So this follows on from 'Instrument of State' but you don't really need to have read that first – just the fact that they have been a couple for about 5 months.

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The Man who Sold the World

Chapter 1

It was quiet in CID – too quiet really Ray thought, as he nonchalantly flipped through a newspaper pretending to read but in fact was studying page three intently. Still, that meant that there was a good chance 'it' would happen today and that he would win the pool. Now all he had to do was decide – would it be the Guv or Drake who initiated the first move?

Not long after it became common knowledge that they were shagging (and that's all it was Ray thought, just shagging), a betting syndicate had started in CID. At first they had been betting on how long it would last but Ray had long since lost that one. It had been nearly five months now and no-one had reckoned on it lasting this long. So now it was focused on whether they would have sex on the premises on any given day and who would be first to initiate the move – Drake or the Guv. Ray admitted that he had an advantage in having known the Guv the longest but well, lets just say that DI Drake was full of surprises. He looked at her now trying to assess her mood – was she up for it today and if she was would she find some excuse to go into his office and initiate the first move?

Chris wandered over to Ray's desk on the pretext of dropping a file, "So – what d'ya reckon?" he said and nodded in Drake's direction.

Ray glanced in the Guv's direction. He was throwing a few darts and generally looking bored. Nah, he wouldn't start anything – not while he was playing darts! He looked at Alex again and just caught her sighing and then crossing her legs. He nodded slowly and smiled at Chris.

"Drake definitely," he smirked and then looked at his watch, "about 10.15 today I reckon."

Chris smiled and scribbled the information down and moved on to the next detective for their best guess.


Alex sighed and crossed her legs under the desk as she pretended to be engrossed in work. In reality she was remembering the events of the previous night. She wriggled in her seat – she was finding it slightly uncomfortable sitting down today but that was hardly surprising really!

They had only just made it through the door of the flat before Gene had grabbed her, his hands all over her, desperately trying to remove skin tight jeans and find soft warm flesh. She had been just as bad really, as she had fumbled for his zip and quickly found his cock, already hard, and stroked the length of him to groans of appreciation.

He finally managed to peel her jeans down to her knees as he backed her up against the sofa. His hands quickly moved aside her knickers as he began to plunder the wetness he found between her thighs as his mouth crashed down upon hers. As his fingers entered her, she thrust against him desperately.

"Please Gene...need you."

He growled in the back of his throat as she continued to work his erection with her hand. She could feel drops of liquid and she knew he wasn't going to last long – which was fine with her! He removed her hand and started to rub himself against her, rubbing her clit and teasing her until her knees buckled. He held her up and then quickly flipped her over onto her belly. He dragged her knickers down and parted her legs, his fingers finding her hot core as he rubbed himself against her arse.

"Want you Alex."

His fingers moved to her clit as he slowly pushed himself into her pussy, holding there as her muscles adjusted around him. He started to thrust gently into her as she laid over the sofa back moaning. She felt so good, so tight, he thought as she began to whimper and thrust back against him.

"Yes..more" she begged.

He moved both hands to hold her hips as his thrusts increased. She threw her head back as she began to contract against him, "Yes...yessssss," she cried. His thrusts became more erratic as the intensity of his orgasm swept over him and he convulsed into her.

Alex was startled back into the present by Shaz dropping a file onto her desk.

"You okay, DI Drake?"

"Ermm, yes of course, why?" she stammered.

Shaz smiled, "You're just looking a little flushed thats all ma'am."

Alex nodded and Shaz walked away from her. She glanced into Gene's office as he sat down behind his desk, obviously bored with his solitary game of darts. She wondered what he was thinking about.


Gene glanced at Alex as he sat down behind his desk, and wondered what she was thinking about. It had been five months since they had first got together after the Smythson incident, five months since they had first shagged or should he say, first made love, because that's what it had been that first time. Of course since then they had just about shagged each others brains out! They were like a couple of randy teenagers most of the time and couldn't keep their hands off each other. But in between the rampant passionate sex, he had also been surprised at the times when his passion for her was more than just sex. He loved the times when shagging turned into making love – he couldn't remember that happening before with any other woman and it scared the daylights out of him sometimes. He put his feet up on his desk and pretended to read a report. Take last night for instance.

After he had shagged her silly over the back of the sofa, they had staggered into the bedroom, undressed properly and collapsed in a heap on the bed, quickly falling asleep. When he had woken a couple of hours later, she was in his arms her face against his chest. He stroked her back as she slept, marveling at the smooth soft skin beneath his fingertips as he continued to explore. His hands came to rest on her hips, appreciating their soft full roundness.

She wriggled against him, "Don't stop," she murmured sleepily, "that's nice."

His fingertips continued to trace patterns on her skin, covering her arms, thighs, back and stomach until he finally pushed her gently onto her back so that he could see her face properly. He gently kissed her lips, her nose, her ears, her forehead until she finally reached up and held his head, dragging him down to a passionate kiss.

Lazily they caressed each other into arousal, each taking their time, their previous hurried passion seemingly spent. He dipped his head and took one nipple into his mouth gently flicking it with his tongue. He could feel his erection growing again as his fingers traced a path down her stomach, reaching soft hair and soft moist folds. He gently rubbed the small bundle of nerves and smiled as she moaned in reaction.

"Already?" he laughed.

She nodded as she dragged him down for another kiss, a kiss that was passionate but tender, as her hand reached for him, stroking the length of him, her thumb brushing over the head causing him to jerk in response.

They lay facing each other, side by side, as Alex swung a leg over his hip and inched herself forward until the tip of his cock was brushing against her wet pussy. She teased, moving slowly up and down against him until they were both groaning in frustration, and she finally let him slip fully inside her.

His hands stroked her back and hips as they gently thrust against each other, slowly building into an intense rhythm as she grabbed his arse, seeking to draw him deeper into her. He rolled her onto her back moving her legs close together this time and rubbing against her clit.

Alex gasped as the change of position took her by surprise and he felt tight inside her, rubbing her g-spot and making her catch her breath.

"Gene...need you."

He looked into her eyes as he brushed stray hairs away from her face. He could feel her contracting against him as he continued to thrust.

"Just want you Alex.." He wanted to stay in the moment forever but his own body fought against him and he was enveloped in white hot ecstasy, his orgasm rocking him and taking Alex with him over the edge.

Gene looked out into the CID office once more, only this time with a whopping great hard on! He looked at his watch moaned to himself. Only 10 o'clock – he'd never last until lunch time – he had to have her now. He carefully considered the logistics. Shouldn't be too much of problem, he thought hopefully. Nothing going on out there, Bolly was wearing high heels and a dress that could be hitched up easily – not like those damn jeans she normally wore, and he knew just the place. Plan hatched he quickly scribbled a note and then grabbed one of the many files on his desk. He casually opened his door and walked out into the office, passing Alex's desk and throwing the file down.

"Sort that out Drake, " he said, "I'm off to see the Super."

Alex frowned as she watched him leave the office. She was wet and randy – where the hell was he going? She looked at the file he had carelessly flung at her, a piece of paper peeking out of the top. She extracted it, read it and then smiled. 'Meet me in the stock room, 2nd Floor – ten minutes. xx'. She smirked to herself and left what she hoped was a decent interval before casually leaving the office with file in hand.

"Bugger," Ray swore.

"Sorry mate," Chris said, "not your lucky day today."

"Well, I got the time if nothing else – who got it right then?"

Chris gestured towards Shaz's desk where she was typing with a self-satisfied grin on her face.

Ah well, thought Ray, there was always another chance tomorrow.


Alex quickly found the stock room and then, looking around to make sure she wasn't spotted, hurriedly entered. She walked further into the centre of the ill-lit and dusty room.


A voice came from behind, startling her, "Looking for something DI Drake?"

Before she could turn around or reply his arms wrapped around her, hands quickly moving to her breasts and mouth finding the side of neck. She could feel his erection pressing into her buttocks and she moaned as his lips continued to nuzzle at her neck.

"What bloody kept yer?" he said as he began to maneuver her towards the handily placed desk.

"I had to reasonably discreet," she laughed, "as it is I'm sure someone will guess what we get up to soon."

"Don't care," he mumbled. He spun her around as they reached the desk, grabbing the hem of her dress and lifting it up to expose stocking clad legs. Groaning he quickly caressed her thighs but this was no time for subtlety and his hands moved to the top of her thighs. "Bloody 'ell Bols, no knickers!"

Her hand was reaching for the zip of his trousers as she muttered, "Visited the ladies first – I had feeling you might be in a hurry."

"Wouldn't say that exactly," he said lifting her up onto the table as his fingers found the wetness between thighs and he plunged two fingers into her glorious depths. His thumb brushed her clit as she continued to rock against him. "Tell me what you want Alex..tell me."

She looked at him with lust glazed eyes, "Just fuck me – hard."

He almost lost it then, just her words had the ability to turn him on and make him lose control. He quickly entered her and began thrusting as she wriggled against him and met each thrust in turn. So close, he was so close..

Alex had been perched at the end of the desk but now she laid back and wrapped her legs around him as he plunged deeper into her. "Yes...coming...yes."

Gene felt her throbbing against him and he lifted her hips towards him, buried himself up to the hilt, his hips shuddered erratically as he finally spent himself inside her. He gathered her up, still connected but wrapped in his arms. He looked into her eyes and kissed her softly.

"Happy anniversary sweetheart."


"Well Bols, its been exactly a year since you walked into my life and there 'asnt been a day since then that I haven't wanted you."

She shook her head but smiled, "You know Gene, some women get flowers on their anniversary – I get a shag!"

He helped her down from the table as they began to make themselves presentable before facing the outside world, "And which would you rather 'ave?" he said as he tucked himself away.

She put her to one side and looked at him, "Okay you have a point there," she conceded. Definitely the shag every time, she thought. She straightened her dress and tried not to look as if she had just had rampant sex on the table. It was so much easier for men – all they had to do was put themselves away!

"Anyway," he said, "thought we could go out tonight – somewhere nice."

"You really are quite sw..."

"Don't you say that! Told you before about saying that word!"

She went over and kissed him firmly, "Better?"

He nodded. "Better," as he returned the kiss. "So, we on fer tonight then?"


"Right then," he said kissing her one last time, "suppose we'd better 'ead back?"

"You go first then." She watched as he opened the door and checked both ways, "Gene?"

He turned back to look at her, "Yeah?"

"I do love you, you know."

A broad smile lit up his face, "Yeah, me too," he said before allowing his face to settle back into its customary expression and left the room. be continued.