Oh, wow. I don't even think I know what to say here...well, several things. First, I'm sorry. It's been two, three years...and wow. Things have changed. I stopped updating because I fell out of love with Twilight. I haven't done anything Twi-related in years. My group of friends has changed dramatically, as has my sense of humour. I haven't spoken to Bre in three years, Chicken Wing in two. Reading back on some of these stories...I cringe at how stupid I was. However, beyond all of that, I am happy that I brought smiles and joy to some readers for a long time. That, I'm not ashamed of. I dislike many of my author's notes. It's clear I was quite immature. My spelling and proofreading abilities certainly weren't stellar. Nevertheless, that's not really what's important, is it?

So I guess I can say thank you for giving me this experience. This story, this website...it's what pushed me to begin writing. Today, I'm a published author, have won several awards for playwrighting/English, and am devoted to writing my own fiction. Writing is what I'm known for. English is my life. I can't go a day without writing. It's everything to me. Fanfiction has a special place in my heart because of that.

And to my critics, I'd like to say that yes, this story was mindless. But that's what childhood is, isn't it? It was mindless, terrible, and silly. And that silliness, that "hyper" immaturity, makes the world a little brighter, in my opinion. When the world is full of illness, death, wars and blood...I don't think that the worst thing in the world is to laugh just for the sake of laughing. Not because something is witty or what have you, but just because it's meant to be silly. Of course, that's where opinions differ, obviously. I just encourage you to remember that this was literally the first piece of writing I attempted. Big Brother Cullen Style was the first attempt at a story. I was what, twelve? Maybe thirteen for the more recent ones? We all have embarrassing chapters of our history. This happens to be mine. We all begin as amateurs. I still am one, by all accounts. We can't all hit the ground running.

That being said, I thank you so much, all of you. The reviewers who have read through from 1 to 120. And now, this Author's Note goodbye, three years later. Honestly, without that support I wouldn't be where I am today. You guys shaped me as a person, in good ways and in bad. The criticism taught me to question myself. And upon rereading all of this, I see that I was a total and complete bitch about it. I probably still am, and I'll look back on this three years from now and hang my head in shame. But the praise I received, the support, the love and appreciation...that means everything to me. No matter how many people tell me how stupid I was, no matter the mistakes and the idiocy...I like to believe I made people happy. And I think that's worth a lot more than writing something philosophical about which you can all nod and pretend to care about. Yeah, it was silly. Embarrassing, even. But, I digress.

All I'd like to say is thank you. You don't even know how much this has changed me. My life in grade nine, right at the end of these notes, was hell. I guess I changed because of it, a lot. Writing became my crutch. It held me up when I was weak. It saved me countless times. Instead of bottling up everything that was happening, I wrote it out. And that's what saved me. I know that's corny, and you can feel free to just blow it off. But I couldn't reread those notes and not finish it off, you know? I couldn't leave it at that. I have to say goodbye once and for all.

So thank you everyone. Everyone I yelled at, I'm so sorry, I was a twelve year old with an attitude. Every critic, you're totally right. I completely agree with you. This was terrible. But you know what? I don't care. Everyone who reviewed, thank you SO much...beyond any words. Any silent readers I had, thank you to you too! Thank you everyone. I can't really think of a way to end this properly, the final goodbye to such an important section of my life...so I guess that all I can say is...

Bagels ! Ahaha, I love you guys. Goodbye!