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Chapter 1 - Back to Normal

"Ha," I laughed loudly. Jasper and I were returning from hunting. He had his arm around my waist and we were walking slowly towards the house, purposely taking our time so we could be alone a little longer. We spent a lot of our time in each others company. it was almost as though I couldn't get enough of him.

Jasper looked at me rasing his eyebrows.

'Sorry," I knew he hated it when I would react to a vision without sharing it with him. "Charlie, has decided to cook for Bella, he's releasing her bonds, she's free."

Jasper smiled and tipped his head to the side. "Did you say Charlie's cooking?"

I laughed again, "I would pay to see that!" I giggled and then sighed. "Too late now though."

Bella had been under house arrest since we returned from Italy. Of course her sentence had been almost quadrupled when her former best friend, and werewolf, Jacob Black had betrayed her trust and shown up at her house with the motorcycle she had purchased during her daredevil months. Being the police chief of Forks, Charlie hadn't been too happy about the revelation, but what parent would be. For humans, motorcycles were dangerous, they didn't possess the reflex skills to ride them adequately which put them at a bigger risk. And with Bella, well, lets just say she's coordinationally challenged, the girl was plain clumsy. I'd never seen anyone so liable to trip over their own feet. To imagine her on a motorcycle made me cringe. She constantly tried to assure me that over the months she had become quite a skilled rider, but all I could see were the possibilities.

Edward had a small time frame in which he was allowed to visit Bella whilst she was at home, largely due to the fact that Charlie simply didn't like him, because he broke Bella's heart when he left. He used the grounding as an excuse to keep him away as much as possible. Edward really didn't deserve this kind of treatment because he was ultimately trying to do the right thing. This was a hard topic to broach with Charlie so we didn't push our luck. Us being Bella and I, Edward thought he deserved it. He was still blaming himself for everything that had happened. So he suffered in silence, although the time in which he was kept away from her, Edward moped in his room, he was practically counting the minutes until he could visit her again, but he tried to hide that from us. He was thankful we were still in high school because he could spend all of his time there with her. He also snuck into her room and spent the night there, that was practically an every night thing, one that the chief was unaware of.

Lately though, he had been trying to convince her to go through college. Bella had become impatient with him about this. It seemed it was a hard sell because she had her heart set on being changing into a vampire after graduation. Something Edward still hadn't accepted yet. He understood that she wanted it, and that she would inevitably get her own way, but he wanted her to have more time, he wanted her to live.

Bella didn't want more time, Edward was perpetually seventeen, she was eighteen, she was against getting any older than him. It was a constant disagreement between them. One that I was beginning to get tired of hearing, I was with Bella on her decision.

I was free to come and go at the Swan's, I had Charlie wrapped around my little finger. I also enjoyed his company, he was a sweet guy and cared about Bella, probably more than she would ever realize. He didn't speak much, but when he did it was usually something intelligent or sports related. I would occasionally sit and watch the game with him, this would always surprise him, especially when I was the one jumping out of my seat and screaming at the referee. I usually did this when Bella and Edward wanted to spend a quiet moment alone without Charlie's ever watchful eyes and ears.

The rest of the family hadn't seen much of Bella since her incarceration. Emmett, missed his new sister, he enjoyed Bella and her clumsiness, he found her highly entertaining. Rosalie found this highly distasteful. She wasn't close to Bella, in fact, you really couldn't call them friends at all, but Rosalie was making an effort to be nicer. Mostly caused by the insatiable guilt she felt about almost getting Edward, Bella and I killed at the hands of the Volturi.

Then there was Carlisle and Esme. Esme was the most maternal and compassionate person I knew, she missed Bella terribly. The two of them often spoke on the phone, something Esme insisted on, something I felt guilty about. Since our trip to Mississippi, anytime someone left the house for more than three days, she insisted they call her every other day. Of course this was completely my fault because I was the one who had promised to call her everyday I was gone, and then followed through on it.

Jasper just seemed happy to have me to himself most of the time. We were left alone more often than not, he was perfectly happy about that. I hadn't been separated from him for more than a couple of hours since I returned from Volterra. It's not like I was complaining either, his arms were where I was the happiest. Things between us had become very real. The contentment he made me feel was always so astonishing, I had been so luck to find him. He was my first real memory, when I awoke as a newborn, I saw him in a vision. That was it, I never needed anything other than him. Of course, he still complained bitterly that I had to leave him to go to school, but school was something I didn't really mind that much anymore.

At school, things were slightly different, but in this case it was a good thing. We seemed to have acquired more friends in our small group. Angela, one of Bella's first friends in Forks, sat next to me during lunch. She was very sweet and even seemed comfortable around us now. It had been a little awkward at first but now, she and her boyfriend, Ben, treated us just the same as they treated Bella. They included us in conversations and laughed with us. It was strangely comforting and I enjoyed being part of a group of people consisting of members other than my family. Of course I would develop human friendships when I was so close to graduating. It seemed typical, but it gave me hope for the next time we had to repeat high school.

Jasper and I approached the house and climbed up the stairs to the front porch. We could hear the voices of Carlisle and Esme, and the quiet mumbling from the TV. I knew exactly what this was pertaining to, I had been trying to get any kind of vision about it for weeks. A suspicious killing spree was seemingly going on in Seattle, we knew that it had to be the work of at least one newborn, but I could see nothing in regards to it. Not who created it, let alone why. It was making us nervous, the last thing we needed was for the Volturi to step in, that was a little too close to home. The whole family had be theorizing.

Carlisle looked away from the TV briefly as we walked in the door. He nodded and let his attention wander back towards the screen. I made my way into the living room and sat on one of the love seats. Jasper sat next to me and I curled up into his side.

"Anything new?" Jasper asked.

Carlisle shook his head. "No, they are still blaming it on gang activity. I imagine you have to know about the existence of vampires to put together the connection."

"Maybe we should take a trip down there, see if we can find anything?" Jasper suggested as his hand lightly traced up and down my arm subconsciously.

"Maybe, but I wouldn't want to risk it, Alice hasn't seen any decision's being made. Maybe this will be the end of it."

"I'm sorry," I whispered helplessly. "I feel useless, I wish I could see something."

"Alice, stop apologizing. This could be something random." Carlisle said trying to comfort me.

It had been frustrating for the last couple of weeks. My head was swimming as I checked on every little decision made by the Volturi, trying to keep Bella from making it to see her werewolf friend and watching for Victoria's return. My head was constantly swimming. Occasionally I would block them so I could get some peace.

Jasper very often felt my frustration and would try and clam me down. It never worked, I would end up searching for decisions made about decisions, until I would collapse on the bed with my hands over my face, full of frustration.

My only real escape was shopping, Rosalie was the only person who would attempt to go with me, mainly because she was the only one who could keep up. Unfortunately, she was growing bored, so I was looking forward to getting Bella back so I could have someone new to accompany me.

I excused myself and headed towards my room, listening to the news as much as we had lately, meant there really was nothing new to watch. We had all of the information. Jasper had even attempted to hack into the Seattle PD server, but they were as tight as a fortress. Apparently, according to Jasper, they had updated their firewalls and then he went into techno-babble mode and I couldn't follow him for the life of me. Carlisle would sit and nod like he knew every detail of what Jasper was saying. I happened to know that Carlisle, who was also very skilled on a computer, had no idea of the inner workings, especially when it came to things like servers and CPU's.

Jasper's talent with computers had always amazed me, as soon as talk of a computer came about all those years ago Jasper had shown an interest. That's when I had invested in Apple Macintosh, seems like it had been a good idea, it was one of our bigger investments.

I flopped down onto the bed and crawled into the middle of it. I pulled a pillow down and curled up to it. It felt nice to be doing nothing. My head was unusually clear. I wasn't quite sure why, it was a rare thing these days but I enjoyed it while it lasted.

The bedroom door opened quietly and Jasper stepped into the room. I smiled at him from the comfort of the bed and patted the space next to me. He slid onto the bed and his head came to rest on my stomach, he rolled onto his side to look at me. I ran my hands lightly through his hair. There was no need for words. We were silently communicating. It was peaceful and very relaxing. Jasper would occasionally hum some music from one of his favorite CD's but other than that, we lay quietly just looking at one another.

We must have been laid like that for hours because when I finally looked at the clock I realized that I had an hour before I had to leave for school. Edward would be home any second nagging me. I sighed and rolled from the bed. Jasper groaned at me.

I smiled and headed toward the bathroom.

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