alive."

Kagome wiped the tears from her eyes and went to Sango and hugged her, "Oh Sango, I'm so sorry, that's a horrible story."

Sango, keeping her own tears in, nodded against Kagome's shoulder, "I thought I had healed, that my life was going forward, finally, but now that Naraku knows where I am and how to find me, I don't think we're safe."

Kagome took a step back and knelt down so that she could look Sango in the eyes and took her hands gently in hers, "Sango, you're surrounded by all kinds of strong demons and I'm sure Shessomaru will protect you."

Sango smiled sadly and nodded, "What about you Kagome, he wanted you too."

Kagome smiled and shrugged then lifted the necklace from Shessomaru out from her shirt, "He wants this and now that he knows I have it he'll probably be back."

Sango fingered the jewel as the studied it, "Doesn't he get that it's a legend, none of its true?"

Kagome shrugged and put the jewel back into her blouse, "I don't know, but I know that Inuyasha will protect us."

Sango forced a fake smile and nodded.

A knock on the door startled her and the butler stepped in, "Excuse me ladies, but Lord Shessomaru requests that you two meet him downstairs in an hour."

The both nodded and the butler left them. Sango turned to Kagome, "Well I'm going to shower, meet you downstairs?"

Kagome nodded and hugged the girl one last time before leaving for her own room. Sango turned back to the dresser opposite the bed and she dug out some fresh clothes then Kirara and Shippou jumped through the open window.

"Sango!" Shippou yelled as he flew into her arms.

Sango giggled and scratched him behind his ear and hugged him, "Hey guys, how was your night?"

Kirara mewed in response and rubbed against her neck and Shippou smiled, "It was fun, Lady Kaede served us tea and cookies then she told us some stories before we fell asleep. We got to sleep on her floor."

Sango grinned and set them both on the bed, "Well that sounds fun, but I need you two to behave for a while in the room, I'll be back as soon as possible."

"You're okay, right Sango?" Shippou asked in a suddenly sullen tone.

Sango smiled sadly, "Yeah Shippou I'm alright."

Kirara mewed in a hesitant tone as she knew full well what was going on and just who Naraku was.

"Don't worry Kirara, he won't get to us again, I'll kill him if he tries."

Kirara mewed her approval and Shippou pumped his fists and volunteered himself.

Sango smiled and ruffled both of their heads, "You two are too much, but please remember, behave and stay in this room." She said the last part sternly.

"Okay," Shippou agreed with the roll of his eyes.

Sango smiled as she grabbed a towel and left the room.

"I was wondering when you'd make an appearance."

Sango jumped, startled by the sudden deep voice addressing her from the opposite side of her door, her eyes narrowed when she saw that it was Kouga, "What do you want? Molesting me in my sleep wasn't enough?"

Kouga grinned and followed her step for step to the bathroom, "I came to check on you, what was with last night anyways?"

Sango turned to him sharply and glared, "You'll never know, it's for me to deal with and I plan on it."

"I like my females feisty," he said in a growl and tried to corner Sango, but knowing his usual moves Sango sidestepped him.

"Well that Ayame seemed pretty feisty, go find her because you're barking up the wrong three here."

Kouga growled and his eyes turned a bright red as he grabbed her wrists and slammed her against the wall, "Do not speak down to me, you are a human, do not forget where your species stands in comparison to our more superior demon species. I can kill you with the flick of my fingers."

"Then do it," Sango spat as she leaned her face closer to his, meaning to be more intimidating as her anger was flaring out of control.

Kouga growled and smashed his lips against hers. Sango pulled back but Kouga followed her all the way and used his body to crush her to the wall then pulled her sharply against him, "Damn you, igniting the most primal instincts in me," he swore under his breath as he nipped along her jaw line, his claws working up and down her sides and all over her hips as he crushed them tightly together.

Sango brought her hands to his chest and pushed him away from her, but his claws were still tangled in her nightshirt and she stumbled along with him, "Kouga stop it, we need to stop this, stop it now, it can't go any further. Please just leave me alone."

Kouga growled lustily deep in his throat as he slowly brought his claws from her hips, "I'm not sure I can Sango, I try to stay away but something is always pulling me to you."

Sango shook her head and chuckled dryly, "Just leave me alone Kouga, please, there's a lot going on right now and my head is so jumbled and I can't think straight and now with Naraku back in the picture I don't know what's going to happen."

Kouga growled deeply and spun on his heel and stalked out of the hallway, "We'll see what happens Sango," he called as he rounded a corner.

Sango shook her head and retrieved the toiletries she dropped earlier and went into the bathroom and into the shower to scrub away her thoughts and feelings.

A few minutes after her shower Sango met Shessomaru and Kagome down in the parlor, Shessomaru was busy chatting on a cell phone while Kagome fidgeted in a seat at a long table. Sango took a seat next to Kagome and placed her hands on Kagome's who was shaking.

"I'm sure it will be okay," Sango whispered trying to sooth the girl.

They both jumped, however, when Inuyasha stormed into the room. "What the hell is going on, why do you need to talk to my fiancé?"

Shessomaru ended his call and coolly turned to his younger half brother, "If you insist Inuyasha, take a seat and you may listen in."

Inuyasha growled and dropped into a seat next to Kagome and placed a soothing hand on her thigh and rubbed it in a comforting manner. Sango smiled at the action and soon found herself feeling jealous of their intimacy.

"Naraku made an appearance last night and he seems to be interested in you two and I want to know why." He said with ice and took a seat at the head of the table.

Kagome and Sango fidgeted uncomfortably, "I think it has something to do with this," she said and pulled the Shikon No-Tama out.

Before anyone else could answer Inuyasha shot in his own question, "What was he doing at the party anyway?"

Shessomaru took a deep breath and his eyes flashed a menacing red as his irritation grew, "He is adamant in trying to take away our company, but I want to know why he tried to kill Sango," he turned his icy gaze to her then.

Sango steely met his gaze, "He tried to kill me a long time ago and it seems he wants to finish the job."

Shessomaru nodded in measured clips that was not the answer he wanted, "Why does he want you dead?"

Sango sighed, "I don't know, he killed my entire clan, I don't know the reason, and now he wants to finish the job and I'm the only one left."

Shessomaru growled, "I will not have him threatening my company, you two are to remain indoors and if you go out at all you will always have a body guard with you, Naraku is a vile demon, even by my standards and he will be dealt with, but until then I suggest you think really hard and tell me what he wants with you."

Sango huffed, "You think I need a guard, I can take care of myself, I won't be treated like a damsel in distress, I want that son of a bitch dead and I'm going to be the one that kills him."

Shessomaru smirked idly at the strength in Sango's tone, "Leave him to me for now, just work on the painting, we will still be having the wedding here in a week and a few days time and I will not have this incident overshadowing the ceremony, a lot of business men will be there."

"It's just one more reason for you to look good in the eyes of the wealthy," Inuyasha remarked coldly.

Shessomaru smirked, "You thought I was doing this all just for you two?"

Sango looked a bit shocked, she had observed Inuyasha and Shessomaru having a rocky relationship throughout the past few days, but she didn't think he'd stoop this low.

"I knew better but my mate deserves the best," Inuyasha squeezed Kagome's hand as he defended them.

Shessomaru snickered, "You will not mess this up for me, things have been going fairly smooth and I want it to stay that way, after the wedding you are free to do whatever you want."

Inuyasha growled but kept his comments to himself.

"You may leave now, but Sango stay here, I still want to talk with you."

Sango nodded and turned to Inuyasha and Kagome as they rose to leave.

"I'll see you when you're done here," Kagome whispered as she patted the girl on her shoulder.

Sango nodded and smiled then turned back to Shessomaru.

"As you know the party last night ended rather abruptly,"

Sango wasn't sure where he was going, "Sorry about that."

Shessomaru smirked, "How are you today?"

Sango reddened, not used to the kindness, "I'm fine, a little sore, but fine."

Shessomaru rose and walked over to her and stood behind her, "You did not have the last dance with me slayer. I expect you to make that up to me as soon as you get the scent of the wolf off your skin, he will soon learn not to bother you." Shessomaru dragged an enticing claw over Sango's shoulders before he turned and left her.

Utterly confused and unclear of what had just happened Sango pushed herself from her chair and in a daze walked slowly back to her room.

While Sango, Inuyasha, Kagome, and Shessomaru had their chat downstairs, Shippou and Kouga were having a chat of their own.


Kouga was just rushing past Sango's door when Shippou stuck his head out and called to him. Kouga stopped and regarded the small demon with curiosity. Shippou beckoned Kouga into the room.

"What do you want kid?" Kouga snapped.

Kirara growled a warning for Kouga to behave.

"Sit down Kouga."

Kouga quirked his eyebrows and decided, out of curiosity, to humor the little demon so he sat on the chair at the table and looked to Shippou who jumped into the chair opposite Kouga. Kirara jumped onto the table and sat directly in front of Kouga.

"What is this all about?" Kouga asked in an icy tone.

"We want to know how you feel about Sango."

Kouga narrowed his eyes and held back a cough, "Why?"

"Because Sango has been hurt all her life and she needs someone to bring her happiness."

Kouga snickered, "I thought you guys did that."

Shippou folded his arms and frowned, "We do, but she needs someone else, someone to do all the grownup stuff with."

Kouga chuckled then, "Why are you talking to me?"

"Because Sango likes you and I saw you kiss her at the dance and that's something you do when you love someone."

At this Kouga's eyes grew wide and his face paled, "Whoa, whoa, whoa, let's not get ahead of ourselves, I do no love her, I don't even care about her," Kouga knew the last part was a lie but he didn't want to let the little runt know so.

Shippou narrowed his eyes as if he was studying Kouga, "You like her don't you?" Shippou's tone was questioning and he seemed suddenly unsure of himself.

Kouga wanted to be angry and he wanted to lash out at the little demon, but he knew how attentive the kid was and just how perceptive he was. Kouga itched the back of his neck and his eyes darted around the room. "I don't know how I feel about her."

Shippou nodded, "Please don't hurt her anymore, that demon last night that hurt her; she talks about him when she sleeps. She has nightmares about him. She told me a little bit about him and Kirara won't tell me about what happened, but I know it was bad."

Kouga nodded, "She'll be fine, she's in a house full of demons plus she used to be a slayer, I'm sure she can handle herself just fine."

Shippou nodded, "She will be fine, we'll help her, she doesn't need anyone else but us to help her fight, you need to be there for her."

Kouga snickered at the oddity of the whole situation he was in now, "You really have no ideas how demons really work; don't you find humans vile and disgusting?"

Shippou and Kirara looked to one another in a confused manner then back to Kouga; Kirara mewed her response and cocked her head to the wolf demon.

"No, I like humans, they bother me a little, but since Sango takes care of me and she saved me, I don't hate them."

Kouga nodded, "Well I hate humans and Sango is a human."

"Kagome is a human and you said you loved her."

Kouga was surprised at the comeback and it took him a moment to answer, "Kagome is different."

Shippou furrowed his brows, "How?"

Kouga growled, getting annoyed with the twenty questions game he slammed his fists on the table top and Kirara growled, her fur bristling. "Listen here runt, I do not have to explain myself to you and you do not need to concern yourself with me and what I may or may not do."

Shippou growled back, "I do when it concerns Sango, I love her and I want her to be happy and it seems like you two are really good friends."

Kouga couldn't help but to be touched a tiny bit by the concern the little demon was showing, but rather than acknowledging it he rose and turned on his heel and left the room.

Shippou looked confused and went after the wolf demon but he was gone and Sango was coming down the hall. Sango smiled when she saw Kirara and Shippou. "You two listened for once," she said as she entered the room.

Shippou smiled and Kirara mewed, "We entertained ourselves, what did Shessy want?"

Sango kept her smile in place when she turned to Shippou, "Nothing really, he just wanted to talk a little bit about last night, but it wasn't anything important."

"Are you ever going to tell me about what Naraku did to you?"

Sango smiled sadly and ruffled his hair, "Maybe someday, but not right now, because right now I have a painting to work on," she smiled as she stepped away from him and went to her easel with her canvas and began to work on her painting to take her mind off of things for the time being.

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