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The power of rainbows

Chapter 1

"You have to come, Spencer! That way we get to see how much fun you are when you're drunk!"

Yeah, that's the perfect argument to convince me to come Kyla.

"And anyway, the others want to meet you."

Kyla abruptly ended the conversation then. I rubbed my ear as I set my phone down on my bed: the party had visibly already started and Kyla had been shouting down the phone.

I sighed and stood up, standing in front of my mirror. I was wearing a shoulder-less white top with denim shorts and sandals. All in all, I guess I didn't look too bad. But still. I really didn't feel like going to the party. I had been in King High for just over two months now and Kyla, a friend from drama club, had invited me over to a party in their unjustly huge mansion.

I had never actually been there yet, nor did I really know Kyla and her stepsister. Ashley was a badass popular girl at school; Kyla was a smart, talented student; Aiden was a cute, sporty guy and that was about all I knew about three of the group of friends. Though, I did know there was a journalist in there. She had come to one of our early rehearsals to interview the troop. I didn't know her name though.

To be honest, I would have used these facts as arguments not to go – I didn't know anyone. But Kyla had decided that I needed to get out of my 'newbie' status and meet a bit of the neighbourhood. So not only had she invited me to the party, but also to the camping weekend they were organising after that.

I had hoped to find an excuse not to go in the form of my mother. Unluckily though, "Oh, honey! What a wonderful idea! You need to meet people, it's for your own good" had been her answer. So now I was practically forced to go. Yay.

I dusted off my clothes in a mechanical movement and, grabbing my previously prepared bag, I headed downstairs.

"So you've finally decided to go."

Glen paused the game he was playing and stood up, stretching.

"Y'know, I don't actually like playing taxi for you guys."

"Glen, you can't blame me because you got caught with Madison doing god knows what. Too bad."

My brother made some sort of muffled sound before fishing his car keys out of his pocket and opening the front door. The night was barely starting in the warm L.A. streets. I hummed the air as I walked towards the car. It was a really pretty night, actually. Maybe this wouldn't be too bad after all.

"Do you know the way?" I asked him as he took place in front of the wheel.

"Tch, yeah. Everyone knows where the Davies live. And anyway, you just have to follow the music…"

I laughed nervously as the engine started and we drove off. Was it my imagination or could I really hear a music beat somewhere? Uh. Probably some neighbours down the street with their music on and windows open. Yes. It couldn't be the party already. Could it?

A few minutes later we pulled up in front of the lit up house. All the lights were on and I was pretty sure that was a couple making out, near the rose bushes. Music blared out of the windows that were open on the first floor and yells and screams of laughter could be heard every now and then. Fun fun. Glen moaned.

"Aww man! I can't believe I can't go!"

I stuck my tongue out at him, trying not to think about just why he couldn't come. Picturing either him or Madison in any state of undress wasn't a particularly attractive image. He just rolled his eyes and pushed me out of the car.

I looked up at the infamous Davies house, about to turn around and get back in the car when I head the engine start up again and Glen leave. Great. I had no choice now.

I started to walk up their drive, eyes closed tight when the front door opened and Kyla stood out on the porch.

"For god's sake, Spencer! I thought you would never come!"

I wished I hadn't.

Aiden appeared behind her, a bottle of beer - I think- in hand. He hung on to Kyla as he tried to focus on me.

"Whoo, it's the Carlin baby!" he slurred.

He was already well on the tipsy scale. Kyla shoved him back in.

"Don't let the neighbours see you, you idiot. We all know you're a drunkard. The others don't and I want to keep it like that."

I heard him yelp in protest before I was engulfed into Kyla's petite arms. Why was everyone so into contact in L.A.? Air was just starting to get scarce when she pulled away and grabbed at me.

"Come on! We have to get you partying!"

"Kyla, I'm not sure I..."

Too late. She was in.

The house was swarming with people. No, seriously. I was sucked into the mass of sweating, drinking, dancing people. You know when the waves are suddenly turned on in the swimming pools, and you try to struggle against them before the current sweeps you away? Well I felt like that just then. And we were only in the entrance!

The heat emanating from them all rapidly enveloped me and my breath caught in my throat. I never really liked crowds. In the time it took me to get my bearings, Kyla was ahead in me in the flurry of dressed (or half dressed) bodies. I kept my eyes fixed on the back of her head, not really wanting to get lost in here. I never really pictured myself dying through suffocation due to a too large crowd. More like, married with kids and growing old with the person I love. --AN: Note the 'person', and not 'man'. "Spencer Carlin are you gay!?" :p Sorry. Back to what I was writing...--

I was struggling through the mass of bodies when the music stopped and movement paused for a half a second before starting up again with a roar of approval from the crowd. It was the 'summer hit'. I silently cursed who ever was choosing the songs as I refrained a groan. I really didn't need this right now. Sure enough, the teens around me went wild. Some were yelling out the words while others were showing off their best dance moves. It must have been really entertaining to watch. Just, not when you were stuck in the middle of it...

Inevitably, I got shoved to one side and pushed against a wall (where's Glen when you need him, eh?), losing sight of Kyla. I panicked for a second before reasoning myself. It was only a party. With tons of people. In the largest house I'd ever seen. But it was just a party.

I stayed alongside the wall and moved in the general direction Kyla had been leading me to. The music was slightly intoxicating as my head started to pound to the beat. Some people dance to beats; I visibly don't.

A large stand occupied one of the corners of the room. On it was a DJ booth and huge, shaking speakers. The sound was being blasted out, probably at the highest volume it could reach. People never take my aversion to loud noises seriously. Blame them if I don't get through the night. I put my hands over my ears as I proceeded to trying to get around the booth when a raspy voice came out of the speaker beside me. For a moment there, I was transfixed listening to this voice emanating from the device by me. Before getting a grip. Yeah, that's it. Fall in love with a voice. Because that's so cool.

Looking up, I saw that it was none other than Ashley Davies herself, playing with the crowd from the top of her stage. Blush? Or was it just the heat from the other people in the room getting to me?

She was wearing a large red shirt, the ends of which she had tied under her chest thus showing off her toned abs. With that she wore a short skirt that somewhat didn't manage to hide the fact she had put on a small red thong this morning. Her chocolate curls framed her face and bounced with every head movement she made. Every now and then, a delicate hand would come up and press one side of the headphones she wore around her neck to her ear, her eyes fixed either on the dancing bodies in front of her or the disks beneath her. At one moment she put her hands up and started dancing, her nose crinkling up in laughter as she twirled and wrapped the cable of her headphones around her body.

I didn't realise I was staring till her eyes met mine. How? I mean, there must have been something like sixty other people in this room. She looked straight -- :p orly?-- at me before taking her headphones off and leaning down towards me. She put her hand out and without thinking about it I grabbed it for her to pull me onstage. On one side I was happy to be out of the heated mass but on the other, well...the reason I was in the Drama Club was to try and overcome my stage fright.

"You look lost, honey. Or were you just there to look me up?"

Okay, her voice is hot up close too.

I blushed and shook my head, hoping not too many people would see me up here. Unluckily for me, Ashley got a malicious look in her hazelnut eyes. She grabbed her mike and switched it on before carrying it to her lips. Taking on a rather quaint voice, she said,

"Your attention please, ladies and gents. We have a handsome young lady who needs saving. Anybody up for it?"

She paused in front of the slightly disconcerted faces of the drunkest dancers-see? drinking does destroy your neurones-and reverted back to her natural singer's voice.

"Yo, dudes, there's a blue eyed hottie here who needs someone to hang out with tonight! Any of you interested?"

An instant cheer of approval raised from the males below-though a few girls looked up as well. We were, after all, in the Davies household.

Ashley raised an eyebrow at the crowd before trailing her eyes up my body. I blushed again but closed my eyes, making no move to stop her. Her raspy voice in the mike made my eyes flutter open.

"Nah, I actually think I'll just keep her to myself!"

She grinned and childishly stuck her tongue out. A series of "boo's" and laughs rose from the teens below.

"And while I'm off to show this babe what life is about, remember that all those coming this weekend – who have been invited – have to stay over night. Jay, you're my man!"

One of the dancers from below hopped onto the scene and took control of the booth, giving Ash the thumbs up. With the hand still holding mine, she led me down some steps and back into the pool of people. I still hadn't uttered a word. She pulled me close and yelled to be heard over the thumping music.

"Stay with me. I don't want to loose you now that I have you!"

She headed for the large flight of stairs at the end of the room, receiving a few back pats and thumbs up on the way. I was pretty sure I felt a hand on my ass at one moment but I'm not sure if it was an accident or not. Probably not.

Her hand was warm but firmly around mine, making sure I was still with her as she kept looking back at me till we reached the stairs. There were already less people here but she kept on going. She went right up on landing and finally pulled me into an empty room. Breathe.

"Be honoured, babe. Not many people are allowed up here."

She sat down on the edge of the bed, making me blush once more as the movement hitched up her already short skirt, revealing more of her thighs. I stayed up, standing awkwardly by the door.

"Thanks for getting me out of there," I mumbled.

"You not used to the Davies-Woods parties then?"

"No I'm…kinda new here."

"Oh? That's why I hadn't seen you around. What's your name?"

Of course she didn't know me. She was Ashley Davies and I was Spencer Carlin. It would have surprised me if she had.

"I'm Spen-"

A loud bang beside me made me jump. I turned to see a very annoyed Kyla standing in the door frame. Ashley somewhat slinked away. Yeah. Pissed Kyla was bad.


Ashley frowned.


"Oh, so you're Spencer?" she asked me, turning away from Kyla. "Cute name."

And bad idea. Kyla looked ready to explode or shoot off into space or something.

"Are you bloomin' serious Ash? Spence! I was worried."

She shot me a reproachful look and I put my hands up defensively in front of me.

"Hey, I just got pulled into this. You know I didn't even want to come in the first place..."

"Yeah well… stay close next time."

I nodded, not bothering to point out that Ashley had held my hand so as not to be separated.

"Anyway, you came to party, so let's do this!"

She was out of the room as fast as she had come in. Ashley got up and passed her hand through her hair, sighing.

"My turn to thank you, Spencer."

I tried not to shiver as she rolled my name on her tongue. Argh. Get a grip, girl.

"How come?"

"Without you, I probably would have died."

I winced.

"Is she really that bad?"

"Worse. So now you technically are my saviour."

Before I had time to answer she was right up next to me and patted me on the back. A little too low to be considered uniquely as friendly though...

Then she was gone as fast as Kyla had been. I tried to calm my blush before following them out. Maybe I was starting to look forward to this weekend...

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