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Near, take three steps forward.
Mother may I?
Yes you may.

A simple game, that was the plan. But then Near joined the other children-just this once- and Mello turned it into a competiton to see who 'Mother'-L, he was always Mother even when the game was over, those were the rules of the Wammy's house- favored most.

Near was already a step ahead of Mello and the blonde was seething, even as L smiled inwardly at him.

Mello always did have trouble controlling his temper.

Mello take two steps forward.
Mother may I?
You may not.

L was dead now though and there was no one to play 'Mother' to them anymore. L was dead by Kira and so was Watari and Roger was no substitue for L.

Mello left first and for once, he was a step ahead of Near.

Four years later he was three steps behind the boy with sheep's hair and dead L eyes.

He couldn't catch up this time.

Mother may I, Mother may I. Please Mother, let me move forward this turn.
You may not.

In his race to get ahead of Near, Mello had never counted on Matt dying. Matt had always been with him, step for step. Mello had depended on that about him, that even when Near was so far ahead Mello couldn't catch up Matt would still be at his side, never in front of or behind Mello.

He didn't care that he was dying or that the truck was out of his control now.

'Mother' had always favored Near anyway.

Mother may I die now?
Yes, you may.