He was there when it happened- and that just made it all the worse. He was unable to help, unable to comfort. He had never felt that powerless before. All he could do was close his eyes, and try to ignore the screams. Tried not to imagine what was happening to Allen. He almost succeded.


Lavi couldn't tell who was hurt more by the attack; Allen or himself. Allen went through the physical pain- Lavi the mental.

And when they were done with Allen they left him bruised and battered crying on the cold stone floor. He was just left- like so much trash on the side of the road, like he didn't matter. But then again, Lavi though, to the akumu he really didn't. Even so, it was cruel of them to leave Allen just a few feet from Lavi when he could do nothing to help the other exorcist. The thick chains on Lavi's wrists, waist and ankles saw to that.

Lavi could see Allen's chest rise and fall- shakily- but steady enough to know that they hadn't hurt him hard enough to kill him. But his eyes were closed- and he didn't move of his own violation.

Lavi tried to move so he could nudge him, but couldn't get close enough. He tried calling to him instead. "Allen... Allen!" But there was no response. Lavi sunk back, defeated. Was this all that everything amounted to? All his and Allen's training to defeat the Akuma and Millenium Earl, and they would end up like this?

Just one simple mistake- just one minor error.

Allen, Kanda, Lavi and Miranda had a mission in Spain. Just a simple mission to defeat some level 2 akuma. But there was supposed to be a lot of them, so all four of them had to go.

The mission itself was easy enough. Kanda was the only one to get injured, but it was nothing life threatening. Truth be told, Lavi wasn't too upset over it as it was Kanda's bullheadedness that got him injured, and he would recover quickly.

It wasn't until the group was on their return trip home that everything fell apart. They were late for the train, running to catch it before it left and they were stranded. Well, only Lavi, Allen, and Miranda were running, Kanda was on Lavi's back because of his injury. Needless to say, he wasn't the happiest. They got to the train just as it was leaving. Miranda jumped on before it could gain to much speed, then Lavi tossed Kanda to her. He could have made the jump with Kanda, but it was fun to hear him curse.

Lavi and Allen were about to jump when Allen stopped. He turned faster than Lavi had ever seen the beansprout move. What had caught Allen's attention was a man. No- Lavi though, not a man, an akuma. And he had a child by the neck. He was grinning, but the grin stretched almost ear to ear as the skin around him mouth peeled away.

"Damnit!" Lavi yelled, pulling out his hammer. He risked a look behind him and saw the train speeding away, Miranda and Kanda safely inside. Looking back he saw that Allen had activated his innocence and was trying to find a way to attack the akuma without hurting the child. He moved left, planning to attack from that side when out of nowhere a blur slammed into Allen from the right knocking him into the wall of the train station. The last thing Lavi saw before losing concentration was the surprise and pain on Allen's face when he collided with the wall. After that whatever had hit Allen rammed into Lavi with enough force to quickly make him pass out.

He awoke with chains on.