Chapter Two – How it all started

Chapter Two – How it all started...

October 3, 2736, Tuesday, 11:03 A.M. – Eastwood Elementary

As Tony walked through the hall, a third grade kid pushed him against the wall really hard. "Don't push me again." Tony said as the larger kid began walking away laughing. The kid stopped laughing. "What'd you say to me?" he asked, walking closer to Tony. "Don't push me again." He repeated. "Make me you little pest!" he said and pushed Tony again. Tony kneed him in the nuts to bring him down to his level and punched him under the chin. The kid fell over on his back and started to cry. Tony began walking down the hall again. A teacher saw the two and told Tony go to the Principal's office.

While their class was outside playing when it was free time, Nick and Andrew were inside. "Come on, Andrew! I wanna play outside!" Nick whined. "You can go without me. I want to read my book." Andrew said. "You're always reading some dumb book. Read my lips! Come play outside with me!" he whined some more. "These books are pretty fascinating. You try reading one." He said. Nick thought of it as a challenge and took it. "Nobody said you had to be an Andrew to read a book." Nick said. "An Andrew? What do you mean by that?" Andrew asked. "It means brainiac, brainiac." Nick explained. "Whatever…" Andrew said and went back to reading his book. A big third grader came and knocked the book out of his hand. Andrew reached for it, but the one that accompanied him kicked it away. "What'cha gonna do without that dumb book? HUH?" the third grader said and pushed Andrew. Andrew punched him in the stomach then in the face and the third grader moaned in pain. The accomplice came to help, but Nick tackled him and beat him in the stomach. The third graders were wiped out and didn't want to fight anymore. Two teachers saw and sent both Nick and Andrew to the Principal's office.

Matthew and Kyle were playing soccer during their Physical Education class. Kyle was near the kid with the ball and was trying to kick the ball from between his feet. He kicked – and it was sent flying into the other team's goal. "Yes!" Kyle said. It was time for both teams to take five. The kid that had the ball came and kicked Kyle in the shin. "Thanks for messing me up, stupid! I would've kicked that ball to your goal and won! Cheater!" he said. Kyle didn't reply, he just sat there and tried to ignore him. But he kept on annoying Kyle over it, and Kyle finally had enough. "Shut up or I'll tell the teacher!" he said. "Hah, that won't do anything; she thinks I'm her best student. She'll believe me, not a cheater like you!" he said. Kyle got so mad that he punched him in the face and knocked his tooth out. The kid's buddy saw, and with Kyle unaware of him, he ran to try and tackle Kyle. Matthew saw to, so he tried to stop the kid's buddy. He did by coming up from his side and punching him in the side of the face and knocking him straight to the ground. "Thanks," Kyle said. "No problem." Matthew replied. Unfortunately for the two, the gym teacher saw and sent them to the Principal's office.

All five students sat in the waiting room. "What're you guys here for?" Nick asked. Matthew and Kyle said fighting, but Tony said nothing and just stared at the wall. "Yeah, Andrew and are here because of a fight, too." Nick said. They were all five called into the office at once. "I have never, in all of my years, had a report of five kids in a fight in one day. You may only be first graders, but you should know better." The Principal said. He took off his glasses and rubbed them, then put them back on. He was a tall, bald man with a mustache. "Now you, Kyle, punched Jimmy"…