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Allen was still curled up on his chest, breathing slowly.

A creak and a grunt let Lavi know that the door to the dungeon was being pushed open. Two people walked in, but the lamp that they were carrying blinded Lavi and he couldn't see who they were.

Then the figure leading chuckled, and Lavi felt his stomach drop. He recognised that sound.

It was the Earl.

Lavi's eye adjusted to the light and he was able to see oth the Earl and his companion. Behind him was the Noah... what was his name? Tiki Mikk if he remembered correctly. He was the Noah that had injured Allen in China- and the one who went crazy when they were in the ark. It looked like he wasn't as dead as they had all thought. Damn.

The Earl crouched so that he was almost face to face with Lavi.

"And how is Allen? Mmm?" He asked, as if he was asking about the weather. Lavi didn't reply verbally. Drawing his head back, he spat at the Earl's feet.

"Now, that wasn't very nice." A hard glint in the Earl's eyes made Lavi cramp up in terror. But the Earl didn't hit him or Allen, he just stood back up.

Tiki moved around the Earl so that he could get a better look at Lavi and Allen. Looking over the two of them his look of scorn changed to one of disbelief. Lavi was interested to see that the Noah looked at Allen's body and wound's with a look of disgust. It was obvious to see what had happened to the smaller exorcist, Tiki couldn't miss it. Apparently he hadn't been told about what had happened. The Noah took a step back and looked at the Earl. His face looked a little nauseous.

"Was it really nessasary to have the Akuma... hurt him like this?"

The Earl looked at Tiki with the same glint in his eyes that he had just shown Lavi a moment before.

"Is there a problem?"

Tiki apparently knew better than to argue. He just shook his head. "Never mind."

"Good. I'll let you decide what to do next." With that the Earl just left the dungeon leaving a surprised Tiki and Lavi. Allen was still asleep on top of Lavi, a small favor he was glad for. He didn't know how Allen would take meeting the Earl at the moment.

After the Earl left Tiki returned his attention to Lavi and Allen.

He sat down, ignoring the fact that he was wearing top of the line clothing and the floor was filthy. Propping his head on his hands he looked over the couple.

"Uh...- I really have no idea what the Earl wants me to do with you two." He began akwardly.

Lavi smirked a little inside. It was obvious that the Noah wasn't comfortable with what had happened to Allen. That was good. If he could try to talk to him he might be able to get Allen out of here. It had been forever since either of them had gotten something to eat, and while Lavi's heat helped, Allen still needed to get warmer. Some form of medical treatment would help immensely as well.

"You could let us go."

That made the Noah snicker. "Yeah... no. It's not worth my life to release you. And that's what it would cost- my life. The Earl doesn't like it when his toys escape him."

"So that's all that Allen is to him? A toy? The akuma raped him. The least you could do is help us." Lavi spat angrily at the Noah hoping to play off of his guilt a little.

The Noah looked away, not able to look Lavi in the eye.

Lavi sighed. "You have friends that mean a lot too you as well don't you? If they were hurt like this wouldn't you want to help them as well."

Tiki still didn't look Lavi in the eye but he said "I told you. He'd kill me."

"Then go against him. You don't approve of this, it was wrong and you know it."

"Help us please."