Title: Land of Sky Blue Waters

Author: Sam938

Rating: PG 13 some swearing.

Summary: Thor doesn't beam Jack up until a week later. Sam accepts the offer to go fishing, but things don't necessarily work out the way they're planned.

Classification: S/J ; UST. This story, with flights of fancy, is in cannon. Long.

Spoilers: Up to season 3. Some foreshadowing of other seasons.

Archive: SJD; SJFic.

Disclaimers: Don't own them, didn't create them, and this is purely for fun and not profit.

Status: Complete. Written in 2006

Feedback: Yes, thanks! I'd very much appreciate it


Part 1.

"…Land of sky blue waters…"


"What?" Jack stood in the doorway of his 2IC's lab and stared at her, dumbfounded, trying to absorb her answer. It was the last thing he expected.

Carter looked away from him, her eyes on the lab bench, and clarified. "Yes. I'd like to go with you."

"uhhh… That's great." Okay… so…she'd accepted. Yeah, okay.

She fiddled with some sort of incomprehensible whatever on the bench. "When are we leaving?"

Jack regrouped and resisted the impulse to run his hands over his face. After all, he was a Colonel in the Air Force. He hadn't worked in Special Ops for nearly twenty years just to fall on his ass, as in, lose his composure, just because his 2IC had accepted an invitation to go fishing, for god sakes. Besides, he'd planned this expedition. He'd thought about it for weeks. The fact of the matter was that Carter had been popping into his head unexpectedly far too much lately, and that was obviously just because he was curious; the same as he'd been curious about Kalwalski when he first met him. He'd always had a slightly unhealthy need to know how his second-in-commands' minds worked.

Kalwalski was a piece of cake; Carter, well, Carter was… unusual. He just needed to get to know her better and then his curiosity would die down. And what better way to do that then take her fishing? Absolutely. Two colleagues fishing. It was an obvious solution.

Yeah, right.

He resisted the impulse to do something fidgety with his hands, and regrouped once more. "Immediately."

With that, she looked up, startled. "Sir, I can't. I have to --"

"Five minutes, Carter. That's enough time to lock down your lab. Then we stop at your place, pick up your gear and we're outta here--off to the airport."

"We're flying?"

"Yeah, we're flying." He stared her down, like a first year cadet found wanting and watched her grimace. Good. He didn't want to be the only one slightly unnerved. Then he backed down, swearing mentally at himself for being an ass. He had invited her, after all. It wasn't her fault that he was -- well… unnerved.

He resorted to sarcasm, his specialty. "It's a little far to walk, and seeing as Thor isn't around to beam us up and back down again, and the Tok'ra aren't sharing anything these days, we're flying."

Carter, as usual, recovered in seconds. "I get the picture, sir. Flying."

"Four minutes."

"Yes, sir." She turned away again and began to shut down the reactor on her bench.

He stared at her back and finally gave into his impulse to rub his eyes with this hands, all the while wondering what latest self-delusional start of insanity had made him ask her to come with him. Then he shook his head to clear it and sighed. He'd known for years that he was certifiable, why should today be any different?