Disclaimer: Digimon Adventure, Digimon Adventure 02 and Digimon: Tamers belong to Bandai and Takato's Light is a story idea be

Disclaimer: Digimon Adventure, Digimon Adventure 02 and Digimon: Tamers belong to Bandai and Takato's Light is a story idea belonging to creepingshadow. I merely adopted the story and am currently writing the story for him.

Author's Notes: Well, needless to say, creepingshadow gave me another story idea he wanted to come to fruition. I've wanted to start writing for a while since I thought it was a fresh idea but time constraints and previous commitments kept me busy. The story was also something of a challenge since I've never actually tried writing a story that holds a positive light. Still, I do love challenges and I have been wanting to write a story unrelated to Naruto or videogames for some time so this is the perfect opportunity. Thanks to creepingshadow for the idea. So, without further hesitation, I give you: Takato's Light.

Takato's Light

Chapter 1: The New School

Takato looked up and down the halls of his new high school. It felt like a dream. The kind of dream where you're not so sure if its real or not and you want to throw up because of it. But Takato knew this wasn't a dream. This was real and, unlike a dream, he couldn't wake up to make his problems go away. He felt awkward, standing in the hallway as the other students went past him to talk with their friends or head to their classes. It was officially the first day of his sophomore year in High School. Or rather his new High School. His parents decided to move out of their bakery and move to the neighborhood of Odaiba to expand their bakery business. Their old bakery was left in the hands of a family of three, a couple and their newborn, who worked for Takato's parents. His parents purchased an apartment and a vacant lot which they were using to build their new bakery.

He had left a lot behind in his old place. Particularly his friends: Kazu, Kenta, Ryo, Rika, Henry and his sister Suzie, the sibling Ai and Mako and his long time girlfriend Jeri. Or rather, ex-girlfriend. Despite their best intentions, Takato couldn't help but feel one sided by the whole decision to move which they made without his opinion. They tried to consol him by saying he would be able to make new friends, attend a better school, and maybe even meet a better girl.

But all they did was aggravate Takato. What did they mean by meet a better girl? There was no better girl! There was only Jeri in his eyes and nothing more. They knew Takato wanted to stay because he couldn't maintain a long distance relationship with her, but they were adamant. Sure, they didn't actually leave the City of Tokyo, but the distance between the districts of Odaiba and Kodaira would take most of the day for either Takato or Jeri to travel. This was made worse since Odaiba was actually an island district off the coast of mainland Tokyo and the bridge was closed to travel outside vehicular means.

His parents tried to patch things up multiple times, even offering to drive him to Jeri's whenever he wanted. Takato, on the other hand, was not going to forgive them so quickly. Especially since both of them were so busy with the bakery that they wouldn't have time to drive him anyway, let alone teach him.

Still, what was done was in the past. Nothing could change that. Takato pushed these thoughts aside, looking down at the map in his hands and his schedule. It read:

Period 1 – Room 210 - 09:00 to 09:55 – Algebra

Period 2 – Room 310 - 10: 00 to 10:55– Literature

Period 3 – Room 325 - 11:00 to 11:55 – Advanced Writing

Period 4 – Room 100 - 12:00 to 12:55 – Lunch/Study

Period 5 – Room 250 - 01:00 to 01:55 – Chemistry

Period 6 – Room 265 - 02:00 to 02:55 – Physics

Period 7 – Room 150 - 03:00 to 03:55 – Physical Education

Locker: 321 Combination: 10-32-43 Student ID: 13756-B2

After glancing at the map, Takato realized he had to go to his locker on the third floor which was, thankfully, next to his 3rd period class. Unfortunately, this also meant it was at the top floor of the school which somehow had failed to afford elevators. Takato sighed as he folded the papers, placed them in his pocket for later and went down the hallway to the staircase.

He climbed the stairs quietly when an unexpected soccer ball appeared. In one almost synchronized motion, Takato stepped on the ball, lost his footing and fell backwards. Moments before falling backwards though, someone grabbed his hand and held him up, "I gotcha."

"Thank you," Takato said stupidly, regaining his footing and picking up the ball and handing it to his rescuer, "I take it this is yours."

He was a boy slightly taller than Takato with a darker shade of brunette hair and goggles that clung to his head. He adorned himself in a black sweatshirt under a blue vest lined with more zippers and chains than Takato thought was possible. He wore a pair of tan shorts that ended just at his knees. Strangely though, he wore a pair of soccer shoes with the logo of Tokyo Verdy on them.

"Yep," the boy said, "The name's Motomiya Daisuke! You're looking at the next star of the Tokyo Verdy!"

"I'm Takato," Takato answered, "I just moved here and I don't know anyone here so…"

"Well then, you bumped into the right guy!" Daisuke interrupted, "I know all there is to know about this school. In fact, I'll be more than happy to give you the grand tour!"

"Oh, thanks," Takato said. He didn't know why but there was something unnerving about Daisuke. He was too much like Kazu, minus the jerk attitude. Daisuke grabbed the sheet out of Takato's hand and grinned, "All right! Your locker's right next to mine and we have lunch the same period. Awesome, I'll be able to introduce you to the others."

"Others?" Takato asked. Daisuke nodded happily, "Yeah! But first, let's find your locker."

Daisuke led the way down the hall and around several corners until they came across Takato's locker. As Daisuke promised, it was right next to his own. Unfortunately, just as Takato opened it, he found the previous owner had left a carton of milk that had expired two years ago and a picture of a woman in very revealing clothing. Takato groaned and ripped the picture off the door, "Who does this kind of sick stuff?"

"Right…sick," Daisuke repeated, pushing his forefingers together. Takato crumpled the picture in his hand and through it into the nearest garbage can. He then reached for the expired milk but retracted his hand when he felt how squishy it felt. Takato pulled a piece of paper out of his bag and used it to pick the carton out of the locker. After quickly dispensing it, he asked, "Are all the lockers like this?"

"Some," Daisuke answered, going red in the face, "It depends who used it before."

"Geez, there's got to be some sick people in this school," Takato said bluntly, failing to notice how white Daisuke's face had become. Takato shut his locker after tossing in some notebooks and his bag, remembering to keep his schedule in his binder.

"Alright, so why don't I show you where your first period is then?" Daisuke offered. Takato smiled, "That would be nice."

"Hey! Daisuke!" a blonde haired boy called from down the hall. He was wearing an unzipped, yellow, turtle-neck sweater over a green shirt. His pants were also green, but ended at his ankles just so that his white socks were barely visible under his pair of yellow sneakers.

"Hi Takeru," Daisuke answered, "TK, I'd like you to meet Takato. Takato, this is Takeru. Everyone calls him TK for short though."

"It's nice to meet you," Takato said. TK smiled and said, "Likewise. I take it Daisuke has already given you the grand tour?"

'No not yet," Takato answered. TK nudged him in the chest and said, "Trust me: don't listen to a word he says. He's a goofball."

"Am not!" Daisuked protested angrily.

"Oh really? What about that milk and picture you left in the locker next to yours?" Takeru asked. Daisuked scratched his nose, "I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Wait that was you?" Takato asked. Daisuke's face flushed and he said, "Hey! I'm not the one on trial here!"

"You are if you left expired milk in my locker," Takato exasperatedly said. Daisuke immediately through his hands in the air, "Um…okay, I can explain that…it was…um…cats?"

"Cats?" Takato repeated.

"Boy Daisuke, you really need to work on your excuses," TK said half sympathetically, half mockingly. Takato couldn't help but smile a little. TK and Daisuke entered a small argument, which filled Takato with mixed feelings of nostalgia and happiness. These two were almost exactly like Kenta and Kazu. It bothered Takato to think that they could and probably would replace Kazu and Kenta, his childhood friends. It was made worse when he came to the realization that someone could probably even replace Jeri eventually. No, that could never be possible. No one could ever replace Kazu or Kenta as his friends and no one would ever take Jeri's place in his heart.


"Oh, there's the bell," TK said, "I'll catch you two later, okay?"

"Alright, see ya TK," Daisuke called as the young blonde disappeared around a corner. Daisuke rubbed the back of his head, "Eh…so, sorry about your locker."

"Don't worry about it," Takato said. Daisuke nodded, "Alright, so I'll see you at lunch, okay?"

"Sure," Takato said to his new friend. Daisuke smiled and walked off, while Takato closed his locker. He quickly ran to his first class to avoid getting in trouble on his first day.

Author's Notes: And there you have it, the first chapter of this new story. I know it seems a little short, but bare with me for the time. I'm still getting the hang of writing this kind of story genre so give me some time to work it out. If you loved it, drop a comment in the review sections. Constructive criticism works too. Until then, this is leonardo1123581321 signing out.