Witch Hunter Robin – Partners In Craft

Chapter III – Consensus

The day wore on awkwardly, slowly slipping into night. Amon found his head clouded with so many thoughts that he could barely think at all. The two had remained in silence since his brief lapse in control earlier. Amon was ashamed, and Robin, well, she felt as if she might be walking on eggshells very soon if she said anything.

Then she heard him call from the kitchen, "Food!"

Good, he still was perfectly okay with cooking. Robin walked out to the kitchen, grabbed a plate, gave it an extended rinse in the sink and ladled what appeared to be some sort of summer sausage dish onto her plate. On some level she wondered when he had the time to get meat, but she didn't comment on it. Similar things had happened in the past. It was perfectly reasonable that someone Amon knew and trusted was stocking the house with food weekly. The only question was, who? Robin eyed Amon's dark moody expression.

"Can I just say something?"

Amon's fork clattered to his plate to Robin's surprise. His eyes pierced her with yet another new expression. She recognized it from once before. Fear. But what was he afraid of?

"I'm listening," he said quietly, spearing a piece of sausage.

"Earlier today… when you… when, you know."

Amon's full attention was on her now, but he didn't say a word.

Robin continued, "When you kissed me. You didn't have to stop. It was okay."

Amon looked to the side. A rush of emotion surged to the surface. Instantly, he could feel himself rushing to put a lid on it. If he ever lost control… what would he do?

"Restraint is good," said Robin, smiling, "but it can turn into a prison if you don't let some of your feelings out every now and then."

He chewed his food very slowly considering what she was saying. It wasn't that his only feelings for her were lustful. She was beautiful, sure, but the real feelings he had were purely because he loved her. She had spunk, and her personality was something that had grown on him over time. That said, he was about to lose it.

"Robin," Amon growled, "be quiet."

He poked the last of his meal into his mouth, and immediately proceeded to rise from the table. Without a backwards glance, he set his dish in the sink, washed it until it was clean and then walked to the bedroom. Frustration washed over him. Was he really going to act like a teenager? Was he really just going to take this out on her? He threw himself on his bed and forcefully slammed his fist against his mattress, running his fingers through his hair. What the hell? Why couldn't he just admit it? Why couldn't he just say that he loved her? He felt it. He meant it. Why couldn't he say it? He closed his eyes, trying to make sense of it all.

Suddenly the mattress sunk under his back, and it creaked. Amon kept his eyes firmly closed.

"I'm sorry," said Robin, sitting on the edge of his bed. "I feel like this might be my fault."

Amon listened silently as Robin reached a hand down to brush the hair out of his face, "The truth is, I'm not a child anymore. And I've been really selfish. All I've wanted is for you to treat me as a friend, and maybe see me as a woman."

Amon's eyes shot open. If she only knew…

Her green eyes pierced him, full of conviction, but sad and fragile.

"I think I might have pushed you too hard to get something that I want. And you probably don't even like me, I mean—"

Her speech was suddenly interrupted by Amon slamming his fist into the wall. She stared at him quietly, startled by his sudden outburst.

"That's not it," he growled sitting up, running his fingers through his hair. "You're beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, that I don't think I can control myself sometimes."

He ran a hand over his face, trying to relieve his stress. He rested his forehead on his knees, feeling the embarrassment seep in. Robin placed a single hand on his head and kissed his hair. Amon stared at the blankets beneath him in pure astonishment. And then Robin rose and left. Amon looked up and watched her walk out of the room, still too surprised to say anything. Was that her answer? Did she like him after all?

Magic surged through him like a whirlwind, and damn did it feel good. If he was allowed to be with her, maybe being a witch wouldn't so bad after all.

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