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8. Prompt #7: Alone

Legolas awoke, alone in the room.

A million thoughts were running through his mind and a decision made itself clear. He knew what he should do and now was his best opportunity.

He was alone!

It was time to check his stallion, to take care of him, ride a bit, and feel the wonderful embrace of nature once again. Oh to be free!

Legolas shifted himself on the bed. His body was still aching and it was surprising difficult even though the wound should have had healed.

But he gritted his teeth and sat up. He needed nature much more than ever. He needed to breathe the fresh air, he needed to hear the birds sing; he needed it just as any other elf who lived in the trees, under the sky.

As he tried to stand up, Legolas could feel how his knees were about to buckle. For a moment, he lost his balance, nearly falling back upon the bed, but he held onto the wall, righting himself.

Moving slowly along the walls, his fingers curled around the door frame. The pain was inhibiting every single movement and Legolas proceeded carefully. The last thing he wanted was to meet the royal family and be tucked back into bed. Legolas was growing far too sick of that.

He peered out into the hallway. No one. Taking a breath, he walked out. Each step seemed to fill him with more energy, and what if the pain was being compounded at the same time? He kept his eyes alert in case he had to duck into hiding.

Another step. Legolas heard Eldarion's voice calling for his father. Supporting himself using the, he tried to hurry. At the very least, he had to breathe in proper fresh air or all his efforts would have gone to waste.

Legolas was counting down. The door was right ahead. Five steps to freedom!

Four. Three. Now two steps more. Legolas knew that he was so close. He could already smell the faint whiff of flowers and trees. Was that a sparrow calling?

Legolas hurried. But it was too late. He could hear them running and he could feel their heavy footfalls through the ground.

He was doomed!