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Sakura lay awake staring into the darkness. Beside her, Tomoyo slept soundly. Sakura felt for her necklace and traced her fingers around the outside of the charm. The necklace was something that Syaoran had bought for her on their very first "official" date at the aquarium. The charm was of a heart, shaped by two dolphins. The dolphin's noses touched to form the top of the heart and their tails touched to form the bottom.

Syaoran… his name raced through her mind. In her minds eye she could see his brilliant amber colored eyes. It had been another four months since he had returned to Hong Kong. It was now winter break, and she had been invited to stay at Tomoyo's. Their break was nearly over though and they would be starting the 7th grade in a couple of days. She had hoped that Syaoran would have returned by now and that they would be starting at their new school together.

Sakura rolled over to her side, with her back to her sleeping friend. In the darkness of the room, she could just make out the picture she had placed on the nightstand. It was the picture that Tomoyo had taken of her and Syaoran together after she had captured the sealed card.

Syaoran noh Baka, she thought to herself as she fought her urge to cry. She didn't want to wake Tomoyo again. Her best friend had hardly had any sleep since she came to stay with her over the winter break.

You pinky swore! She screamed in her mind. He had promised her that he would return. Sakura had thought the most logical conclusion she had ever had in her life, that he would finish the school year in China and start a new one with her in Japan. Sakura's lips trembled and she held her breath in her fight to control her emotions.

She had only actually heard from him once, and he hadn't given much hint as to what was going on. When Meilin sent the doubles of the pictures that she had taken over summer break, Syaoran had written on the back of a picture taken of them together at the aquarium. "Never forget that I Love You," it read in his handwriting.

Sakura pulled her knees up into a fetal position. Whenever she called, she was always told the same thing. That he wasn't available. No matter how much she begged to have him call her back, he never did.

Tomoyo had received a couple of e-mails from Eriol, but again, no insight was offered. He would only say that everything was going as planned. What Plan? Sakura thought with a whimper as she hugged her knees tighter. WHOSE PLAN?? She screamed in her mind. All she wanted was to know what was going on, to hear his voice, and to hear him tell her that he loved her. Those three little requests would make it so much easier to handle the distance between them.

Sakura suddenly felt an arm around her waist and Tomoyo's head resting against her back. She hadn't realized that her entire body had started to shake with sobs and that she was crying again.

The trembling of the bed had brought Tomoyo out of a deep sleep. As her mind began to comprehend the motion she was suddenly wide-awake. She wrapped a comforting arm around her dearest friend and pulled herself in closer to Sakura's back. Tomoyo hated to see her like this. It was always at night, never during the day. During the day you could find plenty of things to do in order to redirect your thoughts.

Sakura cried harder, sobbing and shaking violently into her pillow. Syaoran Noh Baka! She screamed over and over in her head.

Tomoyo soothed her friend, quietly humming a lullaby while rocking back and forth with her comfortingly. This had been a nightly occurrence since Sakura came to stay with her. She hated to think what it was like when Sakura was home, in her own room, alone, with no one to comfort her. Tomorrow she would try to call Eriol again and try to get some answers. Sakura's sobs slowly subsided while she cried herself to sleep. Tomoyo continued to hold her as they slept.

The morning rays of light through the window seemed to come too quickly. Tomoyo's eyes fluttered open and she raised a hand to shield her eyes from the sun. She made a mental note to move her bed and peered to Sakura to confirm that she was still asleep.

Slowly Tomoyo slipped out of the bed and quietly walked through the room. Because she was sleeping so soundly, Tomoyo didn't want to risk waking Sakura. She found her phone and silently opened the door to step into the hall. It was early, around 6:00 in the morning, but it was the only time she would have to call. She hoped that he wouldn't be too upset with her and dialed the number.

After a few rings, the call was finally answered. "H…. hello?" answered a groggy voice in English.

"Ohayo, Hiiragizawa-san." Tomoyo greeted Eriol.

"D…daidōji-san," Eriol sounded surprised and suddenly wide-awake. "Is everything ok? It's so early."

"No, Hiiragizawa-san, everything is not ok, and I demand that you give me some answers that are worth while!" Tomoyo's tone changed suddenly to one of anger. She was tired of seeing her best friend crying herself to sleep every night. She found it ridiculous that no one would give them a straight answer as to what was going on in China.

"What is it that you want to know?" Eriol said happily.

"What is going on over there?" Tomoyo demanded more forcefully.

Eriol had left four months ago with Syaoran and Meilin for China. He didn't say why he was going, only that it looked like he would be making a visit with his "cute little descendent" back to China for awhile."

"What ever do you mean, my dear?" he asked innocently

Tomoyo was taken by surprise at his informality. "D…. don't sound so innocent, Hiiragizawa-san…" she trailed off and took a deep breath before continuing. "Do you know what it's like to watch your best friend cry herself to sleep night after night?" She snapped, uncharacteristically to her nature.

"No," Eriol answered. "But I do know what it's like to watch my cute little descendant walking around like a zombie and staring longingly at her pictures when he thinks that no one is watching." He stated matter-of-factly.

"So, Li-kun does still love her," Tomoyo spoke her thoughts out loud unconsciously.

"What are you talking about, Daidōji-san," Eriol questioning voice inquired in confusion. "How could you think not?"

Tomoyo startled out of her thoughts. She hadn't realized that she had said that out loud. "W…well, we've barely heard from anyone…. and we have no idea what is going on." She explained defensively.

Eriol sighed, unsure that he would ever understand the female mind, and at the same time unsure that he even wanted to. "Syaoran sent a message to Sakura," He stated. "On the back of the picture was the only way that he could."

Tomoyo looked confused. Eriol was lucky to be in another country, or else she just may have strangled him. "Why was that the only way he could send a message? Why doesn't he ever call her back when she calls?" Tomoyo asked after taking a deep breath with the attempt to regain her composure.

Again Eriol sighed at her persistence. There was only one way that he knew of to drop the subject, though it may offend her at the same time. "Tomo-Chan," he called her as though they had known one another their entire life. "I am not at liberty to discuss this with you, I'm sorry. Please just trust that everything is going according to plan."

"WHAT PLAN!" Tomoyo cut him off and yelled in frustration. "What part of Sakura crying herself to sleep every night since she's been staying with me don't you understand?"

"Gomen nasai Daidōji-san," he said, trying another approach. Tomoyo suddenly felt like she had been slapped. What was with him? She supposed the only logical excuse was because he was English and not Japanese. "Please make sure that Sakura makes it home tonight by 7:00." He then told her. "Matane, Tomo-Chan," he concluded and hung up his phone.

Well, that proved to be completely useless, Tomoyo thought to herself as she hung up her phone. Tomo-Chan? What was that about? Since when were they on a first name bases? She wondered, walking back to her room and silently opening the door.

Sakura still slept soundly, so Tomoyo went about her morning routine as quietly as possible so as not to wake her.

Sakura stirred in her sleep. She could hear Tomoyo rustle quietly around the room. However, she didn't want to wake up yet. She had been dreaming and she wanted nothing more then to go back to her dream. At least there, she was with Syaoran.

Sakura lie in the bed, drifting in and out of sleep. Whenever her mind came into consciousness she refused to open her eyes and would try to will herself back to sleep. She didn't want to face another day without him.

She felt a hand gently shake her shoulder, "S…sakura-chan, you really should get up now. It's already 10:30, and we have a lot to do today." Tomoyo said in her soft voice. Sakura stayed perfectly still. She didn't want to get up. She was tired of acting cheerful when she had nothing to be cheerful about. "Sakura-chan, are you awake?" Tomoyo said a bit louder and shook her shoulder a bit more forcefully.

Sakura moaned and rolled over. "No," she answered. "I don't want to wake up."

"Come on, Sakura-Chan," Tomoyo pleaded. "We have to go pick up our new school uniforms today."

"I don't want to!" Sakura stated defiantly and hugged her pillow.

"You're going to leave me no choice in the matter," Tomoyo threatened and pulled the covers off of the bed. "If you don't get up, I'll tickle you until you die laughing."

"No!" Sakura replied stubbornly and threw her pillow at Tomoyo.

Tomoyo caught the pillow and returned fire before pouncing on her friend, beginning to tickle her wildly.

Sakura kicked and screamed with laughter, flaying her hands around madly in the attempt to catch Tomoyo's. "S…stop…" She cried between giggles.

"Are you going to get up?" Tomoyo asked, and continued to tickle mercilessly.

"O…okay!!" Sakura managed to say and hopped off of the bed as soon as Tomoyo ceased her torture.

Tomoyo pulled Sakura along in her morning routine and then dragged her out the door. "How about brunch at the BBQ downtown," She said, though not really as a suggestion. Sakura had barely been eating. The last time that Tomoyo had measured her for an outfit she had lost a total of 6 inches combined between her measurements. It worried Tomoyo. Sakura would be nothing but skin and bones if something didn't change.

"I'm not very hungry Tomoyo-Chan," Sakura told her for the third time since they had entered the restaurant, sat down and ordered. Actually, it had been Tomoyo who had ordered the food, and now she was practically trying to force feed her. "Honestly, Tomoyo-Chan. I'm not hungry," She repeated.

"If you don't eat, Sakura, you're going to waste away to nothing!" Tomoyo exclaimed in worry. "You haven't eaten since breakfast yesterday, and even that wasn't much," she pointed out, remembering how Sakura had left most of the food untouched.

After continued persisting, Tomoyo got Sakura to eat a few bites. At least it was better then nothing, she thought to herself and paid the bill before they left to purchase their new school uniforms. Along the way, they ran into a few friends from class, and stopped at a few other stores to look around. Eventually, the distraction was successful and Sakura seemed to enjoy the day more. Occasionally, something would remind her of Syaoran. A song that she heard playing on the radio at one of the stores, one of their classmates asking how he was doing, the bridge, and then Penguin Park.

After cheering Sakura up, again, Tomoyo glanced at her watch and discovered that it was going on 5:30. Better get some dinner and get back to the house for Sakura's things before taking her home, thought Tomoyo as she remembered how Hiiragizawa-san had told her to make sure Sakura got home at 7:00.

Dinner went much better then brunch, and Sakura actually ate more then half of her food. This made Tomoyo happy, which was probably the only reason that Sakura had eaten that much. After dinner, the girls returned to the Daidōji residence for Sakura's belongings.

After packing her bags, Sakura picked up the picture of she and Syaoran from the nightstand. Sitting on the edge of the bed she studied it closely. Every detail of that picture was engraved into her mind. She could close her eyes and see it as clearly as she was now, looking at it. Tomorrow was her first day of 7th grade. She hadn't heard from anyone today about his return. She wondered if it was fruitless to hope she might see him sitting at a desk waiting for her tomorrow morning.

"Are you ready to go, Sakura-Chan?" Tomoyo's voice called to her from the door.

"H…hai," Sakura shook her thoughts away. It was time to put on her act again. She didn't want to worry Otou-san and Onii-chan.

The ride home was mostly silent. Tomoyo rode with her in the back of one of the family limousines. "Are you sure you don't want me to help you?" Tomoyo asked once they had arrived at Sakura's house and Sakura began to gather all of her bags. She had her duffle bag, her book bag, a couple of bags from shopping earlier, and her roller blades to carry into the house.

"I think I've got it," Sakura answered and smiled to her best friend. "Arigatou, Tomoyo-Chan, for letting me stay with you over the break."

Tomoyo merely hugged her and smiled. "If you need anything, I don't care how late it is, you call me."

"Hai!" Sakura smiled as cheerfully as she could before turning to head for the door.

"I'm home!" She called, once she was inside. Dropping her bags, she took off her shoes. "Otou-san? Onii-chan?" she called and wandered into the kitchen.

"In here, Sakura-san," her father called from the living room.

"I'm home," she repeated as she walked to the living room door, where she froze in complete surprise. "S…. s…Syaoran…." She whispered.