I dreamt last night
That you were laying next to me
Holding me in a strong embrace
While I cried tears of joy
That we were finally together

I don't know how
But I have grown to love you
With all my heart
With all my soul
And it's hard to not be with you
Knowing that you probably don't
Think about me every second
Of the day

While I was dreaming
I felt your love
Your understanding
And I wish that was real
But you're too far away
I can't even see you

You know I dream about you
Every single night
Even when I'm with my boyfriend
I think "What is he doing right now?"
And it sucks cuz
I can't control it anymore

Your name drips from my lips
Even while I'm asleep
And that caress I long to witness
And that one day when
We're finally together
Please tell me I'm not dreaming