Sonic Unleashed Story Sonamy

Sonic Unleashed Story

Chapter 1

It was night, the Forest was really dark and there were yellow eyes everywhere.

A little Pink hedgehog was walking in the forest she was worried about the blue hedgehog, she only remember Sonic ran into the forest but he never came back.

Her friend Tails, Cream, Shadow, Knuckles and Rouge were calling her to come back.

She didn't stop walking but then she started to running and calling to Sonic's name.

On a tree there was a big shadow with bright green eyes.

Amy: Soooooonic!

The shadow moved little but it kept still and it was looking at Amy.

Amy turned around and heard something behind

??: grrr…

Amy: Who's there! I got my hammer I don't have afraid to use it!

Amy pulled her hammer out and turned intensely all angles so she could see ever curve of the forest.

The monster quietly jump of the tree and landed behind her, the pink hedgehog felt something was behind her so she slowly turned around and saw a big figure, she couldn't see the figure, the creature star walking to her but he star walking backwards with afraid if the creature could hurt her…but the creature start groaning….like if he wanted to talk…when she notice the creature called her name, she stop the step and let the creature come close to her.

??: Grr…Amy...GRR!

Amy was really curious by how the scary creature in the shadow could know her name.

Amy: Who are you?

Slowly Amy walked to the shadow and touched its cheek and caressed and the creature started to purr little and leaning at the touch.

Amy: how you know my name?

??: Purr…Amy grr i…need y…you purr…

Amy: what? Why?

The creature pulled away form her hand and walked to the moon light as he enter to the light he showed her his figure…Amy looked at his form and why he looked so familiar to her…but then her thought were on Sonic and she gotten this idea it was Sonic.

In shocked face she asked.

Amy: Its that you…Sonic?

The blue wolf like hedgehog Sonic didn't talk only nodded yes., her scratched his one arm and he said…

Sonic: Amy…I need you…please…help meee! ARGG!

Amy: HOW! I don't know how to do it!

Sonic walked to her trying to resist this evil mind in him, he wrapped his big fluffy arms around her and snuggle in her quills and whisper in her ear.

Sonic: Kill me…Grrrr! Please…

This surprised the pink hedgehog.

Amy: I can't do that! You know that! I WILL NEVER DO THAT TO YOU SONIC YOU'RE MY FRIEND!...I love you….

Sonic couldn't take this anymore he jump on her making land her back on the grass with scared expression, Sonic was on top of her and his mind was to kill her but he didn't want it she was his friend or he liked her more as a friend.

Amy: Sonic…no…please

Sonic was in deep pain as he started to groan loudly that makes Amy even more scared.

Sonic: Please do something to stop this pain! I don't want to hurt you! So leave now!

Amy: I ill never leave you Sonic! Even if you kiss me I will never leave you side!

Sonic was really in deep pain when he saw Amy began to be close he start to go back but when she notice he was going to run away she start to run directly to him and hugged him with such a force she will not let got that easily and cuddle her face in his long fur chest, Sonic looked down and saw Amy hug him…he was impressive she wasn't scared of him.

He suddenly felt something wet falling on his fur she was crying, she didn't wanted to leave him alone in that state, not even on her dreams.

The blue creature was moaning and groaning in low voice…he couldn't kill her...he couldn't hurt her…he did want her to get out of the forest to be save but she doesn't want because she was really worried about him.

Sonic: Amy please…get out.

Amy: NO!!

Sonic: Amy…

PhoenixSAlover: Well hope you guys like the story Anyway…let me introduce my self I'm the real PhoenixSAlover LoL