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~I can imagine you covered in sweat and come.~

Morning sunlight had been bouncing off his cheeks through the open classroom window when his pocket began to vibrate, startling him so much that Ishida had glared over at him annoyingly. Ignoring the angry stare, Ichigo glanced up to the front of the class where his teacher was lecturing and carefully reached into his back pocket to draw out a shiny black cell phone, turning it over in his hand to read the display. The phone was brand new, completely modern, and absolutely the most difficult thing to operate he'd ever owned. What did you need a touch screen that swiveled into two different positions for? What did you need internet on your phone for? Couldn't it just call and text people like normal phones?

But Kisuke had insisted, even offering to pay for the monthly charges, and given Ichigo the phone as an impromptu gift.

Ichigo's eyes widened upon reading the text message sprawled across the screen, barely containing an undignified sputter of surprise before quickly lowering the phone into his lap in case anyone were to look over his shoulder. What the hell was Kisuke thinking?! It wasn't as though their relationship were any sort of big secret, but that didn't mean that Urahara needed to send him filthy messages at school where anyone could accidentally see!

And it wasn't as though Ichigo hadn't been thinking about the same thing since he'd arrived earlier that day.

The morning had been hectic from the moment they awoke, their impassioned kisses interrupted by a loud crash and the sound of breaking glass as they ran into the kitchen (Kisuke wearing nothing but a sheet around his hips) to see what the problem was. Jinta stood stupefied, staring at an entire kitchen cabinet that had broken free of its hinges and come plummeting down onto the tile below, scattering its contents into shining pieces all across the floor. Urahara was quick to pick up Ururu, warning her not to tread on the floor barefooted and ordering Jinta to go and get a broom while Tessai collected the fragments of wood that had splintered everywhere.

The mood for lovemaking had quickly fled.

Physical urges, however, are harder to stamp out once they're kindled, and Ichigo had found himself sitting in his first class mentally willing his body to stop tingling and his mind to stop drifting into the most readily available dirty fantasy. He'd just managed to get himself wrapped around fourteenth century literature when Kisuke had sent that damn text message, shattering his resolve and leaving his body achy and wanting. Why did he have to have such a perverted boyfriend? Why? Wasn't it bad enough that Ichigo had been corrupted a hundred times over by the older man's libido, now he had to fight these sort of desires at school too?!

Another vibration, this time in his lap, drew him from his inner contemplation and back to the moment at hand.

~Do you know how good you look bent over the lab tables with my tongue up that sweet little ass of yours? Your moans are absolutely delicious. Did you miss me being inside you this morning Ichigo?~

Shifting uncomfortably to make room for his quickly growing erection, Ichigo swallowed thickly and took a deep breath to calm himself. This wasn't fair. Not at all. They'd spent the night down in the Shoten's lab, tinkering with some of Kisuke's latest inventions before winding up with Ichigo sprawled face down across the cool resin tabletop, a set of eager teeth digging into the back of his neck as he was fucked until he'd nearly collapsed onto the floor. He couldn't really remember a whole lot afterwards, only that he'd wound up in his lover's bed, peacefully sleeping the night away in a warm pair of arms until morning had come to see him into another day.

Peace was the farthest thing from Ichigo's rapidly bouncing thoughts, his imagination supplying him quickly with erotic image after image until he swore under his breath and turned off the vibrating function on his phone, shoving it back into his pocket so he could ignore it. Looking back up towards the teacher, he found himself pinned beneath her frustrated stare, as though she'd been watching him for a while and was annoyed that he'd just now noticed. He smiled sheepishly and she turned back to the board with a raised eyebrow and a slight snort through her nose.

Amazingly, he managed to get through the rest of his class without incident, pushing all thoughts of Kisuke and what Ichigo wished they were doing out of his mind before filing out towards the art rooms for drawing class. In fact, he was so proud of himself for controlling his admittedly high teenage hormones that he decided to chance another look at his phone in case Urahara may have sent anything new. His face fell a little, almost disappointed, when he found no messages of any sort, shrugging and tucking it into the little pouch on his book bag.

Flashing light caught the corner of his eye again somewhere between drawing a piece of kiwi fruit and a really ugly puce-colored vase, turning to look at it with a completely bored expression. Nothing was duller than sitting in a silent room drawing still life portraits that you would eventually just throw away anyway. With any luck, that discreet flashing coming from his bag would be something interesting from Kisuke, anything to break the monotony of drawing fruit. Of course, that would require him to be sneaky about getting it out…

He'd never been particularly good at stealth.

The art teacher was busy in the back of the classroom putting some student sculptures into the kiln, so Ichigo wasn't worried about getting the cell out to see what he'd been sent. His eyebrow rose when instead of a text message, the voice message icon was flashing in the corner of the screen in its place, prompting him to cock his head to the side interestedly. What was this? He was a hundred times more likely to get caught listening to a message than just casually looking at a text, but his curiosity was already getting the better of him. How best to get out of sight long enough to hear to it? There were a few options, though they'd all require him to be left alone by his classmates to do them.

Deciding that the pencil sharpener in the corner was the best of his possibilities, he made quick work of his pencil's tip against the table, snapping it off while he slid the cell phone into his pocket.

"Shit," he said quietly, standing up and motioning to his broken pencil. "Broke it. I'll be right back."

The sharpener in question was situated perfectly for his needs. Far off in a corner and secluded from the rest of the room, it was almost too easy to hide the fact that he was waiting patiently for the voicemail to be played while he pretended to sharpen his pencil. Finally the long-awaited message began to play, and with that deep, smooth tone in Ichigo's ear, his pulse immediately began to speed up. He should have known that Kisuke would lay it on thick.

~I'm guessing right about now you're in art class, no? I know its boring for you, but if you bring your supplies to the Shoten tonight I'll give you a better subject matter to draw. How do you want me? On my back with my cock in my hands? On my hands and knees with my ass in the air looking at you over my shoulder? I can give you any position you'd like, though I'm not sure how long you'd just be drawing me.~

Ichigo had long since ceased to care about whether or not he could be caught, his eyes staring at the wall though not seeing it. Kisuke's warm voice in his ear was like liquid sex, conjuring each pornographic image perfectly in Ichigo's mind's eye as he spoke. A few times he could almost swear that there was a hitch in the blonde's voice, a skip of desire that told him Kisuke was not only saying these things but touching himself as well. Or at least that's what Ichigo was imagining…and really, who the hell cared if it was true or not? There was no way he could turn around now, not without giving the entire classroom a very good view of his very hard cock pushing against his very tight pants.

Damn. And there was more…

~Are you hard for me yet? I know you are. I know what you love after all…and you know I love giving it to you. I can think of nothing better than to have you moaning underneath me while I fingerfuck you until you beg to ride my cock. Gods, you do beg so prettily Kurosaki Ichigo. No one could resist giving you whatever you wanted…especially not me.~

Numb fingers dropped the pencil to the floor as Ichigo's hands dug into the side of his pants, desperate to keep himself from panting openly and expose his secret. Not that he wasn't making a fool of himself as it stood; numerous people were already standing nearby staring at him. He paid them no mind. His entire focus was on the sultry whispers and promises in his ears, on his cock beginning to throb, on his blood rushing almost painfully through his veins. His face was burning, his skin tingly and hypersensitive, as though he could feel even the slightest breeze that fluttered by his body. It was an incredible feeling, though not the kind of feeling one generally wanted to have around a classroom of your peers.

Still the pleasant torture continued…

~Nothing is so incredible as when I fill you up and feel your legs wrap around my hips like steel while your nails dig into my back. I always want you to make it hurt a little bit for me, give me a little bit of punishment, remind me why I'm alive. I was never really alive until I met you Ichigo. Never. Uh oh…~

A hard tap on Ichigo's shoulder forced him to turn around, desire-dark eyes wide and barely seeing, mouth falling open in shock. Shit…teacher…

~I bet you were just found out…I calculated how long it would take in a room of thirty people for one to stay on the phone for an extended period of time without anyone else noticing. Times up!~

"Mr. Kurosaki," the art teacher hissed, unnaturally big hands perched angrily on her hips. "If you're not too busy with your phone-call, perhaps you'd like to finish your assignment?"

"Yes, ma'am."

Quickly grabbing his forgotten pencil from the floor, he managed to finish his drawing in record time with shaking hands and a cloudy mind, not giving a shit whether or not it looked good by the end and more than a little happy that lunch was coming up directly after class. His body was on fire, and if he didn't alleviate some of the pressure soon he was probably going to burst. As embarrassing as it might have been, he was going straight to the bathroom to get off and there was nothing anyone could do to stop him…


His hand was perched on the door to the bathroom when he heard the shout from behind, inwardly cursing his exceptionally bad luck before turning around to keep his attacker at bay. Keigo leaped at him from at least ten feet away, wrapping his arms around Ichigo's torso tightly and dragging them both outside to the courtyard before he could even properly defend himself. Dammit! All he wanted to do was masturbate…it probably wouldn't have even taken a long time! Five minutes, that's all he needed! What gods had he displeased to earn such a harsh, painful punishment!?

Lunch was an exceptionally quiet affair as Ichigo mechanically shoveled his food into his mouth, occasionally casting evil glares in Keigo's direction even though the other boy wouldn't have had the foggiest clue as to why. He didn't give a shit. All he'd needed was a few minutes to himself and yet here he was sitting around with six other people eating lunch when all he could think about was Kisuke's skin sliding hot and sweaty against his own. He knew it was unreasonable to blame his friends for this, but he'd never really been accused of being the most rational person around and he needed someone to blame his current predicament.

Of course, he could have blamed Kisuke himself…but he'd discovered a long time ago that every time he tried to be mad at the man it never really worked out. The blonde would do or say something that would melt Ichigo's fury and he'd find himself easily forgiving his oftentimes mischievous and devious lover. He probably should have been extremely angry with Urahara for doing this to him…and it was a shame that he actually was somewhat enjoying it.

Not that he'd ever admit that, lest Kisuke do it more often.

"Ichigo, your phone is going off," Mizuiro leaned in and poked at his shoulder, stirring Ichigo from his thoughts once again. His phone was, in fact, sounding off, and he grabbed at it almost nervously, wondering what could possibly be next. He didn't want to have to explain why he was suddenly blushing and sporting an erection for no apparent reason. He'd explained enough embarrassing mishaps over the past few years to his friends.

His eyebrows came together when he read the word "multimedia", bringing the phone closer to his face as though that would facilitate his understanding. He really was a bit of a techno-idiot, not really understanding the need or want for these sorts of state-of-the-art, nerdy, and all-together useless displays of technology. Turning the screen gingerly to the side, he pressed his finger to the flashing button in the center and watched as the one thing he probably shouldn't have been watching at school came to startling life before his eyes.

He would have to thank Kisuke for this damn phone…

The picture was silent, but in this case Ichigo decided he really didn't need or want the sound, as that would have been a terrible giveaway. There lay his lover, sprawled out comfortably on their bed wearing nothing but a wide grin and a sly wink, his hands trailing delicately down his pale chest towards the nest of flaxen hair between his legs. Ichigo's mouth promptly went dry, his eyes shooting wildly up towards his friends as they all stared in wonder at his sudden change of mood. He smiled uneasily at them, shrugging helplessly before directing his attention back to the screen and its somewhat questionable content.

Kisuke had taken his eyes away from the camera and closed them, pushing his cheek against the pillow as he began to slowly stroke long fingers up and down his cock, the tip already leaking a bit down the shaft. His sweet mouth fell open, eyebrows coming together in pleasure as his lips began to move silently, mouthing words that Ichigo could only barely make out. The blonde's hand began to speed up, the other one coming around as his thighs spread, pushing two digits into his ass without any warning. Ichigo's hands were shaking visibly as he continued to watch the person he loved more than anything in the entire world fingerfuck himself so hard that Ichigo could have sworn that he could feel it too. Kisuke was getting so close so quickly, his toes curling slightly as his gray eyes opened and stared directly at the camera, directly at Ichigo, and smiled just this side of evilly.

Ichigo never got to see the end.

Ignoring his friend's worried shouts, he jumped up and nearly ran across the courtyard towards the school, apologizing to a younger girl he ran into in his hurry to get somewhere, anywhere, that he could be alone. He couldn't take it, the pressure building up in his gut and groin were driving him to the point of not being able to think clearly, of being on the brink of coming in his pants without even having touched himself. Since he couldn't walk around school all day with come staining his pants he had to find somewhere he could get off, and it had to happen soon. Wasn't there anyplace in this entire school where he could masturbate in peace?!

He could hear voices in the boy's bathroom as he walked by, nearly whimpering as his fingers held more tightly to the phone in his hand. Where could he go? The teacher's lounge would be full right now, the girl's bathroom was a definite no, there were empty classrooms but there was no way of knowing when they'd be full again. He needed somewhere he wouldn't be disturbed for a few minutes and could relax or he wouldn't be able to do this. Where though?

Suddenly his eyes caught sight of a rather imposing gray metal door, walking over to it and pulling it open to look inside. Storage closet. A big one! Not giving it another thought, he walked in and shut the door behind him, pushing a desk against the door to keep anyone from coming in too quickly. The storage closet smelled of old books and desks, chalk and markers, but none of that mattered to Ichigo as he sat down on the floor underneath an old dirty window, spreading his legs and bending his knees in front of himself to get more comfortable.

The zipper of his slacks was being hastily lowered when his phone began to ring on the floor, vibrating and jumping in the dust of the storage closet. Ichigo was tempted not to answer it, determined to satiate his lust, but when he glanced down and saw what number it was he instantly picked it up and brought it to his ear, swallowing a few times since he didn't quite trust his voice.

"Moshi moshi," he breathed, not exactly sure why he was bothering with niceties when he knew damn well who was on the other end of the line. Oh well.

"~Are you alone~?" Kisuke's own voice was breathy as well, and it made Ichigo take pause for a moment, grinning to himself. It seemed he wasn't the only one who had been pushed to their limit by this little game of back and forth.

"Yes, are you?"

"~Of course. I assume you've gotten my messages this morning~?"

Instead of answering verbally, Ichigo leaned his head back against the wall and finished lowering the zipper of his pants, reaching into the flap of his boxers to pull out his throbbing cock and give it a long, slow stroke. His breath hitched in his throat as he smeared the fluid that was already building around the tip and heard Kisuke gasp in reply, the other man's voice cracking as he murmured nonsense into the phone. What was he up to? Was this going to be a one sided thing or were they going to have a little bit of phone sex?

"Are you touching yourself?" Ichigo questioned playfully, licking at his bottom lip and pushing a fingertip into the slit of his erection, moaning despite his best efforts not to. His outburst was met with another from over the phone, Kisuke's voice deep and needing. "I thought you just did this a few minutes ago."

"~As if that matters when it comes to you. Gods I hated you leaving me this morning without making love to you. I did nothing but think about you.~"

Ichigo moaned his agreement, his hand working tirelessly against his erection while he tried to settle the phone in a more manageable position cradled by his neck and ear. He didn't know how he was going to be able to continue holding it up while his body was shuddering and quivering the way it was. He'd try to keep it together though, since Kisuke's voice was making Ichigo's entire life take on a whole new meaning and there was no sound on earth as decadent as his lover in the throes of passion.

"Wanted you so bad," Ichigo whimpered, barely able to breath around the pleasure spiking up and down his spine and setting the hairs on the back of his neck on end. "I thought I'd come against the art room walls without a touch."

"~Go faster Ichigo, lick those beautiful fingers and make yourself come for me. I want to hear you.~"

Those words made Ichigo's fist take on an almost furious tempo, breathing heavily into the mouthpiece of the phone and listening as the man on the other end began to sound similarly close to his limit. Ichigo twisted his wrist around the straining flesh in his palm, crying out sharply, his voice bouncing off the walls of the closet as he bit on his bottom lip to taste the copper tang of blood against his tongue. He was right there, more quickly than he'd expected to be, wound too tightly from the hours of torturous play. But then again, he didn't have time to be leisurely about this either. It needed to happen now.

"Kisuke! Oh…wanna hear you come first. Please? Come on, please?"

"~As if I could refuse such a request…Ichi…~" Kisuke's voice broke near the end, trailing into a loud groan that turned quickly into a shout of Ichigo's name, the passion in his voice distinct and obvious. It made Ichigo's emotions spike, his breath catch almost violently in his throat despite his desperate need for air. There was nothing in the world like that voice, that man, that love, that passion, his delightful, mischievous lover. No one compared.

"Ohhh gods Kisuke!" he called out raucously, the phone tumbling from his shoulder to land in his lap though he paid it no attention. His focus was entirely on his climax, and he reached it without any more delay, the thick liquid coating his hand (and unfortunately the phone) as he cried out over and over again until the flesh in his hand became too sensitive to handle and he let his arms fall away towards the floor.

Distantly he could hear Kisuke calling for him on the phone, asking if he was all right, and he reached down to grab the device with sticky fingers and bring it to his ear. He grimaced when he felt his own come drip off the end of the cell phone and slide disgustingly down his cheek, doing his best not to make girly, pathetic, icky sounds. It was pretty gross though…not to mention he wondered if there would be damage to the phone.

"~Are you all right Ichigo~?" Kisuke's voice was concerned, though laced with afterglow, a charming combination. "~No one came in and disturbed you did they~?"

"Nah," Ichigo answered tiredly, watching the dust bunnies float through the beams of sunlight streaming through the window. The next class had probably started ten minutes ago, so there was little need to hurry or make himself move right away. He could relax and talk for a bit. "I just dropped the phone when I came. You don't think being covered with come will ruin it, do you?"

There was silence on the other end of the line for long seconds until finally Kisuke began to laugh, the sound surprised and pleasantly loud, and Ichigo joined him a moment later when he realized how odd his question actually was. Okay, so maybe it was one of the most ridiculous things he'd ever asked someone, but he really didn't wan to ruin such an expensive gift! Then again, it would have been Kisuke's fault if he had, so maybe it was all right in the long run. Urahara had more money than he let on anyway…

"Hey, Kisuke?"


"You wanna meet for lunch in a half hour and help me clean up this phone?"

"~Ichigo, it would be my pleasure~"

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