Jacob's Lament

I love you Bella, how can you not know

That to you, my heart, I would gladly throw

My life I would easily lay on the line

To hold, to kiss you, and know you were mine

To watch you there grieving, hurt, and alone

It broke my heart, but who would have known

That you could still love him, despite all the times

He hurt you, and broke you, saying all the right lines

I picked up the pieces after he left

Of your fragmented soul, which had been his theft

And still you don't want me, you want him instead

He will destroy you, make you undead

For candy hearts, I gave you myself

For a kiss I gave you my blood on the shelf

You broke your hand, to punch my jaw

But you I could never hurt or claw

I saved you from the frozen water

But my heart you led like a sheep to the slaughter

An invitation sent by mail

In my coffin, was the last nail

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