Inside of Orthanc
This was actually an assignment for a class that I took on LOTR. Written back in 2004

This scene is from Two Towers, Book Three, Chapter Ten

The small room had a small window, which overlooked the front entrance of Orthanc. The once thriving courtyard was flooded by deep dirty water. He shuddered at the memory of that. His master had not given him dry clothes yet so Grima had had to make do with what he could find. His current clothing was meant for someone much taller then he was. Grima looked out the window again.
The tree-monsters were out of sight, but now a warlike company has replaced them standing at the foot of the tower. He remained back out of sight, watching as the White Wizard below spoke commandingly to his master on the balcony several floors below.

"Saruman, your staff is broken," the White Wizard spoke commandingly, and then Saruman's staff cracked in half, one end falling to the ground.

Grima's blood boiled within him at his mistake of choosing the wrong side. He grabbed the nearest thing to the window and threw it out, half-hoping to hit Saruman, half-hoping to hit the White Wizard. Either way, he would be satisfied. But the dark ball that he threw caused no damage to either wizard. He hissed softly and drew away from the window.

With surprising suddenness, Saruman burst into the room. He seemed to ignore Grima as he frantically searched through the room, overturning tables and roughly emptying the bookshelves.
He turned to Grima with eyes like black fire, "Fool! What have you done?"

Grima looked puzzled, "What do you mean Master?"

"Where is it?" Saruman demanded, grabbing Grima by the collar, "What have you done with the palantir?"

"Master!" Grima whined, struggling a bit, "I did not know-!"

"Of course you did not know!" Saruman struck Grima sharply across the face, "Fool! Had I to choose any one of my servants to remain it would not have been you! I would you had thrown yourself out of the window along with the seeing stone!" As he spoke, he dragged Grima towards the open window.

"No! No! Master please!" Grima begged.

Saruman struck him again and dropped him to the ground, "Be silent worm. Stay away from me until I have need for you."

He stepped over Grima's squirming figure and left, closing the door firmly behind him.