Title: Otacon and the Phoenix Wright Kink Meme

Series: MGS/PW

Warnings: Implied Otacon/Snake

Original at: teagueful./26058.html?thread8833994#t8833994

Dave threw a pillow in the general direction of the infernal rapid typing noises that always seemed to accompany Hal. "Go to sleep already."

"In a minute, I just want to finish--"

"Whatever." Dave turned over and kept sleeping.

Hal let out the breath that he'd been holding and shuffled to the far side of the room where he wouldn't accidentally wake Dave with his typing. As much as he gave Dave a hard time about his drinking, he had to admit he had become an addict of the internet, especially the new "kink meme" he'd discovered.

He quickly skimmed what he had already written to find where he had last left off, then resumed the work on his masterpiece.

Narumitsu Fluff 5/? Longfic is Loooooooong,

Naruhodo was first to wake, running his fingers through Mitsurugi's fine silver locks and relishing the sensation...

Unnecessarily Long and Tiresome Authoress' Notes:
Because Otacon totally writes for the kink meme and uses the original Japanese names because he got an import DS.