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Author's Note: This story takes place after the movie Wakko's Wish. Some details pertaining to the actual movie have been altered with a creative license on my part to make this story make more sense and run smoother. Long story short: I know what happened in Wakko's Wish. I've seen the movie plenty of times to have the songs practically memorized. If I changed something it was for a reason, not because I didn't know so please, pretty please, keep your fan-crazed trivia to yourself. I don't take requests so don't ask. If you enjoy it, thank you for reading, if you don't, feel free to stop reading at any time. Constructive criticism on my writing style, form, and basic English language knowledge is very much encouraged and highly appreciated.

I thank my beta readers The Middle Warner Sibling, and DancesWithCorpses for giving me feedback and correcting all my mistakes.

To avoid any misconception, there will be flashbacks and flashforwards throughout this story.

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"Their Words"
An Animaniacs Fanfic by Littletiger488


"Yakko! He ATE my hairbrush!"

"Only after she tried to use it on me!"

"You can't be allergic to grooming!"

"I can try!"

Yakko sighed. Give them an entire kingdom to rule over and something's still wouldn't change. The oldest of the three decided to just ignore his brother and sister for the moment. His nose would stay buried in the text until he finished these last few pages whether they liked it or not. He really wanted to catch up on his reading, especially after basking in the sheer magnitude of the castle's private library. Besides, Wakko and Dot didn't need him for everything; they certainly were capable of resolving their differences all on their own.


Oookay, maybe not…

Yakko's brow knit together in slight frustration as he slammed his book shut. Setting the novel down on the thick window ledge he was perched on, Yakko reluctantly left his favorite reading spot to go try and keep the peace in the castle. He really liked that ledge. The window in the throne room had a beautiful view of Acme Falls and he could feel the cool mist from the rushing water if he kept it open. It was calm and peaceful and the perfect spot for reading. Course he could sit anywhere in the castle and still be able to hear his younger siblings. Dot had a voice she could certainly project as loud as she pleased, and there was simply no escaping Wakko's gargantuan belches.

Though the Warner siblings had only recently been officially inducted as the supreme rulers of Warnerstock, it didn't take long for the formerly homeless orphans to get used to palace living. Yakko wasn't surprised. Going from starving and freezing to being properly fed and spending your nights on an overly sized, overly stuffed, mattress was not an incredibly difficult transition. You would certainly never find him complaining about the perks of royal life.

Following the sounds of his siblings' quarrel down the great hallway leading to the grand staircase, Yakko could tell they were running around the open ballroom. The space was huge and judging by their echoing voices reverberating off the stained glass windows, that's exactly where they were. As he passed the end of the hall his gaze subconsciously turned to the mantle in the center overlooking the large ballroom that the stairs lead to. He was convinced that he was incapable of walking past the mantle without his eyes catching the gleam of the golden frame that held the gigantic painted portrait.

The thirteen-year-old prince slowed to a stop and stared up at the painting, much like he always did when he found himself in this hall. His eyes panned over the details, having memorized almost every brush stroke.

He remembered the first time after their exile that he and his siblings saw the painting and had wondered if they would ever be able to fill such large shoes.

But while Yakko was more than slightly worried how well three children would actually do leading the kingdom, he was pleasantly surprised at how serious he and his brother and sister took their duties. Having spent a great deal of their young lives living amongst the peasants themselves, the Warner trio honestly cared for their people's well being. Perhaps they were much more mature for their ages than Yakko had given them credit for.

"Wakko, you butt, give it back!" Dot shouted at her brother as they ran up the stairs past Yakko, Wakko holding his sister's tiara just out of her reach.

Then again…