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That thing that happened that time that's really no big deal

"You did what?"

Buffy stares over at Faith from her reaction.

"You were probably gonna find out sooner or later, this place isn't exactly the Fort Knox of secrets so I figured I'd better tell you myself and save everyone the trouble."

"Right, right, thanks, appreciate it. Let's go back to the part about the gay sex."

The blonde slayer shrugs calmly.

"It's really no big deal. It's just something that happened one night a while back."

A smile creeps onto Faith's face.

"Yeah, sure it is. You know, Spike told me one time, before the crater formerly known as Sunnydale, that you'd somehow learned to melt that block of ice in your libido and gotten your naughty on but I didn't really believe him. I guess when you go somewhere you don't really go half way with anything do you?"

Buffy's sudden frown becomes a glare before she turns away from Faith and starts walking.

"I knew bringing you in for extra support with Twilight was a bad idea. I just KNEW it."

The grinning brunette slayer is quick to follow behind.

"Hey, come on. You asked me to come and I came... that may have been a bad choice of words, what with your sudden revelation."

Buffy's hand clenches into a fist but she resists the urge to use it, grunting in frustration instead.

"Faith, I told you, it's just something that happened and it's really no big deal."

"Yeah, I know. I know. So does this mean you're all 'Meow, out of the bag' and 'Skeletons emptied out of the closet' now? Are you the big shot lesbian around here now? Are you the new redheaded Wicca?"

Buffy stops and faces Faith, the frustration clear as day on her face.

"FAITH! You..."

The blonde slayer growls between her teeth and ends it with a frustrated grunt. Faith's grin gets even more obvious on her face.

"Again with the grunting B, you realize I'm not comfortable with this anymore?"

Buffy resists the urge to use her clenched fist again.

"Look, Faith, I really don't know what this is for you, but it's not anywhere near funny for me anymore. I can't tell you much more than what I've already said because I haven't taken the time to actually think about it beyond the 'it's just something that happened one night and it's really no big deal' line that I gave you earlier. So will you please lay off with the questions?"

Faith's grin quickly goes away and she holds up her hands in mock surrender.

"Okay, okay. Sorry... it's just, this is all sorta coming completely out of left field for me since the girl I met a couple years ago would've never even considered the big wide opening you've apparently gone diving into since we were last within fisting distance of each other. It's a little much."

This time nothing stops Buffy from swinging her fist right into Faith's chin, knocking the dark slayer onto her butt. Strangely, Buffy seems calm when Faith recovers and looks up at the puncher to her punchee.

"Stop making jokes about this Faith. It's not funny. It's just..."

"Something that happened and it's not really a big deal, yeah I got that. Sorry..."

Faith gets up slowly and faces Buffy without punching back. There's a few moments of silence between them before Faith speaks again.

"Well, I know this might be a new concept for us, but maybe I can do something to help."

Buffy rolls her eyes with disbelief.

"Yeah, because you've been such a big help so far..."

The dark slayer shrugs.

"You never know until you try something B."

For a second, Buffy goes to punch Faith again but Faith holds up her hands in surrender.

"That was me trying to help B, not a joke."

Buffy takes a moment to decide whether her former enemy is being honest before relaxing her fist.

"I don't see how."

"Well, I've had my share of weird and uncomfortable relationships. Lemme ask you something, how does the other woman in this feel about what happened? What's her name anyway?"

Buffy is silent for a while, thinking about it.

"Satsu, and well, we talked about it... afterwards, you know..."


Buffy sighs.

"And... I think we're on the same page about how little I've thought about this and how clear I was about the non-committal part of what happened. But..."

Buffy hesitates and doesn't finish her sentence.


"But, it's complicated."

Faith looks curiously at Buffy.


Buffy looks down at the ground, feeling slightly ashamed.

"She's in love with me. She told me so a couple days before it happened."

"And you're non-committal because you're not sure you feel the same way."

Buffy's surprised by the sudden moment of insight Faith seems to have into her situation.


"Right... been there done that with the Prince of Principals. You want the quick fix short answer?"

Buffy stares at Faith with confusion.

"There's a quick fix short answer?"

Faith nods.

"Yup, and it all boils down to one question."

"Which is?"

"How do you feel about her?"

There's nothing but silence from the blonde slayer for a while.

"I have no idea. I mean, she's nice. She's a real good slayer, majorly understanding, and we had fun together in a non-bedroom related way for months before this all happened. Plus she makes me laugh sometimes. But... is that even the type of thing I'm supposed be looking for when it comes to women? And... what about other women?"

"What about them?"

"Well, you weren't exactly wrong when you said that I'd never really thought about feeling this way towards women. Then suddenly, bang, I'm lying naked in a bed next to one after some mind blowing sex."

Faith grins a little.

"That good eh?"

Buffy raises her fist to Faith but the brunette steps back defensively.

"Sorry, impulse, go on..."

The blonde goes back to her train of thought.

"Shouldn't I have had some sort've some other sign or signs prior to making it to the bedroom? Some feeling towards some other woman, other than her? I'm not even sure I have those kinds of feelings now."

"Well I can definitely help you there."

Buffy gets confused and looks up at Faith.

"How can y...?"

Her speaking lips are cut off by her kissing lips as Faith steps right into Buffy's personal space and plants a firm lip lock right on the blonde slayer. Not more than a few seconds pass of utter silence in the hallway before the kiss is broken and Faith steps back to where she was prior. A few extra seconds pass where they both have to regain their breath and then Faith speaks.

"So... how do you feel?"

Silence follows again for about a minute this time.

"I don't know..."

Buffy suddenly steps into Faith's personal space and does the same thing back. The kiss lasts longer this time and when Buffy finally ends it, she doesn't quite step back, looking Faith in the eyes as their lips are inches from each other. A feeling of electricity sparks between them for the seconds right before Buffy steps back. Neither of them responds right away, but Buffy is finally the first to speak.

"I don't even know how to feel about THAT."

They stay silent a little while longer before Faith reacts.

"Well, hey, we can always just place it in the 'that thing that happened that time that's really no big deal' column you're so fond of all of the sudden."

Buffy looks down at the floor, unsure of how to feel about the suggestion.

"I guess we could."

Another moment of silence stretches out between the two slayers.

"Or not..."

Both Faith and Buffy suddenly look to the sound of another voice. Satsu is standing less than ten feet away staring at both of them. For every silent moment that passes, Buffy can see the pieces of Satsu's heart cracking into shards of glass in her eyes along with the tears quickly forming.

"S... Satsu I..."

Her tears finally spill out over her eyelids and Satsu takes off down the long, dark, seemingly endless hallway of the Scottish castle.


For a second, Buffy looks at Faith, the obvious feeling of horrible guilt and heartache on her face. Faith cocks her head in the direction Satsu took off down the hallway to give her the okay.


Buffy takes off down the hallway after Satsu.

End of chapter 1