For ComputerFreak101 because I said I would and I did.

ChocolatexSheep. I think you know who I mean.

"You're such a sheep," Mello said. Near didn't look up from his puzzle as the older boy stalked out of the room.

The piece clicked into place as the door closed. Sheep? Of all the names he could have said, why sheep?


He sat under the shade of the apple tree, watching the others play kickball, before turning back to his robots and knocking one down.

Left to fend for itself, the robot doesn't move as the other toys march away from its resting place.

Mello watched from the branches above, lost in a world of chocolate, sheep and apple blossoms.

Stupid sheep with his robots.


He can taste the chocolate though the bar is lying forgotten on the floor with the legos he'd abandoned moments ago.

As the other boy slides off the bed, he can swear he hears him say "Fucking sheep" before the lights go out and Mello climbs into his own bed.

He's left alone to run his tongue over his lips, looking for the last traces of a chocolate kiss.


They leave Mello and Near alone when Near requests it and neither speak for a moment, maybe two.

It's been four years since they've seen each other, and that last time had been nothing more than Near watching silently as Mello stormed off into a coming storm to avenge a man who had always been fated to die.

Near hears the sound of bells in his ears and he says "I'm still a sheep" before Mello can even open his mouth.

Mello still tastes like chocolate.


The next time he sees Mello, the older boy-man? They'd grown so much-, he was the remains of burnt leather and a broken rosary on a security feed with Halle's voice in his ears saying he must have been dead even before the fire.

He tunes her out and reaches for a bar of chocolate that sat untouched on the floor near his feet.

Chocolate and sheep indeed.