Chapter 17: Epilogue--The Dark Legion

(Back in Chapter 16…)

"Ed! Kasumi!" cried out four voices as Ed and Kasumi perked up their attention to the crowd. There, coming out of the crowd to see them, was their four friends.

"A-Are you two alright?!" Double D asked with a bit of a frantic voice, "W-We saw what happened when Jennifer and I were watching the Ferris wheel--"

"We're fine," Ed said as he made a jovial smile.

Jennifer and Eliza both made a slight sigh of relief, "Good."

It was Eddy who noticed that Ed and Kasumi were holding hands, '… Why are they holding hands?' he thought as he then saw Ed's face; a warm smile widened across Ed's face as he looked at Kasumi.

That was enough to let Eddy know what was going on here; but he decided to keep it to himself… at least for now.

(And now, onto Chapter 17…)

Meanwhile, in an unknown, dark and sinister location, we could see a figure sitting in the shadows of a room.

"… It is almost time," stated the voice of the figure in the shadows, revealing the gender of the figure to be that of a woman.

There was a bit of a pause before the woman said, "Orion, Indra, Varuna! I summon your presence!"

Soon three figures come out of portals of darkness that formed out of the ground not too far in front of the sitting woman; it was three young teen boys, "Yes, Mistress Zorya?"

"It is almost time to gain back what was once mine," the woman named Zorya stated to the three young teens, "But we must have patience; for they do not have what I need just yet," she then stood up from where she sat, "In the meantime, I want you three to train for your missions."

"Yes, Mistress Zorya," replied the three teen figures as they disappeared back into a portal of darkness.

Zorya made a sigh as she sat back down in her throne, "… They would never know what had hit them," she stated with a smirk.

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