Summary: Naruto is a hybrid of both a Vampire and a Demon that lives in a world where the Vampires and Demons are at war. He soon befriends the Demon king without knowing about his royal status, Kyuubi no Kitsune. How is poor Naru-Chan going to survive rampaging vampires, mad werewolves, and a.. Horny king? KyuuNaru, Yaoi, Smut, Lemon, AU, and Humor..!

Disclaimers: I sadly do not own Naruto.. Or any of the characters from it..

"Once upon a time, very long ago, there was a…"

"Shut up, Grandpa! We don't want to hear your louzy stories again!" 5-year-old Naruto shouted to the aged man in front of him. "But Naruto, you only heard my story telling once.." Naruto groaned in frustration as the old man read to the orphan kids in the same room as them. "Well, anyways… It all started when…"


"Sorry… Sorry… Anyways, there once was a young boy named…"

"Oh, oh! Can I be the boy?!" Naruto shouted.

"Fine… On with the story, then.. Naruto was a young orphan boy…"

"Oi, oi!I don't wanna be an orphan! I wanna be a super-cool ninja!"



"The orphan, Naruto, was a very hated child in the town of Konoha, but he never knew why they hated him so much. So in return, he hated the towns people as much as they hated him. Which was a lot, by the way. So Naruto set on a quest to get attention, and set anger aside for now.. Even if he really didn't want to…

Yada, Yada. The old man, which was the Sandaime, told the kids the story of Naruto, which made some kids faint.

"Now when Naruto died, which was when he was very old, everyone mourned over his death greatly. He had become a hero. One in which everyone came to love.." half of the kids were fast asleep by now, but Naruto was staring intently at the old man with great interest. "Hm.. I thought my stories bored you, Naruto." Sandaime said smugly, looking at Naruto with high humor. "Sh-shut up!" Naruto blushed "Its just, that was… Really good… I want something exciting to happen to me in real life, too…" Naruto sighed before heading to bed with a small "Good night.." for the old man. "Trust me Naruto, and in the future, your life will change for the best, or worse.. I just hope it's the best.." he sighed.

Author's note:

The next chapter will have a MAJOR time skip, meaning 10 years from now. This is very short, I know, but the next chapters will be a lot longer!! I hope you will enjoy this story, as well! Also, I made a small mistake... Kyuubi is the demon king, not vampire!! Sorry. ;;