Dan was then re-united with his companion Naomi in the bright morning sun, looking at the force which she had bought with her. Dan exclaimed, 'That was clever, how did you manage that?'

Naomi smiled at him, 'Well, in fact, it was your idea. You remember that before we left for Numenor that a Vampire was keeping the people of Endwaith in thrall and that you knew how to deal with it? Well then Amandil said we were to busy departing to do so but I decided to take it up when we came back. In doing so taking your advice that Vampires are venerable to silver.'

'Oh, yes, I'd fogotten about that,'

Naomi then said with a slight edge to her voice, 'Which was not correct. It is werewolves which are vulnerable to silver. Vampires are vulnerable to metal which is forged from the mines in the ancient west of Valinor. Do you know how scary it is to find you are in an old barn, weaponless, with a Vampire outside only too happy to bite your throat in two searching for you?'

Dan muttered an apology, 'These legends can get a bit mixed you know!'

'Never mind. I did hide from it then Sarah that old friend of ours told me the correct facts with the appropriate equipment we slew the Vampire and in the process released some Thousands of people to come here to bring timely aid to you!'

'Not before time. Many here have been sadly slain including our friend, Mr.N.'

Naomi sighed sadly, 'yes that's such a shame he was quite a hero.'

I heard they will be burying him today with the rest of the fallen. Oh, Lady Judith has survived though here she is,'

'Hello Naomi a very impressive bit of work. It would seem that all of our powers worked together. Strange that my 1000 men and women proved so significant in the end. To think that whitesnake told me that my force was so small it didn't warrant consideration in the assault on Valinor.'

Dan pointed out, 'A good thing he did otherwise you would have died in the waves of the West like him,'

'But it is nice to know that collectively we made a difference.'

Dan added a little in grief, 'Well, yes, but is a shame we couldn't do much about the millions who died. Not just sorrowfully here but many in Numenor on both sides. Even those who were our enemies were not necessarily evil. Just a bit confused and mislead perhaps.'

'I don't see how that could have been avoided. A peaceful conclusion was not possible. I'm not sure it ever was.'

'Now not Naomi but maybe there was a time when it was. Ever hear of the Sail-makers strike.?'

'A little, Dan, but not the full story why don't you tell me?'

'Well, around 500 years ago when the King's men were just starting to get nasty those in Middle-Earth's coastal cities who made the sails which the King's men's ships needed decided to take a hand. But they didn't use violence instead they simply refused to work for the numereoans. Which proved surprisingly effective. In fact the King's men were about to make concessions and treat the peoples of middle-Earth more reasonably when the strikers lost their nerve and caved in.

Partly due to the fact that some of their leaders unwisely went on a dangerous journey at the wrong time many of which didn't survive and the replacements simply were not of the same calibre. So the opportunity was lost.'

Naomi said, 'And so we came to this. I've heard people already describe Numenor as the fallen people. Or the Akallabeth in the old tongue. And in a way we are part of it too. The people of Akallabeth.'

Now I would not wish to leave this tail on such a sad note. That sunny day there was a ceremony headed by Elendil his sons Isildur and Amandil attented by Man, Elf, Dwarf, Hobbit and the free peoples.

As the son of Amandil and as the other branches of Numorean royalty had disappeared with Ar-Pharzon, Elendil was given leadership of the Numeroneans in Middle-Earth. He raised his sword to the skies and cried from his half-caste face. Speaking firstly in Old Numeroan, 'Et Earello Endorenna Utulien. Sinome Maruvan ar Hildingar tenn Ambar-Metta!''

In the common tongue, 'Out of the great sea to middle-earth I am come. In this place will I abide, and my heirs, unto the ending of the world.'

But Dan did say to the leaders of Elf and Man later, 'The evil is not entirely ended. Sauron has escaped Numenor's destruction. I have felt his presence here. Although much weakened it is something which when you feel it once you don't forget!

Gil-Galad replied, 'Thank you Dan. I know it's not good news but it does confirm what I suspected. We need to know our peril!'

But that does not come into this tail. Lady Judith said to Dan, 'You can see a lady of your own age if you desire it. As your advice to me saved my life I think you were worth the money. But I have a mind to travel to Pelagir. I have interests their so we may still meet each other!' Dan smiled at both her and Sarah.

So the Elves returned to Rivendell and other places. The Men went to start many settlements in Middle-Earth, the dwarves went to dig mines underground and Timbo and his Hobbits decided to head for some woods in the East and Dan with Naomi, lady Judith and many of the Faithful headed home to Pelagir.

Which is were we are coming to an end of this tail.

Having had trials in Numenor

Returning were they had left before

Coming with many tails to tell

With the people of Elendil

Where there friends and the strong died

But by some ability had survivied.

And then by some days journeying down Anduin, Dan and Naomi with friends returned to the town of Pelagir back to it's tall ships and the Inn of the Escourt. Dan made his way to the bar. 'Who wants some Beer?' asked he.