AN: My first House fic. Well, this is set during second last ep of the season 4 which I haven't seen because it hasn't shown over here yet but I heard basically what happens (Curse my curiosity) and I wrote this even though I know it doesn't really follow or affect the ep but you know it's a one shot so I thought I might as well.


She isn't sure why or how she ended up here. She remembers leaving the hospital, determined to head straight home. It was unusually early for her to leave the hospital but she was grateful to get away from it all for a few hours.

It wasn't until she was gripping the wheel of her car down a desolate street after driving for ten minutes that she had the sudden feeling that something was wrong.

Lisa Cuddy had never been a firm believer in fate. She didn't get 'feelings' that told her that not everything was right in the world, especially when Gregory House was concerned. Yet for some unknown reason she had knew – just knew completely and utterly that something was wrong and before she realised she had turned the car around and headed towards his apartment.

He wasn't there which she found odd. The man with few friends rarely had anywhere important to go and Wilson was at the hospital anyway so where exactly was he?

She was almost tempted to ring Wilson just to see if House was there but she dismissed the idea. If he weren't there then Wilson would wonder why she wanted to talk to House and if he were House would probably steal the phone off Wilson and make some stupid retort while he started his paranoid investigation about why she was ringing Wilson about him. Either way it ended in a lie or House making some comment about her 'funbags'. Neither of which she had the energy for.

So she ignored the 'feelings' in the pit of her stomach and got back in her car, driving back en route to her home. She never expected a phone call telling her to head back to the hospital nor did she expect a bus full of people to crash but she was prepared for situations like this.

She didn't expect House to be on that bus…

She didn't expect him to vomit on her new shoes…

And she didn't expect that his heart would stop beating…

Lisa Cuddy wasn't the sort of person who got 'feelings', especially when Greg House was concerned but tonight her instincts were right.