Well here is my first story. My friend and I take turns writing Chapters. We took ourselves and our friends from school and turned them into charcters. Please read & review.

Chapter One – A hell of a lot stronger

His squad was under heavy fire in a corridor. The barricades by the door would only hold for so long before falling apart. The control panel was just nine meters away. If one managed to reach it and shut the door, they would be free to move on. Of course, it was impossible. Shooting the control panel wouldn't close it either. All they could do was fight back until there was a solution. Spartan 619 (Andrew), one of his squad mates, was a little more open minded than the others in this situation, however. He radioed their only hope. "Sir, we're under heavy fire! We can't get to the control panel to shut the door! We need you to get into the room and plant a bomb!" he reported. "I'm on it…" He replied as he turned away from their objective.

He ran back to his squad with his camouflage active and the bomb in hand. He used a beam laser to cut through a wall that led into a dark spot in the corner of the room. He planted the bomb at the far end of the room under the catwalks in a dark spot and set it for fifteen seconds. He got the Sadoshan's attention by shooting down the chandelier. As the Sadoshan infantry units began shooting at his spot, he sprinted for the door and shut it with the control panel. "Watch out!" Andrew said, beckoning the hole that Tony had made in the wall. About six seconds later, they heard a large explosion from outside the door and saw fire burst out from inside of the hole.

"Close calls." said Spartan 051 (Matthew), another squad mate. Spartan 648 (Nick), the squad mate that completed them, reloaded his R912 assault rifle, the standard weapon of all USNC commandos, and said, "Damn right. Thanks for getting us out of there, Tony." A long wave of fatigue washed over the other four, but their leader stood there as if he wasn't even tired at all.

"Come on. We need to get to the master computer and retrieve the data." said Tony. He was anxious to get to the next mission.

"Alright, but don't go so fast. You might not be tired, but we sure as hell are." said Matthew. "Enemy drop ships closing in fast. We'd better hurry up!" Kyle said. They finally reached the master computer and transmitted the data to the USNC H.Q.

"What do you suggest we do now that we're surrounded by drop ships and enemy troops are headed this way as we speak?" asked Andrew. Fortunately, Tony had thought of a plan as soon as Kyle told them of the drop ships.

"I have an extra bomb. I packed just in case something like this happened. It's a hell of a lot stronger than the last. The radius of the explosion is one mile." Tony said. He glanced down the window. "Our warthogs are still down there and we can get away quickly within twenty-seven seconds before it blows. The other four shrugged.

"Sounds good to me." said Nick. "Alright. Get ready to jump through that window." said Tony. "A seventy-five feet drop? Are you serious?" said Andrew. "Yup." said Tony. He planted the bomb and set it for twenty-seven seconds.

"Ready?" said Tony. The rest of his squad was a bit nervous. "Go!" He pushed the button that activated the bomb and jumped through the window with the rest of his squad. They landed in about five seconds and a half and raced to their warthogs. In Tony's warthog, He drove, Nick used the turret seat, and Andrew was a passenger. In Matthew and Kyle's, Matthew drove and Kyle gunned.

As they drove away as quickly as possible, Kyle yelled, "Six seconds left!! I don't think we're gonna make it!" Kyle yelled.

"We'll make it." Tony said in a voice that had no doubt. An ear piercing sound emerged from almost a mile away then followed an enormous BOOM. The shock wave was so powerful that it knocked the warthogs off their wheels and carried them through the wind.

The commandos leaped from their vehicles and landed hard on the ground. The wind was strong, but not strong enough to knock them down. They stood shoulder by shoulder and watched the giant mushroom explosion from a mile away

. "I told you we'd make it." Tony said quietly. "Are you guys alright?" the commander asked through the communications link. "Yeah." Tony said quietly to the commander. "Our warthogs aren't, though." He said as he glanced back then watched the explosion again. "Alright, I'll send Jeremy to come and pick you up." The commander replied. "Come on," Tony said in the same calm and quiet tone as before. The commandos turned around and began slowly walking away from the site, shoulder by shoulder once more, waiting for Jeremy to come for them…