A brand new fanfiction, to hopefully be a summer project that will be updated continously. This is going to have a bit of slash in it, because I do usually write slash. However, there will be natalina, so no worries with me slashing Nat. Oh, and all in the point of view of Alex. Just to spice it up a little and give the fandom a more "unique" story.

Of All the Things I've Said

Nat always told me I have the biggest mouth in the band, and I can't keep secrets. But I can. I've never told anyone about him and Rosalina, did I? Well, I never really had to, their relationship was known world wide anyways. But I never told anyone about my ex-addiction to lemon-lime soda, or the fact that I went on a sodaholic cruise. But then again, the press already knew about that.

Maybe Nat is right. Maybe I am a big mouth. Of course, aren't there some things one is supposed to blab? Wouldn't this be one of those things that is okay to blab? I still don't understand what I did, but now I'm going through punishment for it. Or at least, some really long lecture thing given by a bald, fat man, and this other ugly lady person.

But maybe now I should actually give the reason I'm in trouble, or what ever I did.

It started off as a normal day in school, I was only a week and a half into the sixth grade, and everything was new. New lockers, new teachers, entirely new people, (since the summer we were on tour, the school zones were reassigned, and all my old friends went to another school), and girls. Lots of girls.

They were different than the girls I was used to. There were tall ones who could reach the top locker shelf, there were ones that only wore black, ones that only wore pink, skinny ones, fat ones, and then there was her. She had no category.

She came into my English class all shy and quiet, chewing at her fingernails constantly and sitting uncomfortably in her seat. She always smelled like lemon-lime soda, mixed in with cologne, the kind Nat used to use at camp.

She would never smile at anyone, or even speak. No one even knew she had a voice,she just existed. She was never late, always early, and always had her noise in the same book. I didn't even know she had friends until I saw her in lunch one day.

I always sat with different people in lunch, usually my girlfriend of the day or a fan. I pulled a seat up towards her table and put on the same smile I used around the cameras. "Hi." She glanced over at me, and looked away from her book. "Hello."

"Mind if I sit here?"

She shook her head no, and went back to her book. I didn't know what else to say, so I sat there eating my lunch in silence for the rest of lunch period.

I sat at lunch with her at lunch for the next few weeks. I liked whats-her-name; she was different than every girl I've ever meet. But I was getting tired of her always reading during lunch, actually I was tired of her always being quiet. So I said something I thought would impress her.

"I'm in a band you know." She looked up from her book and just shrugged. "Cool." It was another awkward silence, the kind she always brought where ever she was.

I couldn't handle another day of her silence, or silence in general, so the next day in lunch I grabbed her book away. "Why are you always so quiet?"

She grabbed her book back and put it down and glanced at me. " I dunno, I guess if you were in my position you'd feel out of place. It's just that,- well no offense Alex, I don't think a rock star like you would understand. You still have a happy little perfect family, don't you? Your mom packs snacks for your band, you come home and your dad helps you with your homework, and then you go out with your friends all night and get wasted or something."

Rock stars did that? Well, I guess some do, but I never have. I don't know where she's getting all this from, I don't even have a mom.

"My mothers dead."

"Oh? Is this just to make me feel better?"

"No, for real. My mother died when I was only two and a half. I don't remember what of, I'm sure Nat does."

"My mom died a few months ago, she was shot." She shifted uncomfortably as if she was expecting a negative response from me.

I didn't know what to say or do, so I just sat there in the silence as she picked up her book again and began to read, but then bell just rang, sending us to our next class. She tucked a loose strand of blond hair behind her ear and smiled at me" By the way, my name's Melody."