DISCLAIMER: Twilight and all its characters belong to Stephenie Meyer (she's a GOD). I'm just borrowing them for some sexytime!


I tossed and turned in my bed that night. Every time I tried to close my eyes I would have the same nightmare: me in my wedding dress, Edward at the end of a long aisle, staring at me with a sad face. I would turn and see a russet-colored wolf by my side, longing and pain in the wolf's eyes. When I looked back at Edward, he was farther and farther away. And when I looked back at the wolf, he was gone.

These dreams had been haunting me since Jacob had left. Sometimes Edward was there, holding me in his arms at night, asking me softly if I was ok. And I had to lie to him then, because I didn't feel ok but if he knew what I was thinking just days before our wedding… I would never forgive myself if I caused him pain like that.

But Edward wasn't here tonight; his arms were not wrapped around me, making me feel secure and safe. For the past week, Edward insisted that he stay at his house during the nights, promising that the time we spent apart now would only make our honeymoon even more enjoyable. It wasn't easy for him to win me over on that idea, but at the time, his lips had been on my neck, his hands around my waist… who could think coherently in a state like that?

Frustrated, I sat up in bed and balled my hands into fists. Why did I keep fighting what I really wanted? The nightmares were one thing; I knew they would pass the second Edward and I were finally married. But there was something missing still, and here in the dark of my room I was able to actually see it clearly. I had begged for it at first and Edward denied it. Then he had offered it to me freely, and then I denied it. Alone and pent up in my room for the past few nights, I realized I wanted that connection with Edward, right now.

I visualized myself driving to his house in the dark, pulling up to find all their lights on, the family scattered around the home doing god-knows-what. I imagined stalking up the stairs and down the hall to his room where he was probably laying, listening to music or… whatever he does at night when I'm not around. And then I tried to picture what would happen if… if he allowed me to take back my decision.

Blood rushed to my face and I felt heat stirring within me. I couldn't waste another second in this room alone without his cold touch sending shivers all over me. I stumbled as I tried to jump off my bed, fumbling for my shoes in the dark. I didn't even bother for real clothes, they wouldn't stay on long anyway if I had my way tonight.

Charlie was sound asleep as I crept out into the hall. I actually gave a silent thanks to Edward for my new car as I slid in the driver's seat, put the key in the ignition and turned it… the engine purred to life, not a chance Charlie would wake to the sound of my escape.

The drive to the Cullen house seemed much shorter than usual. I glanced at the speedometer; in my nervous anticipation I was pushing Cullen-like speeds, desperate to get into Edward's arms. In no time at all I was pulling down the twisted drive, the house emerging like a brightly lit beacon beyond the shade of draping trees that surrounded it. I slid the car into park and practically flew out, ready to throw open the door and race up the stairs.

But of course I tripped at the front steps and I felt my balance shift causing my body to lean forward. My face was about to meet the smooth wooden stairs when a strong icy grip caught me. I sighed in relief as I looked up into Alice's eyes.

"It's kinda late Bella," she grinned at me, helping me stand up straight as I felt my shaky hands run through my hair.

"Um… Yeah I know." I mumbled. Of course Alice had seen what I was about to do, how could I have forgotten that? I felt embarrassment tinge my cheeks and I noted the darkness of Alice's eyes. There was no beating around the bush with her. "This was stupid, wasn't it?"

She laughed in her beautiful, tinkling way and shook her head. "I was wondering when your self control would break. It's about time!"

I felt myself relax, slightly relieved. "Er… is he home?"

Alice nodded her head in the direction of the front door. "He's at the piano." I nodded and took a deep breath, turning towards the front door. "And I'm going to join the rest of the family now… they're all hunting. Preparing for the wedding." Her tone and matching smile hinted that Edward and I would have completely privacy. I felt myself shiver in the humid summer air at this idea. "And he has no idea you're here."

With that, Alice turned and ran off into the darkness of the woods surrounding the house. I paused on the porch thinking about what I was going to do. Completely privacy, Edward and I… alone… finally… The words jumbled in my brain as I reached shakily for the door.

As I slipped inside, the most beautiful melody reached my ears. I looked over towards the large space next to my left. There was Edward, perfect and statuesque, his hands sweeping over the ivory keys. His back was towards me, but he turned his head slightly to the side when he heard the noise from the door. His hands stopped abruptly, the sweet notes he had been playing halted.

"Bella?" His voice was barely above a whisper, but he moved to get up from the bench.

"Stay!" I practically shouted. My damn nerves were so out of control right now, I could barely control the level of my voice. I pushed a smile across my face as I walked over to where he sat. Edward seemed confused but he settled back down on the piano bench, facing the keys as I slid next to him on the right.

I could feel his eyes smoldering into me as I pretended to be very interested in the keys before me. I stretched a shaky hand over the keys and lightly tapped a few of them, their notes sounding feeble and confused compared to the intoxicating melody that Edward had been playing.

"Bella," he whispered again, this time wrapping a cold arm around my waist and sliding me as close as I could get to him. "It's the dead of the night… is something wrong?"

I shook my head, the only response I was capable of at the moment. I chanced a glance at him and cursed myself. I should have known better than to look into his ocher eyes, at the bronze hair that almost matched them, and the cold, damp lips that were at eye level. "I couldn't… sleep alone anymore," I heard myself whisper back, my voice raspy and uneven. I tried to convey what I really wanted in my whisper, but I was so nervous. Damn it, why couldn't he read my mind now?

But looking into his eyes, I felt that he did know what I came here for. They grew from soft and honey slightly darker and more understanding. I knew my heart was pounding wildly out of control at the moment but I didn't care. Edward used the arm that was wrapped around me to gently lift me and place me in his lap, facing him. I wrapped my arms around his neck to steady myself, burying my face next to his, my nose brushing against his hair.

"The wedding is only two days away," Edward said softly in his velvet voice. His hands were around me now, tracing cool trails of fire on my back through the light fabric of my top. I shivered in reaction against him, my chest pressing against his and my legs clutching his waist. I heard him inhale sharply. I knew that he could feel how hot I was for him now.

"I can't wait until then," I whispered back. "I need you, now… more than I have before." My arms were desperate now, clinging to him with all the strength I had. His hands left my back and I heard them return to the keys.

Edward sighed into my shoulder as his fingers danced on the keys. He was playing something beautiful again and I could hear the faint traces of my lullaby laced in a faster tempo. The charming notes were beating out at the same pace as my heart and I began to feel tears sliding down my cheeks.

"I was writing something for the wedding," Edward explained, his voice rough and delightfully sexy. "But the way your heart is beating now… none of these notes could sound as beautiful."

His melody came to a sudden stop as his hands flew up to my waist, pushing me back slightly so my body rested against the keys. The notes made a sweet dulling sound as I leaned against several at once, but I heard nothing. All I could comprehend were the dark eyes smoldering into mine, the brush of cool fingertips against my cheek, the hotness that was beginning to unravel inside of me.

"Are you sure you want to change your mind?" Edward's voice sounded forced, like it was a question he didn't really want to ask but felt obligated to.

I reached my hand up and rested it on his icy cheek. His eyes closed and he breathed out a sweet sigh, turning his face into the warmth of my palm, a purr emanating from somewhere in his chest. "You know how much I love you," I whispered, turning his face back so I could look into his eyes. "I want to feel that love now."

Edward sighed again, happy to oblige me. He leaned forward and placed a sweet kiss on my lips, his icy tongue snaking out and raking the line between my lips. I gasped into his kiss, my lips parting slightly. He drew back quickly, still of some sort of sane mind to remember the danger his sharp teeth posed to my vulnerable mouth.

Edward moved his lips along my jaw, dragging his tongue along the soft flesh there. I felt like every inch of my body was on fire, the source being wherever his tongue touched my skin. The source of the fire and its coolant were the same, and I tilted my head back in pleasure at the thought of what was about to happen between us.

His lips trailed down my neck, licking the sweet spots around my collar bone, and proceeded all along my chest, resisting the urge to dip below my top. I heard myself whimper, arching my back slightly to offer this area to Edward. I heard him chuckle slightly as he used his smooth and firm hands to push my back down.

"Bella… open your eyes," he murmured. I complied, lifting my head slightly. My vision was blurred in a haze of pleasure, but not quite satisfaction. Edward's brilliant eyes were shining up at mine, his hands gripping the sides of my waist with a burning desire.

"Yes?" I whispered, feeling my hot body try to squirm around his cold grasp. I was so ready to beg for more if that's what he wanted.

"I love you." That was all he whispered as his hands gripped the bottom of my top, shredding it in the gentlest way and tossing it on the bench next to us. My breathing was out of control, my chest heaving greatly in an effort to get some of the oxygen I needed to focus. But that area was completely exposed to Edward now… every curve of my breasts, my waist, everything. His cold hands began to explore my porcelain skin, this area I had always dreamt of him touching and caressing, and I threw my head back once more, sighing in ecstasy.

Edward moved his arms up to remove mine from their clutches in his hair. He spread my arms out along the length of the piano on each side and pressed them down against the keys. "Stay," he whispered roughly, returning his hands and lips to my newly exposed skin.

I obeyed no matter how hard the impulse was to put my hands back on his body. The cacophony produced by the pressure of my back and my arms along the piano echoed through the great, empty house. Never in my entire fantasies did I imagine love with Edward would be so melodic and sweet… and this was just the foreplay!