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Blood Doesn't Mix With Roses

Chapter One

'Dancing Dirt Into The Snow'

A two story house with chipped white paint stood alone in the middle of the woods surrounding Konoha. It had a large, overgrown lawn, where the grass was 2 feet high. On the inside, the walls were a faded, chipped white, and the floor was a cold, gray concrete.

In the house lived three humans, a father, a mother, and a small daughter. This is one of the daughter's last nights in the house:

"Mommy! Mommy! MOMMY!" Sakura yelled as she saw her dad continually throw things and stab her mother.

In front of Sakura's eyes, she saw the flash of a sharp silver dagger, and heard the consequent scream. She saw an expensive vase break against the wall, in the very place that her mother was standing a mere two seconds ago.

After her redheaded father cut a long, deep gash against her mother's stomach, her mother fell to the ground, her crisp white shirt stained red.

Her father finished his rampage after awhile, and locked himself in the basement, slamming the old wooden door on the way. But it still disturbed Sakura that he was grinning madly.

Then her attention snapped back to her mother, and the pinkette immediately let loose a bloodcurdling scream. Her mother had fallen to the floor, fatigued by dodging her husband's weapons, and also from blood loss.

The older woman was covered almost completely in blood, her vibrant white hair almost making it unrecognizable. It clumped together, and knots were snarled all over.

"Mommy! Mommy!" the small pinkette sobbed.

Her mother turned to her, and whispered something weakly. Sakura couldn't make it out, so she leaned closer, her long hair dipping in the gathered pools of blood.

"Sakura, never lose sight of your goals. Believe in what you know is right, and don't let anyone change you or who you are" her mother then drew a ragged breath, then continued in a rasping voice.

"Before I leave, I must tell you this. In the top of your closet is a trunk. The trunk is hidden amongst your things, so search hard, and don't let your father see what is inside. Everything in that trunk is meant for you, and only you, so keep it close. And inside of the trunk you will also find a black velvet bag" Her mother coughed up blood, but continued, much weaker than before.

"Inside the bag is a necklace. Wear it, and wear it proudly, since now you are the queen of the crows and ravens. I love you, my little cherry blossom. Goodbye" said her mother, dragging in one last long, heavy, ragged breath before her eyes fluttered shut, and her body shut down forever.

The four year old clutched her mother's clothes, sobbing things like "Mommy, don't die, don't leave me!"

She barely noticed her father slipping away, cackling. He didn't spare her a second glance, merely slammed the door shut and left, never to return. For two days and nights Sakura stayed by her mother's side until she finally fell unconscious from the lack of food, water, and sleep.

She awoke, and remembered what her mother said.

'A trunk. A trunk at the back of my closet' Sakura thought

Sakura slowly got up and dragged herself up the stairs to her old bedroom, which housed two small piles of clothes, one clean, one dirty, a beaten up old mattress, and a closet. She opened her closet doors, and rummaged through her things until she found the trunk.

She opened it, and found it had no dust whatsoever, like it did in the movies, when the girl or boy opens the big box, at the climax of the story. Her eyes searched the things inside, and found what they were looking for.

She lifted her hand into the box and grabbed the small velvet bag, pulling it out delicately. She opened the bag, and out fell the most beautiful necklace she had ever seen.

It was intricately interwoven with a strange black metal that felt like silk, and it was attached to a black lace choker. The width of it was only half an inch, but she clumsily put it on, and it somehow shrunk to her size.

Then she turned to the rest of the trunk, and decided to go through it later. She had what her mother wanted her to get, so she put the rest to look at later. Now, for the hard part. Now, she had to announce to the world, her mother's….death. She could feel a tiny piece of hope die inside her. A tiny tear began as well, and she let a single tear briefly caress her cheek, then dropping on to the cold, unforgiving land on which she lived.


Sakura awoke in a cold sweat. She HATED when she had that dream. It was her mother's last moments in life, and the last sighting of her father. But the memory was painful for her, and the memory reoccurred constantly in her dreams, almost every night. The pain that the memories caused now were ALMOST as painful as they were when it was fresh in her mind. Yes, she could remember it, all to clearly. She could remember the metallic, rusty-ish smell of her mother's blood, she could remember the vivid red of the blood and her father's hair, and she could remember the loud crashes and bone-chilling screams resonating from her mother's throat.

Sakura shook her head, as if trying to dislodge the memory, and decided to get ready for the day. Even though it was only 3 in the morning.

Sakura threw on a casual black tank top and her usual medic skirt and skin-tight shorts.

Casual enough for training, dressy enough for hospital work, just the way she preferred it.

The pinkette opened her bedroom door and walked to the kitchen. The white marble of the counter tops gave off a sort off eerie light, guiding her way to the fridge. Yes, her kitchen guided her. Yes, some people would think that ever-so-slightly weird. Did Sakura Haruno particularly care? No, not really.

The kunoichi opened the freezer doors and pulled out her favorite Oreo flavored ice cream. Yes, that was what she normally had for breakfast. As pointed out by Naruto countless times, there was no nutritional value in Oreo ice cream. Which was usually countered by 'Well there's a lot of calcium, and ramen isn't nutritious either, Naruto!'

Sakura quickly finished her ice cream, then ran out the door, grabbing her weapons and medical pouches on the way. And her apartment keys. Cuz you always need those.

Yes, Sakura was traumatized by her mother's death. But seeing the homicide conducted in front of her very eyes, the pinkette somehow grew strong off of that fear, and turned into the fierce yet gentle kunoichi/medic she is now. But Sakura had a dark side, which was very powerful and manipulative, but fiery tempered, which sometimes took control of her thoughts and interfered with her decisions. The same side often made her feel unwanted and unneeded, like all of her friends and all of Konoha hated her. Yes, that side could be very manipulative.

The pinkette arrived at Team Kakashi's training grounds right on time, which was after Naruto and Sai, and before Kakashi himself.

"Hi, Sakura-chan!" Naruto yelled, right into her ear.


While Naruto was complaining about how Sakura hated him, Sai greeted the fuming kunoichi politely. Well, as politely as Sai, the ex-ROOT member, could.

"Good morning, Ugly!"

Sakura glared at Sai, but tried to reign in her temper.

Then Kakashi appeared, and the training began, Sai and Sakura versus Naruto and Kakashi.


After training, when Naruto and Sai left, and Sakura stayed behind to gather herbs from the forest surrounding the field, Kakashi cornered her and briefly told her what was told to him by the Hokage to relay to Sakura.

The kunoichi stared at her sensei in disbelief, "I...I'm being transferred?" she repeated, not quite comprehending.

Kakashi sighed inwardly, and replied "Yes, Sakura. As an undercover Iwagakure nin, you will have to gain information on Iwagakure to help Konoha get a better view on how the other Ninja Countries are faring, as well as whether or not we should anticipate an attack in the near future. I'm afraid that as soon as you cross the Fire Country borders, you are an Iwagakure nin in any Konoha or Iwa nin's eyes"

She still didn't quite comprehend , and then the meaning of his words hit her. A dark, crushing aura surrounded her, and Kakashi unconsciously took a step back. He had never seen the pink haired medic-nin like this, never this upset.

"Fine. Good bye, then, Kakashi-sensei" she replied through clenched teeth, then disappeared in a cloud of cherry blossoms.


Sakura breathed in deeply. This was her chance she had been waiting for.

She needed to ditch this place, Konoha, because it reminded her of the memories. The painful ones, such as her childhood, her while past, Sasuke's betrayal then a few years later his execution, lingered heavily, nearly dampening the atmosphere with its weight. And it also held good ones, like the beginning of Team 7, and the party they held for the removal of the title 'The Rookies'. She had come so far, from the weakling she once was, looked down on by others, to the strong and respected kunoichi she now was.

But now, now she was packing all her close belongings, and getting ready to depart from her almost, maybe former, beloved home.

She looked over the things she was going to leave, and her eyes spotted the trunk, the very same trunk that her mother had quickly told her about all the years beforehand.

She cast a jutsu on it to make her able to summon it later, if the need arises, or she just needed to be reminded of her mother for some reason.

The pinkette closed the small backpack, and slipped it onto her shoulders. She ninja-jumped to the Konoha gate, and left, without saying goodbye, which she had a feeling she would regret later, but now she was determined to get to the Akatsuki, and she was terribly hardheaded.


The pink haired kunoichi was breathing heavily now, and her once-quick, graceful steps were now slow and stumbling.

She breathed in lightly, , and her ribs hurt from the small movement, making Sakura wince. Deciding that she needed to rest her body and restore some chakra, she stopped by a large willow tree with a fast flowing, clear, gurgling stream running through the small glade, forming an island-like shape. Satisfied with her surroundings, she set up her makeshift hammock of ropes, and settled down for a short cat nap, not bothering to make a fire.

Sakura fell asleep on the unstable network of ropes, and woke soon after when a black and red cloaked ninja stumbled out of the rustling bushes. He was wearing an orange swirly mask, which reminded her of a deflated basketball with a hole in it for his eye, and he had short, spiky black hair. From what she could see, the one eye that it showed wielded the Sharingan.

"Please don't hurt me" she whimpered, slightly scared, but completely confident that she could kill this loser if need be.

"Don't worry, Pinky! I won't hurt you, because Leader-sama said to not hurt you, and Hidan-san said that you were his, and to not injure you. Then he said that Jashin-sama wanted a virgin for his ritual, and Hidan-san figured you were a virgin, and that Leader said that he sensed you were really strong. Tobi has no idea how he figures out how people are strong!"

'Its called chakra you idi-' Sakura was interrupted from her thoughts when the boy called Tobi lifted her up off of the hammock and started to carry her on his shoulder. Sakura yelled and screamed in protest, punching his back with her petite fists, occasionally using chakra which merely caused Tobi to grunt.

Sakura gave up, and just rested on his shoulder for awhile, until she finally spoke up.

"Can we at least get my stuff, if you're gonna take me without my permission?"

Tobi merely held up an Akatsuki-standard cloaked arm, and revealed her backpack, which was held by a black leather-gloved arm.

They continued like that for awhile, with Tobi avoiding most of her inquiring with his own questions, and when she didn't answer, he just mindlessly babbled on about random topics. Then Tobi stopped abruptly.

"Hidan-senpai! Tobi got the girl! Tobi is a good boy!" Tobi said, too cheerfully for Sakura's taste. Apparently Hidan's too.

"TOBI! Dammit, you're late!" Hidan yelled, annoyed.

"Tobi is sorry…"

"Come on. Lets just get going. I can't sacrifice her to Jashin-sama, so we might as well hurry the fuck up. Now I have to find another virgin" Hidan said, mumbling the last part. Then he snorted, and started to walk away.

"Uh…Wait… Hidan-senpai!" Tobi said, running after Hidan.

Somewhere off in the trees a yellow eyed person was watching the whole ordeal.

"Tsk, Tsk… Leader will not be happy that they are late…eh, heh, heh, heh."

Okay! Thanx for reading, and i'm gonna answer a few questions that might be asked BEFORE you ask them. Such as, just because Sakura's dad has blood red hair does NOT mean that he is Sasori or Gaara! and the reason she left has to do with her past, the things she hides behind her cheery 'mask', and her darker side. Yes. im trying not to give to many things away. And the name for the chapter is the song i listened to while i edited it or wrote it. Thet'll be changed later, unless they fit. So...PLEASE review. And yes, this has been RE-EDITED! Thank you.