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Author's Note: It took me nearly three whole years to get back to this story for so many reasons. And when I finally did I realized, I hated it. Yep, I hated everything about it except the most basic plot line, which needed a little change. So many problems, not to mention my own style changes over there lead me to do a complete rewrite of this. I kept most of the basic plot, but through a lot of things out as well. I was surprised by just how much I got rid of and how much I kept. One of the biggest changes are in the name department, I changed all of the Silver Millennium names, here's a new list:

Usagi (Serena)--Hecate
Ami (Amy)--Aysu (Turkish name derived from the words for moon and water)
Minako (Mina)--Aphrodite (greek goddess of love beauty and lust identified with the Roman goddess Venus)
Rei (Raye)--Nina (means fire in Quechua)
Makoto (Lita)--Jaswinder (name meaning Indra of the thunderbolt, Indra being a Hindu god who used a thunderbolt)
Michiru--Anat (a goddess in near eastern mythology of water, war, and fertility)
Haruka--Sora (literally means sky in Japanese, also used to honor one of my favorite fandoms)
Heero--Enyalius (minor god of war in Greek mythology sometimes identified with Ares)
Duo--Thanatos (god of death and mortality in Greek mythology)
Trowa--Anicetus (one of the twin gods, sons of Hercules, who guarded Mount Olympus; his name means "the unconquerable")
Quatra--Alexiares (one of the twin gods, sons of Hercules, who guarded Mount Olympus; his name means "he who wards off war")
Wufei--Nemesis (goddess of retribution in Greek mythology--there is a reason behind this)

Another big change came in the form of how the Silver Millennium part of the tale is going to be told. Instead in one large part, I'm going to break it into chunks and put a chunk in each chapter.

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From Destiny to Fate
Chapter 1: Dream of Death

In a darkened room in the Juuban section of Tokyo a young woman lay asleep with sweet undisturbed dreams. She was covered in a blue blanket spotted with crescent moons and bunnies; a sleeping black cat lay curled next to her. She had long blond hair in twin buns evenly spaced on her head, long streamers of hair cascading out of them and tied with pink bows down the length. A single beam of moonlight stretched across her body, illuminating her cherub like features; however, a cloud soon covered the moon and with the dousing of the moonlight came a change in the sleeping girl's demeanor. Sweat began to pour down the young woman's face as her face scrunched up in the grimace of a nightmare.

"Thantos..." she muttered in her sleep.

In her dream she stood on the moon, but it wasn't the barren wasteland that it is today, no this dream took place back in the silver millennium, when her mother, Queen Selenity ruled the moon. The dream was disturbing on many levels, for one she was Hecate, eldest daughter of Queen Selenity, on another she stared right through Princess Serenity. The young woman had for years believed that she was the only daughter of the lunar queen, but now she finds herself as not only an older sister, but an older sister she hadn't even known existed.

"Thantos," she whispered in her sleep again. He was the god of death and mortality, as handsome as he was scary to most. He had long chestnut brown hair in a braid and violet eyes. He looked like a youth of no more than fifteen, yet, in her dream, she knew him to be an immortal older than time itself. She herself was an immortal, but was much younger than he. He loved her, as she loved him and they were engaged to be wed. However...

Moon Palace—10,000 years ago

Music filled the room as young couples danced without a care in the world. Around the room stood as sentries, the Sailor Senshi, Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Uranus, and Neptune. They were all out in force for this, Princess Serenity's eighteenth birthday ball. Moon, the leader, despite the age difference between her and Uranus, the eldest, was Serenity's elder half-sister through their mother, the goddess Selenity, but was not the heir to the lunar throne, that was Serenity. Venus was Serenity's elder half sister through their father, the Venetian king, and she hated her younger sister.

The reason the Sailor Senshi were out in force rather than enjoying themselves at the ball was because intelligence had reached the Sailor Senshi that the odd astronomical events happening to the sun were not just a phenomenon, but an imminent attack from within their own solar system.

As such, the outers had been recalled. Saturn, the one senshi that was not activated was watching the ball with her much elder brother, the god of death, Thantos and his four friends, the inner senshi's beaus, while Pluto, aware that the attack was more imminent than everyone else thought was urging the lunar queen to call off the party. However, Queen Selenity could not be swayed and when the first explosions shook the palace watched as half the guests perished instantly. The seven sentinels leapt into action at the first sign of trouble, pulling out their mystical weapons, the Mercury Harp, the Mars Arrow, the Leaves of Oak, the Love Whip, the Deep Aqua Mirror, the Space Sword, and Crescent Moon Scythe.

"Mercury Aqua Rhapsody!"

"Venus Love and Beauty Shock!"

"Mars Flame Sniper!"

"Jupiter Oak Evolution!"

"World Shaking!"

"Deep Submerge!"

Water and ice and pure love and electricity and flame and even the very ground came and attacked the enemies. There were endless numbers of them. Youma, as they were called, in the service of the Shitennou, Queen Beryl, and Queen Metaria.

Moon, however, shouted no attacks, she moved through the ranks of youma with a singled-mindedness, that would have shocked those that knew her today, towards Queen Metaria. Metaria, confidant that no one could get through her youma armies did not pay any mind to the woman who came up beside her. It was a fatal mistake, the demon was suddenly ripped from her physical form and into that of a formless cloud with a whispered, "Lunar Divide."

"WHAT?!" Metaria shouted from above the battlefield in her shifting formless cloud of dark energy.

"Go back to where you came from, demon!" the senshi of the moon shouted. "DARK F—"

"ENDYMION!" the yell stopped the lunar senshi in her tracks as she turned in slow motion to see Beryl cut the life of the earth prince short as he died protecting her sister.

"Serenity," she whispered, regret and anguish lacing her voice as she watched her precious sister turn her lover's blade upon her chest and slide it home. "SERENITY!" two women on opposite sides of the sea of youma screamed at the same time.

Moon looked around from her vantage point as she saw Jadeite slice down Mars with his sword, scanning across the battlefield she spotted Nephrite piercing through Jupiter. Her keen eyes sighted on Zoisite cutting down Mercury in a sea of fire and Kunzite cutting down Venus. Her eyes then spotted Uranus and Neptune taking the Agate twins down with them. So much destruction, all her friends, her family gone cut down by an evil woman who could not have the man she lusted for. Tears wetted her eyes as she raised her scythe in the air and screamed out, "DARK FURY!"

Metaria may have escaped, but the power had ripped through the ranks of the youma and destroyed many of them, but it had taken most of her power and she collapsed to the ground. "I'm sorry, Serenity," were the last words she spoke.

Ten thousand years in the future the young woman whose sleep had been disturbed by nightmares woke up with a start. She had had dreams of the Silver Millennium before, but none had been so vivid. She looked down, half expecting to see blood soaking her clothing, but was shocked to find none, though in reality she shouldn't have been, those events had happened a millennium ago.

She covered her face with her hand as she slowly calmed her breathing. Questions flew through her head, was she Hecate? Then why did she always believe herself Serenity?

"Usagi?" Luna asked sleepily.

"Go back to sleep, Luna," Usagi said. "It was just a bad dream."

"If you say so," Luna muttered before curling back up and falling asleep again.

"Or was it?" she asked herself quietly. The young woman stood and went to her window looking up at the moon. "Who am I?"

A sparkle caught her eye and she saw the necklace that she had found years ago when she and her family had visited the ruins of the Maxwell Church to pay respect to her uncle, Father Maxwell. She hardly wore it, saving it for special occasions, but at the moment she reached for it and held it close, a reminder that while she had trouble with her past life, in this life she was Tsukino Usagi. Her eyes sparkled with a light of their own as she stared up at the moon again and said, "I don't know who I was, but I'll find out."

End Chapter

Next Chapter: Drawn Together By Fate: Thantos and Hecate meet, Usagi puts OZ through a trial by fire, and Duo escapes the lunar base