The New Chronicles of



Somewhere in the Arctic Circle the villains of Washington D.C are on a boat to the new prison so they may never return. Unfortunately, it sank, along with a very close friend of our main character, Roddy MacStew. All hope was lost for poor MacStew. The boat was never found again. But it was not in vain for now Washington D.C was now at peace... For now. But what of Freakazoid? Well in the Freakalair...

"Freakazoid," She questioned the blue pacing man. "You alright?" He turned and sighed as he sat down on the love seat with her.

"Steff, you know I love you," He started rubbing the back of his neck. "And. Well. I need to know do you love me?" Stephanie stared at him for a moment as if he grew a third eye.

"Freakaziod! Of course I love you! why in the world--"

"No, Steff. Do you love me me." He jumped in. "You know. As Dexter Douglas. The real me. The 'normal' man. Would you be proud to be with me?"

Steff thought a moment than look at Freakazoid again. "You know what I think I can. Even if you weren't Freakazoid." A smile stretched upon Freakazoid's face. "Now freak-in for me, please."


As soon as Freakazoid turned into back into Dexter, Steff rapped her arms around his neck and gave him the biggest kiss. "I love you Dex." The door burst open as Stg. Cosgrove jumps in.

"Kid!" He cried. "Bad news!" Cosgrove turns to the the television and flips it to the news channel. "Watch."

'"In a related story the 'S.S Prisioner' sank in the Arctic waters. No survivor or bodies found. Taking with her: Dr. Wendell Mystico, Janos Ivnovels, Milk Man, Arms Akimbo, Invisibo, Waylon Jeepers, Candle-Jack, Armando Guitierrez, Longhorn, Cobra Queen, Cave Guy, The Lobe and, the most unfortunate, Roddy MacStew. You all will be prayed for...'"

Hey thanks for reading my first ever fan-fiction story and I hope to get constructive criticism.

Disclaimer: Freakazoid and Friend is property of Steven Spielberg, Paul Dini, Bruce Timm and Warner Bros.