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I never knew such a day could come
And I never knew such a love
Could be inside of one

Bubbles floated around the garden, carried by the wind, reflecting the rays of the sun. They clung to the vines that dripped from the arches towering over the aisle, a white carpet over the grass. Roses and lilies were twisted along the branches lining the top of the seats, dropping bountifully like rainfall. Swans and flowers floated on the lake in front of the Victorian mansion, the scarlet red and deep purple petals contrasted with the surrounding green hills. Tress, decorated with lights, encircled the guests who waited with anticipation for the bride. The priest, with the lake behind him, held a bible in his hand.

Soft music from the piano, along with the breeze, hummed with the rustling of the leaves. Brittany walked towards the altar, dropping red petals on her way. She looked up to Logan who gave her an encouraging smile. He, however, needed no such encouragement. This day had been as natural and needed as rain and light; the secret of creating the perfect garden. Logan and Max had let theirs blossom. He was the life-giving sun, she the haven of life-flowing mist present in early dawn.

Sebastian stood beside Logan, his tuxedo matching the groom's. Mr. Lydecker and Zack, the two other important men in the bride's life, sat at the front row. Her other friends were scattered around, including Jhondie, Kendra and Krit. Tinga and Charlie's son now made his way to join the flower girl, the coins tied securely on the cushion he carried on his upturned palm. Original Cindy, in a white dress that swayed with the wind as she walked, followed the coin bearer. She gave Logan a friendly wink, white lilies decorated her bouquet.

Then the music changed and more bubbles filled the air. Doves flew overhead, rejoicing the significance of this moment, knowing that it was the start of many more. Such pure love, a vow, an invisible bind between two people that would last forever. A sacred joining of souls in front of God. A public declaration of intent that the hearts knew to be real and true. A promise.

And I never knew what my life was for
But now that you're here I know for sure

Max wore a white strapless gown, the bodice covered with lace, the bottom made of soft chiffon. Her hair was arranged in messy perfection, stray curls framing her face. With a veil trailing behind, the tiara sparkled on her head. She looked like she belonged with the stars, floating above with the clouds.

When Max appeared in view, Logan felt himself vulnerable to the whims of fate. He had always thought of Max as his dream come true. He was wrong. Not ever could he have imagined anyone so beautiful. Logan was at the mercy and favor of immaculate angels for never would he have granted himself a wish like her. At the end of a tearful past lay a present, a gift too precious for Logan to ever ask for but was given nonetheless. The brightest angel was his to keep, and cherish, and love.

Max looked up from her rose covered bouquet and saw Logan waiting for her at the altar. A tear trickled on her cheek, feeling humbled to be the recipient of such awe. All her life, she had wanted to be loved. Every stars heard her wish, the saints knew her prayers, each penny carried her hopes. But to ask and not be given indicated that she didn't deserved it. To wait for so long meant it would never come. There was something about her not worthy of love. Max learned to live with that, protecting herself, convincing her heart that she never wanted such a sentimental lie.

But Logan came back to her life, giving her love that saw past imperfections and mistake. She knew then, she had been given so much. She couldn't have imagined love like that. She couldn't have asked to mean so much in another man's life. A fairy must have favored her for she would never have planned a life so wonderful for herself.

I never knew till I looked in your eyes
I was incomplete till the day you walked into my life
And I never knew that my heart could feel
So precious and pure
One love so real

The priest took Logan's hand and joined it with Max's. "Marriage is an act of daring which requires that we be brave enough to promise ourselves forever. It requires we entrust our most secret inner selves."

Max looked deeply in Logan's eyes, consumed by the passion and love she found there that reflected her own. Prompted by the priest, she declared, "I, Max, take thee Logan, to be my husband. I promise to love you and be true to you. For richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to have and to hold, from this day forward, all the days of my life."

Logan smiled, mirroring the smile on Max's lips, his thumb soothing hers in tender strokes. "I, Logan, take thee Max, to be my wife. I promise to love you and be true to you. For richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to have and to hold, from this day forward, all the days of my life."

Can I just see you every morning when
I open my eyes
Can I just feel your heart beating beside me
Every night
Can we just feel this way together
Till the end of all time
Can I just spend my life with you

~~~ One year later ~~~ A cabin in the Caribbean ~~~

Light shone through the white curtains, landing on Max's cheeks, waking her up. But the sunshine had apparently hit Logan first, a rare occasion, because he was already sitting against the plush pillows, a goofy grin on his face.

"What are you smiling about?" Despite herself, Max grinned back. Logan's happiness was contagious.

"You. You look so innocent when you sleep. Like an angel." He wrapped his arms around her when she crawled towards him, her body half covering his.

Max ruffled Logan's hair, still surprisingly spiky after sleep. Placing her palm on his stubble, she puckered her lips, receiving a quick kiss from him. "I love waking up with you."

Chuckling, "That's because I feed you breakfast."

"Hey, a girl needs a meal ticket." Max now completely covered Logan's chest, her breast soft against his hard plane.

Feigning hurt, "Is that all I am?"

"What do you think?" She asked, insinuating her hips, its center already wet.

Logan felt like the luckiest man on earth, pulling her close. "Well, I know I satisfy at least two of your appetites."

"Mmm," Max responded in agreement.

Now baby the days and the weeks
And the years will roll by
But nothing will change the love inside
Of you and I

Max stirred her French vanilla as she watched Logan flip a pancake. After a year, he was still a show off.

She rolled her eyes, amused. "When will the pancakes be done?" Dropping marshmallows in his hot chocolate, she settled the cup on the table next to hers.

Looking at his batter, "I still have a few more to go."

Max nodded, taking Logan's robe to cover her underwear and tank-top clad body. "I'm going outside. Be back in a few."

Logan watched as Max stepped out to the garden, smelling the flowers. They loved being on vacation in tropical islands where plants bloomed throughout the year, reminding them of summers with his mom. When he finished cooking, he poured maple syrup on the pancakes, slicing mangoes on the side. He made a plateful for himself and Max.

She came back a few minutes later, having developed the intuition to know when the meal was ready, a skill needed for those who didn't know how to prepare one. She had a few white roses picked out, putting them in a glass at the center of the table. Picking up her fork, she sat on Logan's lap and ate a mouthful.

And baby I'll never find any words
That could explain
Just how much my heart my life
My soul you've changed

Max and Logan walked hand in hand, making footprints on the sand. The water tickled their feet, feeling cool against the heat of the sun.

Sitting down, their knees bent, Max leaned her head against Logan's shoulders. He traced a heart on the sand, earning a swat from Max, "Please."

Laughing, he settled to throwing pebbles in the water. Watching the waves was calming, a perfect complement for the peace they felt inside. To a stranger's eyes, Max and Logan would just be another couple enjoying the morning sun. No one would know the trials they went through. Their story and heartaches known only to them. A secret, a reminder of what life would be like without the other, thankful that they would never go through that again. A gratitude that came from a place of emptiness, now filled with love.

Can you run to these open arms
When no one else understands
Can we tell God and the whole world
I'm your woman, and you're my man
Can't you just feel how much I love you
With one touch of my hand
Can I just spend my life with you

A matching wedding ring glittered in the sun.

A mark of belonging, not possession.

A symbol of faithfulness, not entrapment.

A promise of love, not fear of loneliness.

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