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A New Member

Chapter 1: A New Member…

Washington DC- Reagan National Airport

"Now where is the exit to this place?"

A nineteen year old girl was looking around her at the busy Reagan Airport. She looked down at her watch and made a 'tsk' sound.

"How am I supposed to get there," she muttered to herself. "If I don't know how to get the hell out of this airport?"

She walked around for maybe five minutes when she saw an exit sign. Thank God!, she thought to herself. She hurried toward the exit, carrying her duffle and suitcase with her.

She walked out the doors and flagged a cab down. The cab pulled up in front of her and she motioned for the driver to pop the trunk. The driver did, but sat in the car. I guess all men aren't gentlemen like at home, she thought, putting her huge suitcase in the trunk. She closed the trunk and got in the back seat with her duffle bag.

"Where to?" the driver asked pulling away.

"Do you know where the NCIS building is?" the girl asked pulling out her cell-phone and texting someone.

"I do," the driver said pulling out of the airport area.

"Good," the girl said, letting her gold eyes meet the driver's. "Take me there…And be quick."




NCIS Building

It was a typical day at NCIS. Gibbs was drinking his coffee and smiling at Tony and Ziva, who were agreeing about a movie reference Tony had made. McGee was typing at his computer and listening to something on his headphones, and Jenny was locked away in her office. Or so they thought. Jenny came walking down the stairs from her office and headed toward the elevator.

"Everyone to my office," Jenny said not looking at them. "Now."

Everyone looked at each other but got up to go to Jenny's office. Before Jenny got on the elevator, though, she turned toward them.

"I've got a surprise for you all," she said smiling as the elevator doors closed. "Especially for you Tony."

Everyone looked at each other again but continued to Jenny's office. They would just have to wait to see what was going on.




"Here you are," the cab driver said, stopping at the front door of the NCIS building.

"Thanks," the girl said, giving the money to the driver. "You can keep the change."

She got out and got her suitcase and duffle bag. After she was clear of the car, the driver drove away and the girl looked around to the building. A red-haired woman walked out of the doors and smiled at the girl.

"Special Agent Courtney?" she asked, extending her hand.

The girl nodded and shook the woman's hand.

"I'm Director Jenny Sheppard," the woman said. "I'm glad you could join us. The rest of the team is in my office."

Courtney followed Jenny into the building.

"These men will take your things," Jenny said, motioning to two men walking toward them.

The men took Courtney's suitcase and duffle bag.

"Be careful with those!" Courtney called after the men.

She looked over at Jenny, who was standing at the elevator, waiting for her.

"Does your team know I'm here?" Courtney asked as they entered the elevator.

Jenny smiled.

"No," she said, looking at the girl more closely now.

Courtney had long shoulder length sandy-blonde hair with two burgundy chunks in it, one on each side of her face. She was around 5'6", slender yet built. She was wearing pink and black skater shoes, dark blue jeans and a pink top with a black skull and hearts on it. The most noticeable feature the girl had was that her eyes were gold. Jenny looked away from her.

"The team doesn't know you're here," Jenny said, looking back at Courtney. "And you don't know who they are yet, am I correct?"

Courtney nodded her head.

"You are correct Director Sheppard," Courtney said. "But my partner knows who the members are. He said that I knew one of them."

Jenny smiled.

"Oh you do," she said, as the elevator doors opened. "And please call me Jenny."

Courtney nodded again, but was confused at Jenny's formality. Courtney was used to calling her superiors in the CIA by their titles, not by their first names. This NCIS was strange to her, so she knew she had to learn fast what was right and wrong in this place if she was planning on staying here.

Courtney followed Jenny to her office. Jenny stopped in front of the closed doors, as they both heard talking from inside the room. Jenny turned to Courtney.

"If you'll wait here please," Jenny said, opening the door. "I'll call for you."

Courtney nodded and stood outside the door waiting to hear her entrance.

Jenny walked in her office and sat down at her desk. She looked at the confused faces of Ziva, Tony, and McGee, but Gibbs' was just staring at hers.

"I've called you up here today," Jenny started. "Because we have a new member to the team. She just flew in from Georgia."

Everyone looked at each other but said nothing.

"She's been with the CIA for four years," Jenny continued. "She's very smart and she's good at weapons design and she very good at firing them."

Tony grinned.

"Ah, I woman after my own heart," he said.

Ziva and Jenny rolled their eyes.

"Tony," Jenny said, looking at the agent. "One, she's nineteen, and two, when you see her I don't think you'll want to date her."

Tony frowned.

"Is she that ugly?" he asked.

Gibbs slapped Tony in the back of the head.

"She didn't mean that DiNozzo," Gibbs said looking at Jenny.

Jenny nodded.

"You can come in now," Jenny called.

Courtney took a deep breath and walked in the room. She froze when she saw Tony, and Tony's mouth flew open.

"Courtney?!" Tony said, looking at her.

All Courtney could do was nod. Tony laughed and swept her up in a big hug. Courtney grabbed onto him for dear life and to return the hug. Everyone, except Jenny was confused.

"You know her Tony?" Ziva asked, jealousy written all over her face.

"I do Zee-vah!" Tony said keeping an arm on Courtney's shoulders.

Jenny smiled.

"Courtney?" Jenny asked, making the girl look at her. "Would you introduce yourself to everyone here?"

"Oh!" Courtney said, moving away form Tony and walking in front of Jenny's desk. "I'm sorry! That was very rude of me."

Everyone shook their heads, as if telling her it was OK.

"I'm Special Agent Courtney DiNozzo," she said smiling, as everyone's faces went to expressions of shock, including Gibbs'. "I'm Tony's niece!"




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