In A Mixed School


Stars of Gold

Jill Pole had never quite been an ordinary girl. Even when she was a mere child, she preferred sitting and reading rather than dancing and twirling around in pretty dresses. She was quiet with an unknown kind side whilst other little girls were playful and joyous. Even so, she had a strangely attractive aura about her. People just had to stop and look at the uniqueness of the girl, the strange way she carried herself – as if she were royalty, yet in a down-to-earth sort of way. Therefore, it was quite peculiar that a group of bullies, simply called Them at Experiment House, her school, could easily make this calm and collected girl burst out in tears.

The term she'd turned 11, at Experiment House, Jill had changed. She was fun and easy to get close to. She made so many new friends, but never lost her unique air of a down-to-earth royal.

She was so unique, though not immensely beautiful, that the day she'd turned 14, every boy in school had an eye on her.


Eustace Scrubb was yet another child that had suffered a change in attitude. One term, he was mean and selfish, always sucking up to Them; and the next, he was an all-round nice guy, helping everyone he could and standing up to Them about everything he could get his hands on.


Naturally, the two were best friends, and almost inseperable in school. Both were at the top of Experiment House's Top Ten Most Popular People, though they never quite noticed. The boys and girls infatuated by one were intimidated by the other, and always went unnoticed by the two.

One fine day, Jill was stuck in her room, and didn't go to class. "I say," Harry Reese had said, looking at Scrubb expectantly. "Where's Pole?" Scrubb shrugged. "Cold. She spent a whole lot of time in the rain yesterday. Told her to stay in bed this morning. She tried to refuse, but thanks to Fern here," He gestured to Alyson Fern, sitting at her seat. "Pole's lying in bed right now, downing some chicken soup." Fern frowned. "Soup? She didn't have any soup when I left."

All eyes turned to Scrubb, all their owners coming to the same conclusion as he turned a slight shade of pink, knowing what was about to happen. "Scrubb!" Fern gasped. "You didn't – you didn't make soup for her, did you?" Her tone was amazed, and mutters broke out amongst the crowd watching as Scrubb turned red guiltily.

Thankfully for Scrubb, the teacher walked in at that very moment, and everybody slid back into their seats whilst the teacher told the class monitor to take attendance and started class.


After classes had ended, Scrubb disappeared mysteriously, successfully evading the hordes of love-struck girls, though unknown to him, who were waiting to ambush the poor boy.

Knock. Knock.

"Come in," A voice, sounding horribly sick, drifted through the crack under the door. Scrubb obliged, closing the door softly behind him. "Jill? Feeling any better?" He asked sympathetically. "No. I feel like I've been chased by giants and their hunting dogs," She replied, her voice muffled by the pillow. Eustace chuckled softly.

"It can't be that bad, Jill. Just hang in there. Aslan, whoever he is in our world, is here to help you." Jill tried, and almost succeeded, to pull her head far away from the pillow. "Aslan? Where?" She asked excitedly; or, at least, as excitedly as she could that day. Eustace blinked. "He's here in spirit, Pole, that's what I meant." He said gently, trying very hard not to laugh.

"Oh, poo, then." Jill said rather rudely, falling back into the pillow. Eustace smiled at her fondly. "Well, you'd better get some rest. And just because you're sick doesn't mean that I'll stay here with you. I've got schoolwork to do."

"What? But Eustace…!" Jill whined, grabbing hold of his hand before he left. Eustace paused, contemplating. "Well…" He began hesitantly. "Alright, then. I suppose I could do schoolwork in here." He muttered, sitting down on the floor.

"Hurray! Thanks, Eustace. It's so boring in here all alone while you lot are up and about. I'd almost rather be in classes than lie here all alone with nothing to do." Eustace smiled. "I hear you, Jill, I hear you. There was once, when I was a little kid, my parents forced me to go to kindergarten even though I'd had a fever and all." Jill's eyes lighted up. "Oh, do do do tell!"

And hence, the two teens spent the whole afternoon talking homework and sickness forgotten.


Outside, pressing her ear to the door, Alyson Fern grinned.

Um. Yeah. This is part of a series of oneshots I'm hoping to write, all taking place in Experiment House. Review, please.