Hey guys! Sorry that I didn't get a new chapter up… I'm kind of blocked right now so I'm working on my first Twilight story because I thought of something that I wanted to do… Sorry… I hope to work through it by the end of the weekend so look for updates (this authors note will be gone when I finally replace it with the REAL chapter). I just wanted to apologize.

If you are interested in Twilight, check out the other story (it's called, Baby You Can Stop Running)… I'm surprised with how easily this story is flowing… Granted I'm not sure how long it's going to last. I think I just needed a break from Meet You There… I needed to step back and think again… I've seemed to have written myself into a road block… Though I do have a few paragraphs of chapter 38… I just don't want to half ass it because you, my readers, are fantastic and deserve better than that!

Just wanted to apologize again!