Title: To Heal A Prince

Author: Sivan Shemesh

Beta: Kalisona

Rate: K+ to T

Disclaimer: Not mine, though the plot is.

Warning: Angst, and whatever is in-between. AU.

Summary: Elessar feeling guilty.

A/N: Written for OAA Prompts.

1. Prompt #71: Healing

Aragorn stared in despair at the floor, saturated with blood.

He never imagined things would go like this, and how Prince Legolas had shoved him and Princeling Eldarion aside, and took the hit that was meant to kill the Royal family.

The king stared at his bleeding friend, and the same question repeated in his mind, 'Why did you do it?'

The king could felt a soft hand touch his shoulder, knowing by the feel it was Queen Arwen's touch. He nodded, and knew that if he did not do anything to heal his friend, the prince of Mirkwood, he would lose him, and he did not wish for that.

He started to order everyone, including his family, who had asked to help heal the prince from the welcoming death who waited around the corner.

King Elessar leaned closer to Legolas, cleaning the wound, and hoped that Legolas would not get infected from the time that he had wasted.

Then he took some herbs and mixed them together, using his recollections of how his foster father had made a solution of healing herbs to sooth the wound. It seemed deep, and he hoped that the stabber had not hit any vital organs or tissues that might affect Legolas later, after he would wake up.

All he would have to do was let the prince of Mirkwood time to heal, and then he would have to get his questions answered.

End of this prompt.