Part 14- The last thing

Part 14- The last thing

That day I supposedly died…I saw her. I saw my mother. She still looked the same. Long midnight hair, white pure eyes, and snowy skin. She was still young and beautiful. Her smile was bright and lovely, and her voice was the same.


I found my voice. "Mother."

Her hand brushed the side of my face in a gentle motion.

"Hinata. You must live. It's too early for you to die. You can't die this way. Not when so many await you. Especially Sasuke."

She kissed my forehead, and everything turned white. That was when I woke up.

My mother pushed me back. But Sasuke pulled me back. He healed me with those 3 words.

-3 years later-

Hinata jumped when she felt Sasuke's arms slide around her. His lips brushed her ear, and she smiled. "Is she asleep?" Sasuke nodded.

"It took a while though. She kept crying for you." Hinata turned around in his arms, and their lips met. Again, there was no passion, just simplicity. They didn't notice Isao standing there making a face.

"Eww…Otou-san and Kaa-san! Not in front of me! When Emiko grows up, don't do it in front of her."

The couple smiled and said, "We didn't see you there. Someday you will be doing the same with that girl you like in your class, Asami." Isao's face reddened and he screamed, "No I won't!"

When he ran off, Sasuke laughed, and Hinata giggled. Suddenly, a baby's cries were heard, and Hinata immediately ran in. She came out quickly holding a round-faced baby with dark black hair, and white eyes. Their child, Emiko.

"Sasuke! She wasn't tired! She was hungry!" Hinata scolded him.

His hand ruffled through his hair in embarrassment, and Hinata laughed. "You'll get used to being a father, won't you? You're already so good to Isao. I'm glad that he's our son now."

Sasuke stopped looking embarrassed, and kissed her briefly on the cheek. "I promise I will be a good father. Look at Isao. He's the top in his class, and will graduate next year! He's mastered so many jutsus that are before his level. But what worries me…I just hope he will not turn out as Itachi."

Hinata rested a hand on his shoulder. "I wouldn't worry about that. He has what he wants now. He cares about loyalty to his village, but he is even more loyal to his family. Sasuke, he's happy that he has us, and we're happy to have him. We love him more than as a son, and he knows that."

Her husband nodded, all tension and worries gone.

-Going back 2 years-

Isao was hanging out with his friends from the Academy. Meanwhile, Hinata and Sasuke were walking through a park filled with cherry blossom trees. The wind would gently blow past them, and spring leaves would dance. Sasuke pulled her over to a bench beneath a full-grown cherry blossom tree. But he didn't sit down beside her.

"Sasuke?" She was puzzled, which made him smile as he stood before her.

"Hinata, I want to give Isao a real family. One with a father and mother. He deserves one after all those lonely years on his own. But that's not the main point."

His eyes met her tenderly, and a smile touched his lips with handsome grace. Her heart raced, as he took her hand with one of his own, and knelt before her. With other hand, he took out a beautiful diamond ring with a silver band. "Hinata, are you willing to spend the rest of you life with me?"

For a dreadful moment, Hinata didn't say anything. Sasuke was afraid that she would reject. But then she began to laugh lightly. It was a sound of little bells and flutes. "Sasuke…I've been living with you for a while. Almost 2 years. I'd marry you without having you do all…this. Sasuke-"

"But I wanted to do it this way. Not just for you, but for me too. I want to look back in 50 years and know that I could do this, even if it's not the way I would have done it. So…will you marry me?"

Without a word, she leaned over to him and pressed her lips to his. "Yes, I will." Joy filled every vein in his body and he jumped to his feet. He swept her into a tight embrace, and spun her around.

"Hinata, thank you."


Their wedding wasn't fancy. But it was still memorable. Everyone was there. All of their friends, sensei, and even Hinata's family, excluding Hikaru. He had been sentenced to prison for the rest of his life for the murder of the head's wife. Hiashi asked Hinata to come back to the family, but surprisingly, she had declined. "That is a decision we cannot go back on now."

Naruto, Sai, and all of the other guys helped Sasuke choose a suit, while all the kunoichi (Sakura, Tenten, Temari, etc) helped design Hinata's dress. In the end, Sasuke had an elegant black suit and Hinata wore a long beautiful dress that was whiter than her skin. When Sasuke saw her walk in the aisle, his jaw almost dropped.

When she reached where he was standing, he whispered in her ear, "You look beautiful." She blushed, just like in the old days, and whispered back, "You look handsome." Sasuke smiled, and they turned to face the priest.

After the blessings and kiss, it was like a real party. There was a feast with sake and everything. Sai gave Sasuke and Hinata a congratulations gift. He couldn't give it to them before because he had to draw it.

The married couple was shocked at the gift. It was an art book of their wedding. He had drawn every image he saw with accuracy and beauty. They thanked him graciously, and Hinata hugged her dear friend tightly.

Someone suddenly put on a slow dancing kind of music, and Sasuke and Hinata were pushed forward to dance. Sasuke placed a hand at her back, and with his other took her hand. Their feet moved with the music, as if they were being carried by the waves of the ocean. Everyone was surprised at the way the two moved. Such ease and grace, almost as if they were more than dancing.

When everyone was drunk and full, Sasuke and Hinata, who hardly drank, went outside where the night air breathed on them. Hinata rested her head on Sasuke shoulder and he kept an arm around her to keep her warm against the cold night. They stayed like that for quite a while, holding each other…leaning on each other. Sasuke finally decided to speak.

"Hinata…you said…that those words healed you that day." She silently waited for him to continue.

"Right now…I want to say those words to you."

Hinata closed her eyes to embrace the peacefulness around her, and to feel her closest to Sasuke.

"The last thing I want to say to you on this night…"

Their lips moved at the same time, and their voice sounded together.

"I love you, my precious."

A/N: Well, that's the last chapter. To be frank, I never intended on killing Hinata. It was just for some drama. But this last chapter is just mainly fluff, so I don't really like it as much. Just to show that Hinata lived in the end, and because of Sasuke. They've found their precious person, and love. And they've begun a family.