Hey guys! So, since she isn't allowed to be on the Internet, Jonz asked me to tell you guys that she has a test week next week. This, as you may understand, might slow down the process a bit, but she said she'd try to write on her story in between her tests.

So, I suggest you guys wish her good luck while waiting for her next update. I know I will. Isn't she just the greatest person you've ever met? *grins* Yeah, I know. She's the definition of perfect. But you agreeing doesn't mean you'll get her. She's mine. *holds protectively around her, glaring at whoever is stupid enough to challenge me*

*coughs* There, I've done what I've been asked to. Good luck next week, sweetheart. Hope you update your story soon. We love it. And I love you.

- V

And people wonder why I'm in love? Anyway, guys. That was for the GN ^^ New story posted!!! Go see, it's called Team Spirit :)

- Jonz

(Also, "V" has a story...which you should all read. To see what a dork I am. On FF she's BehindTheWords. Fanfic called 'You're my girlfriend'. True facts :p)