Sonic Unleashed Story

Sonic Unleashed Story

Chapter 3

Sonic came down to the tree observing around, he could feel something was wrong so he decided to relax to other area, he began to run directly to one of the Mountains.

at the top of Mountains

When he arrived he put Amy down, Amy had a confuse expression and asked.

Amy: Sonic why are we up here?

Sonic: I don't know why but I heaved a feeling that something was wrong when we were down there, so I got you up here for safety.

Amy: Aww I didn't touch you cared about me that much Sonic…that's why I always loved you Sonic, you care allot for every one.

Sonic turns around looking seriously to Amy.

Sonic: But your different Amy…I care about you much more and the people…your...are my treasure.

Amy: Aww…really?

Sonic: You bet give a lick on her ear you still want to sleep?

Amy: please don't tell me that awww! I'm not sleepy.

Sonic: I bet that…now up to that tree!

Amy: You know I need help.

Sonic: And you will have…come on lift her off the ground and throws her up to the tree.

Luckily Amy landed on softy's leafs while with Sonic he jumped up on the tree and landed next too Amy automatically pulling her in his arms for her comfy.

Sonic: Comfy?

Amy: Ya….you know?...It's strange…your fur is comfortable and softgiggles

Sonic: What can I say? My fur is always like that…

Amy: I was wondering?...You know how to turn you to normal?

Sonic: No….but I must find out!...I can't be like this forever…I mean how will I eat Chilidogs? My hands are too big to hold them.

Amy: Don't worry I bet we will find the solution…there must be.

Amy cuddles into Sonic fury chest while he look up to the sky thinking what Amy just said, he felt Amy was trying to cuddle deeper in his fur so he pulled her closer to him, she wrapped her on arm around his neck.

He smile at her and licked her fur head pulling her 3 bags off her eyes.

His eyes were bright, like a cat in the dark, still licking her while he purrs, he was sleepy too but he wanted to be wake to get attention for any danger around them but even a big hero must sleep.

Slowly he close his eyes while he keeps licking her bags to her ear, his licking motion has slowing down when he stops he laid on Amy waist and close his eyes and falls sleep.

Next day in the morning

Sonic slowly wakes up, opening his eyes slowly when he saw Amy in his, guess, she wasn't there.

Desperate he calls for her while he jumps down of the tree to the grassy ground.


He got very ferocious because he thought Eggman could have kidnapped Amy while he was sleeping.

Sonic: GRRRR! That Eggman! I will go after him and rip his head off! GRAR!

??: Far way Sonic!

Sonic: Huh?!

He turns around and saw Amy running towards her.

Amy run into his arms Amy and hugs him, Sonic calms down him self and relaxed to be happy hat Amy is safe but he didn't hugged her back because he was little angry with her by exploring the forest by her self.

Amy: Sorry i did scare you Sonic, I didn't mean it.

Sonic: You didn't know I was worried about you at that moment Amy! If you get hurt?...If I wasn't there to protect you? What would you do Ames!?

At that final word he screamed, that make her jump little and scared her.

Amy: Sorry I didn't mean it…I just got out finding some food…

Sonic just looked at her hugging him, he hugged her back but tighter.

Sonic: Just don't do that again Amy, ok? Next time wake me up, promise?

Amy: Yea, I'm Sorry, Sonic….really…I Am.

Sonic smiled little at her and licked one of her ears making it tremble little, that makes Amy giggle.

Sonic: Its ok…Don't worry…I'm just happy that you save.

Sonic lay down on the grass looking at her, of course she was confused by the action he's making.

Sonic: Sit on my back.

Amy was even more confused but she sat there then Sonic got up, when that happens, Amy wrapped her arms around his neck and Sonic started to walk.

Sonic: Were did you find the food?

Amy: It's more front of you…


Sonic walked little more and saw a lake and many fruit in a basked of leafs, he was impressive by the way Amy picked the fruits, they were all clean.

Sonic: Wow…Amy you could be a Wild Hedgehog!

Amy blushed by the way Sonic said that.

Amy: Thanks Sonikku.

Sonic Smiles at her and starts to eat like Amy.

When they finished the fruits, Amy lies on her back on the grass, suddenly she felt she felt an wet thing on her cheek and light peach fur.

She open her eyes and saw Sonic licking there, the Pink Hedgehog tries to get up but sonic didn't let her by keeping his fluffy arm on her tummy to keep her still.

Sonic: Sorry, you can't do that, I think this licking thing… is my instinct…my mouth is with water I don't know why, when I feel that, I always can't resist cleaning you…its strange.

Amy: I…think…this…whole thing…its….strange.

With the pauses she make is because of Sonic…when he licks her she must stop speak for little.

Sonic: Why…did that machine…got wrong?

Sonic starts to move to back of her ear and that makes her giggle little.

Amy: Sonic stop...that!

Sonic: Sorry didn't finish my job.

Amy: Grrr…Sonic! Stop!

Sonic: ICan't:

Then he starts to purr as he starts to lick her neck.

Amy didn't resist anymore she was laughing like crazy.

Sonic:think Wow I never did though she was really ticklish. I think I like her laughs.

Soon he finishes the Clean up leaving Amy with big blush and with tears of her eyes, poor Hedgehog laughing so much.

Sonic: Well what did you think of that?

Amy: Don't you…DARE…Do that again please.

Sonic: I don't think I can make that…and you can't escape from me Amy….I'm the fastest thing alive you know?

Amy: I know one thing that you don't know.

Sonic: And what is that?

Amy: That I make you scare.

Sonic: Why...hy do you say that?

Amy: Because I see that in your eyes…purr.

Sonic: think She's purring? Now this isn't right. She's planning something, I know it!

Amy cuddles in his furry chest and wrapped her arms around his neck and starts to rubbing his back quills and back…feeling his fur bethen her fingers.

Sonic began to relax at this message she was doing to him.

Sonic: Can you move little to the left?

Amy: Sure.

When she moved little to the left, as he asked, there she felt little bruises.

She kept massaging that part, Poor Sonic he quickly hissed little and Amy quickly stopped with fear she could hurt him more.

With a scared look she asked.

Amy: Sonic I'm Sorry! Did I hurt you?

Sonic: Don't worry about that, its…nothing.

Amy: Let me see that!

That moment when Sonic heard that, she got out of his arms and got on his back, he was shocked by this, he didn't wanted her to get worried.

So he got up and got only on his 2 feet's, try to make her fall, sadly didn't work.

He thought his fur was long enough to make her slide down to the floor but didn't work.

Sonic: Aw! Amy can you get down please? I don't want to push you and I don't want to worry you. I will be fine ok?

Amy: No you will not be ok…just look at this! have so many scratches that you can go into the Records Book! No way…I will not leave you here!

Sonic: Really I'm going to be fine…

Amy: Shut up I want to resolve this…wait little.

Amy Got off his back and got a big leaf, put water of the lake in it and came back in a minute.

Sonic: What's that for?

Amy: You'll see…turn you back to me.

Sonic the big Beast but cute thought makes a confuse look but he turned and then she drops the water on his back, he started to scream.

Sonic: HA! Cold!

Amy: Sonic…its just water…I will only clean your scratches, that way you could be better.

Sonic: Ummm…I don't really like water…

Amy: Come on!