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It was midafternoon, a quiet day anticipating the coming of fall. Most of the tourists who rented the nearby cottages were almost all gone.

Logan was seated by the lake overlooking the Victorian mansion his family had been staying at for the summer. The trees surrounding him served as a protection from the blazing rays of the sun. Logan usually enjoyed afternoons like this, watching the geese trail along the edge of the lake and being alone with his thoughts. Silence had that power to replenish the mind. But not that day.

Logan was troubled by the news his mother had told him earlier in the morning. He had spent all his time since then to find a solution to his recent discovery. He turned sixteen on his last birthday and up until then, he had always thought that anything he wanted was within his reach. The car he received as a present symbolized his independence and freedom. Throwing a pebble that hopped three times on the surface of the water, he realized that for the first time in his life, he felt hopeless. There wasn't a thing he could do to keep her.

Cold, clammy hands covered Logan's eyes.

"Guess who ? !" an energetic sweet little voice behind him shouted. He recognized it immediately, afterall, he had heard that voice screaming at his ears all summer.

"Max." He said flatly.

"Ah ! You're no fun Logan." Max pouted as she settled herself beside him.

The two of them sat side by side, and the only sound that interrupted an otherwise quiet ambiance was the very loud chewing noises that Max was making with her bubble gum.

"Max that's annoying. Stop it." Logan said, his gaze still fixated on the mansion.

"What's the matter with you, huh ?" Max folded her legs and put her arms on top of her knees, copying Logan's position.

"I can't tell you." Or so his mother said, 'It would be a nice surprise for Max' but he knew better than to believe it.

Max became serious. "Oh, so there is something to tell."

"Tomorrow something is gonna happen."

And they both knew what that something was. Max had always known that one day her uncle Donald would come for her. But she didn't want it to be then. Or ever.

Max's first few weeks with Logan's family had been hard. She couldn't wait for her Uncle Donald to come, especially since teasing her had become Logan's favorite hobby. It took a while, but after that sandbox incident, he kinda grew into her. So much so that she never wanted to leave.

"Logan I don't want to go."

"I know." Logan looked at Max. She had always been mature for her tender age, and had grown even more so after her parents died. But despite it all she was still a child. Still so innocent and trusting.

"Don't let him take me, Logan please..." Max pleaded to Logan as she clinged around his waist with tears streaming down her face.

"Max, if there was something I could do, I'd be doing it right now." Logan managed to say without revealing feelings of grief and guilt.


It was dark and cold, Logan had his arm protectively over Max's shoulders. Her initial violent outburst had been replaced by gentle, quiet sobs as her 6 year old mind made sense of the fact that she was leaving the next day.

"Will you write to me everyday?" Max finally said after hours of silence. She sighed, her uncle's house in Greece was a long way from Seattle.

Logan turned his face down to look at Max and he found her big brown eyes looking at him expectantly.

"I will." He used the back of his fingers to wipe the tears on her cheek.

And then he added meaning every word, "And as soon as I'm old enough to take care of you, I'll get you back."

Feeling hopeful, Max asked, "You promise ?"

"I promise."