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Chapter 12

The first thing Alex realised as she gradually became aware of her surroundings was that she couldn't feel any pain; no headache, no nausea, nothing. She lay with her eyes closed as she tried to decide what to do next. If she opened her eyes, the doubts would all come flooding back and she wasn't sure if she was quite ready for that yet. If she was still in 1982 then a large part of her would be heartbroken and quite possibly extremely angry. She had shot Sam Tyler and had somehow reunited Gene's old team – surely that was enough to send her back to 2008 or whatever year it was now in her 'future'.

And yet…and yet…if she had managed to leave 1982 and get back to Molly, she would still be heartbroken. How was she going to cope without him? She would have a Gene-shaped gap in her life and that gap would be impossible to fill. He was moody, pig-headed, obstinate, and yet intelligent, handsome, loyal and utterly sexy in ways she was still discovering. He was her boss, best friend and lover…her soul-mate and husband in all but name and Alex wasn't ready to open her eyes and discover she had lost him forever.


She was tempted to ignore the voice but it called again, more insistently this time.

"Alex, it's time to wake up now."

She recognised the voice with a start and quickly opened her eyes.


Caroline Price stretched out a hand to her daughter and smilingly helped her to her feet.

"Well you used to call me 'mum'," she laughed.

"But…" Alex looked around her but could see nothing. Apart from the woman in front of her, all she could see was white. No features or landscapes, no buildings or landmarks – not even fluffy clouds or angels – just whiteness all around. If she was dead and this was heaven then it was remarkable boring.

"Where I am?" she said cursing inwardly for being such a cliché.

Caroline took her daughter's hand and they started to walk, except that Alex couldn't actually feel the surface underneath her so they could have been floating for all she knew.

"Don't look so worried Alex, this is just a place to chat."

"But you're dead – so does that mean I'm…"

"You were always full of questions Alex, always wanting to know the answers to everything," she smiled sympathetically, "but you know, I died when you were eight years old Alex, so that's hardly a surprise. Doesn't mean I can't talk to you though…especially now."

"Why especially now?"

"It just seems like a turning point for you…maybe even a choice to be made. I'm just here to give you a few pointers," she paused and turned to her daughter, "You see my darling, things aren't as black and white as you would like them to be. The concept of time, life and even death are not as straightforward and linear as you think."

"But I don't understand mum," she said with increasing frustration, "can I go back, will I see Molly again?"

"You will see her one day, I promise but maybe not in the same time or the even same place."

"Well what sort of psychobabble-hippy crap is that?" Alex said.

Caroline smiled, "It seems DCI Hunt is starting to rub off on you in more way than one! Alex, I can't tell you everything and you'll always want to know more – you always did even when you were a little girl. All you need to know is that you are where you need to be and with the people you need to be with."

"But mum!"

They stopped walking and Caroline turned to Alex taking her into her arms and hugging her tightly.

"I'm so proud of you Alex," she said as she stepped back and looked into Alex's bemused face, "You turned out just the way I imagined – intelligent, feisty and beautiful. All I'm saying to you is that you have to live in this moment of time – and I mean live it to the full. You have to stop sleepwalking and wake up to the possibilities."

"They're not just my constructs are they?"

"Did you ever really believe that Alex?"

"I wanted to believe much, but now I just don't know."

"They're all just like you, just trying to figure out what to do and how to live this life. Don't waste this chance Alex," she looked off into the distance and smiled, "Now it's time for you to go back – there's a certain DCI who is very worried about you."

Alex stared around her – nothing had changed, it was still a white featureless landscape that she didn't particularly want to stay in. If she couldn't be with Molly for whatever reason, then she couldn't think of a better place or a better person to be with than the man who was waiting for her. She turned back to Caroline only to find she had disappeared.

"I love you mum," she whispered.

"I know you do darling," a disembodied voice replied, "And, I'm not so far away really – just remember, there are still things to learn, adventures to have."

But that's what Gene said all those months ago! Time to rejoin the land of the living then – if that's what it truly was. Alex looked around, "Okay, so do I get out of here?"

She closed her eyes and tried to picture the last thing she remembered. Ah yes, the hospital, she had seen Gene reunited with all of his old team, but then she recalled the searing pain and nausea and hoped she wouldn't have to experience that again. Gene had caught her as she stumbled, his strong arms around her – yes, she could almost feel them now, hear the comforting sound of his heartbeat as he held her.

Suddenly the surface gave way beneath her and she felt herself falling, quickly picking up speed as she descended. "Gene," she muttered, "please catch me!"


As she slowly opened her eyes again Alex realised that at least she was not in the white featureless landscape she had left behind. It was dark and quiet and as her eyes adjusted to the darkness she could make out shapes and images. She blinked to clear her cloudy vision and she realised she was in a hospital room, very similar to the one she had last been in with Sam and Gene. She appeared to by lying in a bed attached to some sort of drip but at least she wasn't in any pain.

She turned towards the bedside table and fumbled for the light. The small clock told her it was 11.15pm – she had been 'missing' for some time it seemed. She smiled as she looked at Gene sitting in a chair by her bed, but now resting his head on the mattress. With his ruffled hair and pouty lips, tie and jacket long since abandoned, he looked like a slightly naughty angel she decided - naughty and quite shaggable! Reaching over she stroked his hair, telling herself that she was only trying to make it tidy, but her fingers gloried in the unexpected softness as she pushed it back from his face.

"Urghhhh?" One sleepy blue eye opened and immediately locked onto hers.

"Hi," she said.

Gene sat up, flexing his shoulders to ease the cramp from the unaccustomed sleeping position.

"Sorry, must 'ave fallen asleep, " he took her hand and gently squeezed, "you feeling okay?"

"I feel...good," she said as she returned the squeeze. And she realised that she did – feel good that is. The nausea was gone and there didn't seem to be any lingering pain, but mostly she was here..with him.

He nodded towards the drip, "Must be that stuff they're feeding you." He smiled with relief as he continued to stroke her hand but then lowered his eyes, "You gave me a fright Alex...thought I'd lost you," he said as he returned his gaze to meet hers again.

"Me too – did they say what's wrong with me?"

Gene stood up and finally stretched the kinks out his his body before sitting down beside her on the bed.

"Mainly concussion and dehydration – you didn't get yer 'ead seen to from when Sam hit you earlier today...they're doing some more tests but they think that's all it is except..."

"Except what?"

"Well, errm, they asked if you were pregnant. Are you Alex?"

Alex stared open mouthed at him. Pregnant? She hadn't even thought about the possibility of becoming pregnant in 1982. Of course she was taking precautions but could she have slipped up. The effort of trying to remember the date of her last period was beyond her but she had been late before so it wouldn't be conclusive. She shook her head slightly, more to try and clear her thoughts than any denial of impending fecundity.

"I don't know Gene...I don't think so."

"Well, I can't remember the last time the red devil made an appearance... and I can usually tell days before it happens!"

"I'm not that bad!" she protested.

"Yeah right," he snorted, "I'd rather deal with Genghis Khan on a bad day, than you with the decorators in," he wiggled his eyebrows playfully before becoming serious again. "Would you be upset...if you were that is."

"No, I don't honestly think I would be upset, even though I hadn't exactly planned it – what about you Gene...what would you think?"

Gene thought carefully before answering. The last few hours when Alex had been unconscious had been a nightmare – he was sure he was going to lose her! But once the doctors had confirmed that she was in no danger it had given him a chance to think about the last few weeks and how close they had become. One thing he hadn't reckoned on though was a baby – at his age! Still, hardly surprising given the incessant shagging – maybe a tricky little bugger had got past her defences and hit the jackpot.

"To be honest Alex, I always thought I was too selfish to have kids, but now I realise that maybe I just didn't have the right woman," He looked at her intently as he moved the soft curls away from her face and brushed her chin with his thumb, "I love you Alex, and if you are having our baby then...I couldn't be more pleased." He leaned forward and kissed her tenderly.

She stroked his cheek as they broke apart, "I might not be...we don't know yet."

"Pregnant or not pregnant – I'm not going anywhere love...gonna be right here," he stood up, "now shove over."


He gestured at he to move across the bed and sat down next to her, "It's late and I'm not leaving you here by yourself so make room - Matron won't mind!"

"Do they still have Matrons," Alex wondered aloud as Gene started to make himself comfortable next to her, spooning himself around her body.

"Course they do...well, she looked like Hattie Jacques anyway," he snorted.

"Why won't she mind?"

Gene snuggled closer, his arm looping around her waist, his lips finding her neck, "Well, she was gonna chuck me out so I, well I told her I was yer husband."

Alex sighed deeply, "Go to sleep Gene." She had just started to drift when she heard his voice again.



"You won't leave will you?"

She thought for a while and remembered what her mother had tried to tell her. She put her hand over his and their fingers entwined, "No, I don't think I will, but if I do...will you come with me?"

Gene smiled in the darkness and huddled closer, "Course I'll come, you don't think you're gonna get away from me that easy do yer?"

She felt the rumble of laughter in his chest as he pressed closer, his hand on her waist as he he kissed the side of her neck

"You do realise, " he whispered as his hand began to wander, "that you've got nothing on under that hospital gown?"

"We're in a hospital Gene! I'm a sick woman!" she laughed.

"Excuses, excuses," he muttered as his hands easily slipped under the gown to find soft, warm flesh. His fingers brushed a nipple and it sprang readily to life under his touch.

Alex moaned as her body responded to his delicate ministrations, betraying her common sense and restraint. Well, she felt fine and what better way to celebrate being alive?

"Lock the door Gene," she whispered seductively.

"Yes!" Gene hurriedly leapt from the bed and turned the lock on the door. Matron would have to wait.

And you're doing all the work," she said as he resumed his position behind her.

"Don't I always?" he snarked as one hand brushed aside the hair from her neck, as his other hand once again found her nipple, caressing it into pert awareness.

"Be careful Gene, or I just might withdraw your 'medication'."

"No, don't do that," he begged, "I'll be good, in fact..." he started to nibble the side of her neck, "I'll be very good indeed."

Alex abandoned herself to the onslaught of pleasurable sensations that assaulted her as his hands wandered over her body. She was helpless under his touch as he brought both nipples to a peak before transferring his attentions elsewhere. His hand traced a line from nipple to belly button causing her to shiver in anticipation. She had no control, could really touch no part of him in this position, especially given that he was still wearing shirt and trousers. She contented herself in reaching back and stroking his trousered thigh but it really was no compensation for the sensation of flesh upon flesh.

His fingers completed their journey as they found soft, curly hair. She parted her thighs in anticipation and to allow him the greatest access as his stroked her now wet folds. She could feel the outline of his cock as he pressed against her rhythmically, matching the magic stroke of his fingers as he teased and tortured.

"Please...more," she sighed, thrust her hips against his fingers.

Gene happily obliged, plunging deep into her wetness as he brushed her clit with his thumb, kissing her neck and grinding himself against her. "Want you you so much." He unzipped his trousers and quickly positioned himself and thrust into her, his fingers moving to her clit.

Alex moaned with delight – it may not be 'hot monkey sex' in this position but it felt so sensual and gently erotic. They continued to rock against each other, increasing the tempo as she leaned back into him and let him set the pace. She could feel herself slipping into heavenly ecstasy but she wanted more – she wanted flesh! She gently placed her hand over his.

"No, I want more – I want to touch you so much."

Gene knew immediately what she was suggesting and they disentangled themselves. She wriggled around to face him, carefully moving the drip that she was still attached to. As soon as they were face to face Alex pressed herself to him, her hands moving to the buttons of his shirt as her mouth descended on his, greedily sucking and nipping, their tongues meeting in mutual passion.

She hooked one leg over his hip and Gene pressed forward once more, teasing at her entrance until she lost patience and thrust her hips forward to meet his, his cock plunging into her silky wetness. Her fingers had made short work of the buttons on his shirt and her hands now greedily roamed his chest, feeling his strong heartbeat, appreciating every contour, every muscle and sinew lying beneath the soft skin.

She reached down in between their bodies and felt the connection between them. He pulled back slightly into her hands and moaned afresh at the sensation of her hand upon his firm erection.

"Can't wait Alex...need you."

He surged back into her silky depths as Alex met him thrust for thrust, more urgent now until he felt her start to clamp around him, her breathing shallow as she clung to him helpless as the wave of pleasure broke around her. Grabbing her peachy buttocks and dragging her against him, he thrust erratically as his climax overtook him, spilling into her and collapsing into her arms.

As they lay together contentedly, Gene's fingers brushed over her flat stomach wondering if indeed she was pregnant. Well, if she hadn't been pregnant before he hoped she was now – it would only be fitting really, conceiving a baby in hospital. He smiled to himself and let his eyelids droop and his mind wander until sleep finally overtook him.


A few weeks later they found themselves standing in the middle of a large lounge in a three bedroom house near Southwark Park, the very place where Gene had found himself a few weeks ago. He had thought it a nice area then and Alex had agreed, muttering something about Rotherhithe being an up and coming area.

"So, what d'ya think then? Like it?"

Alex wandered into the kitchen with Gene following closely. The estate agent had made herself scarce for a moment for which Alex was grateful. They had seen about a dozen places in just as many areas of London until they had finally narrowed down their search for a place of their own.

"I like it, " she decided.

"You do? Well thank Christ for that."

"Yes, but do you like it Gene? It's all very well me liking it but its going to be your home too."

He wandered over to her, wrapping his arms around her, "I like it Alex. It's fairly quiet, its comfortable, got a nice little garden and more importantly a space for the Quattro."

"Ah, as long as the car is happy then," she mocked, "Can we afford it though?"

He nodded, "Well, needs a bit of work doing to it so I reckon we can haggle on the price and we both get housing allowance so...yeah, we can afford it."

She hugged him, "Then this is it, this is the place."

They kissed and placed a seal on the deal, "I'm gonna do whatever it takes to make you happy Bolly, you know that? I'll take care of you and our children." His hand wandered over her still flat belly.

"Children! Give me a chance would you – I've only just gotten used to the idea of this one."

"Well," he whispered seductively in her ear, "just the idea of you pregnant, barefoot and in the kitchen...makes me quite 'orny."

She laughed, "Pregnant yes – barefoot and in the kitchen? In your dreams Hunt."

They wandered out into the garden where a small table and chairs had been placed. Alex looked around and envisaged some decking and large feature plants. Bit of work and it would be a lovely place to sit in the evening.

"Did you talk to Sam today?" she asked

"Yeah, he's doing fine. Still talking to that counsellor about it all and still can't remember much before the accident but he seems fine in himself. Talking about going back to work soon."

She touched his hand, "It's bound to take time and you know he may never remember it all."

He nodded, "I know – I'm just glad he's alive that's all. He might be in Manchester now but at least I know he's there and he's got Annie and the kids – he'll be fine."

Alex nodded. In the weeks since Sam had recovered some of his memories, he had undergone intensive counselling as well has having to deal with his former addiction to benziodiazapines, but he seemed to be getting there slowly. He hadn't given any hint that he knew her or recognised her name from their previous contact and she wasn't sure that he would ever remember. Maybe that was for the best.

"Choices," Gene said.


"All comes down to choices you see," he said as he took her hand, "Couple of weeks ago I had a weird dream – seems I had to make a choice between you and Sam."

"But it was just a dream!"

"Yeah, maybe – but I still made the choice. There was a moment – when Sam had his gun to your head...well, I made my choice then Alex – I would 'ave shot him to save you."

She wandered around to his side of the table and perched on his lap, kissing him tenderly, "Thank you – but you know I would never ask you to make that choice don't you?"

He nodded silently, simply rubbing her hand with his thumb.

"Well I made a choice too you know?"

"You did?" he said.

"Absolutely," she replied, "I've decided to live in this moment, this wonderful moment, with you Gene. I have no doubts about the reason I'm here – that reason is you."

"Right," he said standing up and tipping her off his knee, "lets get this party started."

"Where are you going now?"

"We need to check out the main bedroom again – just to make sure," he winked as he led her upstairs.

She laughed. She may be unsure about many things, including whether she would ever see Molly again, but one thing she was sure was that life with Gene Hunt would never be dull.


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