Well, this is the sequel to the fanfic 'Silk and Diamonds', so I would recommend reading that before starting this (yes, I know it's long). This is juts an introductory bit, though – my chapters won't actually be this short. Hope it intrigues.

(Dis)Claimer: I am actually Libba Bray. No, really, I am. Oh, I'm not? Oh. Gosh. Well then. Learn something new every day.

Morning dawns.

As with every half-light, I am young and fresh, whole and pure. New. I remember nothing.

And then it comes. Slowly, a malicious trickle of a memory from long ago, lives past. And then the flood.

Pippa is dead.

She lies, quiet and still, in unforgiving soil far from here. Far from us. Far from everything that ever caused her pain. I remember how the sight of her mother's tears caused me so much hatred. It turns inwards. I understand the red welts that thread across Ann's wrists. They have begun once more, and I do not have the strength to stop them. I do not care enough.

Felicity is Felicity, always and forever. Grief has made her beautiful. The childish frivolity has left her face, and now she is nothing but high cheekbones and icy elegance.

And what of I? What have I become, with the relentless weight of death on my shoulders?

I am what you will make me.

Short, I know, but this is a prologue to the sequel. Just to let you all know where exactly they all 'are'.