Chapter 1

It was a rainy autumn morning, and as usual, Rory was on her way to Luke's Diner for breakfast. As she neared the small diner, she saw her mother already inside, arguing with Luke. She laughed, knowing that the obvious tension between the two was from attraction. She entered the store, and was soon swept into the argument.

"Luke, COME ON, I just want a stack of blueberry pancakes without the blueberries. Is that so difficult to process?" asked Lorelai for the tenth time.

"Why don't you just order REGULAR pancakes then?" Luke fired back angrily.

"Because they don't taste the same!" Lorelai whined.

"Hey Mom. Luke." Rory greeted pleasantly. "What's going on?"

"Luke won't take my order, and I'm really hungry. I just want blueberry pancakes without blueberries!" Lorelai grumbled.

"Ok, that sounds reasonable," Rory replied, looking at Luke. "I would like the same, please."

"Rory, that's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard, why can't you two just order regular pancakes?!" Luke yelled.

"Ok, here's what you do: Just make the blueberry pancake batter, and then take out the blueberries before you make our pancakes. Then we will be happy. Right Mom?"

"Right, right." Lorelai mumbled.

"Gah, fine." Luke replied, storming off.

"Ah, these moments of my life are the things that really keep me going, in all honesty," said Lorelai in a peaceful tone.

"Well, I'm glad Mom, really, I am," laughed Rory as she twirled the ring on her left finger. She began to look around the diner for the familiar face that she had been expecting.

Luke returned to the table with a pitcher of coffee. "He's not up yet, Ror. Give him a couple of minutes, he was passed out on the bed last time I checked."

"What? I wasn't looking for-" Rory laughed nervously.

"Uh huh, sure. Well, you can go on up if you want," said Luke.

"Thanks!" Rory grabbed her messenger bag and practically ran up the stairs behind the counter to the apartment above the diner. She knocked. No answer. She knocked again.

"He must not be up yet," she said aloud. She entered the apartment anyway. The place was familiar to her: she had spent countless hours studying at the small table in the center of the room. She walked around, picking up wrappers and beer bottles, attempting to clean the place. When it looked more or less presentable, she went back to his room. She opened the door and saw Jess in his boxers, sleeping heavily. She walked over to the bed and plopped down beside him, snuggling up to his warm back. Slowly, she began to kiss his neck and back, knowing that this was just the thing he needed to wake up. She continued her ministrations on his back, not knowing that he was awake. In a flash, Jess had turned around to face Rory, and was now kissing her full on the mouth.

"Mmm… good morning." She murmured.

"Good morning to you too, my beautiful fiancé." Jess said huskily, his voice still thick with sleep. "I missed you."

"Fiancé. I like the sound of that. Wait, what are you talking about? I just saw you yesterday!"

"So? That's still too long to wait. But, now that I'm awake… anything new?" he questioned, ever so slowly awakening.

"Better now," she laughed. "I actually had a really good day at the paper yesterday, the editor liked my article and is publishing it in our next issue!" Rory practically squealed the last portion of this information.

"That's great! Congratulations!" He kissed her again, this time more passionately. "I knew you could do it!"

"Thanks, babe. So, are you planning on joining the land of the living this morning?"

"Well, I was thinking I might just sit around and read today, it is the perfect weather. Would you like to join me?" he asked suggestively.

"I will this afternoon, ok? I have to turn in a few things at the office, and then I'll be back. Do you want anything?" she asked, getting off the bed.

"Besides you, you mean?" he asked, pulling her back down and claiming her lips once more. His stubble tickled her, and she giggled at the feeling.

"As fun as this is, I actually do have to go eat breakfast with my mom, she hasn't seen much of me lately. She says I spend too much time with you."

"Ugh, ok. Hurry back, ok?" he practically whimpered with his best imitation of the Gilmore Puppy Dog Eyes.

"Ha, ok. You'll never be as good as me at that, you know," she laughed.

"Hey! I try. If you're going to be mean to me, then go," he said through pouted lips.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Let me make it up to you later," she purred seductively into his ear. "But, the longer I stay and talk to you, the longer it's going to take me to get back…"

"Then go!" he practically shouted.

The young couple kissed once more, and Rory shut the door behind her as she continued down to the diner.

"Today is going to be a good day," she whispered to herself, still feeling tingly from the kisses…


Rory couldn't reach the Hello Kitty alarm clock. The sound of it was so intrusive, ruining her perfect dream, the secret life that she wanted. The dream had, yet again, been about him. He had been in her thoughts, her dreams, her life, and it was all so sudden. She closed her eyes tight, willing sleep to return to her. It didn't come. "Urgh… Today is NOT going to be a good day," she mumbled sleepily.