Ichigo had been staring at the same trigonometry problem for the past twenty minutes with little to no success. He'd write something down, scratch it out, erase a little bit, write some more, and then continue staring…he wasn't getting anywhere! He knew he had to play catch up with the rest of his class, but it wasn't proving to be the easiest thing in the entire world to do. The problem seemed to get longer the more he stared at it, increasing in difficulty the more times he tried to solve it.

Was he just stupid or something? Was being a shinigami making him dumber?

"What's wrong Ichigo?" he heard from the doorway, turning to see Kisuke come in through the sliding screen carrying a tray of hot tea and some kind of random cookie looking thing. It had to be foreign, Kisuke loved those sorts of things.

Huffing softly, he blew a lock of his hair out of his eyes and felt his bottom lip come out. Was he pouting? "Nothing," he answered sulkily, scratching angrily at the spot on his paper where he'd attempted the problem at least six times. "I'm just an idiot apparently."

Urahara made a noise beside him, somewhere between a sniff and a clucking of the tongue. "You are no such thing," he admonished, setting down the tray without moving its contents and sliding up behind Ichigo until their bodies were pressed together and a long line of heat had begun to form. Legs clad in green spread to either side of his thighs as he was pulled in closer, Kisuke's chin resting on his shoulder so that he could read the paper in front of them while wrapping his arms around Ichigo's waist.

"Well," Urahara murmured into Ichigo's ear. "You need a new piece of paper. You're frustrating yourself."

Complying wordlessly, Ichigo pulled a fresh piece of paper from his small stack and recopied the problem from the original ruined one. "And now?" he said petulantly, resting comfortably against the chest at his back but still feeling too stubborn to calm down. "Is the problem magically going to do itself or am I suddenly going to get smarter?"

"Ichigo," Urahara's voice went an octave lower, his serious tone. Ichigo bit at his lip slightly at the sound of his boyfriend's voice, knowing he'd struck a nerve he hadn't meant to. The gray eyes were glancing at him from the corner, a pale eyebrow raised menacingly.

When Ichigo was quiet again Urahara looked down at the open book that the problem had come from, then back at the paper, than back at the open book. His demeanor changed suddenly, pushing his face into Ichigo's shoulder as his body shook with soundless laughter.

Not understanding what was going on, Ichigo pushed his head against Urahara's , eyes narrowing in annoyance. "What? What's so funny? I swear, if you're laughing at me-!"

"No, no Ichigo," Urahara murmured, moving to kiss the soft patch of skin behind Ichigo's ear, making him shiver. "I think I know what the dilemma is."

"What?" Ichigo asked, turning his head to place a chaste kiss on Kisuke's lips. "Are you going to do my homework for me?"

"No," Kisuke responded, narrowing his eyes and pushing his finger onto the tip of Ichigo's nose. "But it might be a good idea to actually copy the problem down correctly from the book…you tend to get further when the numbers are accurate."

Blinking a few times, Ichigo turned his attention to the problem at hand, eyes widening when he discovered that-yes-he had indeed copied the problem down wrong a half hour ago! Mouth falling open slightly, he turned to see Kisuke moving back over to the teapot and pouring some steaming liquid into two delicate china cups.

"Oftentimes Ichigo," Kisuke said with a wink, pushing one cup to him "the solution is the thing we most easily overlook."