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"A Farey sequence is a fairly straightforward series of progressive fractions."

Charlie launched, animated, into one of his trademark explanations as Don leaned back in his desk chair and Colby hovered near the edge of Megan's cubicle.

"Fairy fractions?" Colby asked, brow furrowed in confusion. "What, are they like really tiny or something?"

"Farey: F-A-R-E-Y. And I can show you..." Charlie cast his eyes about and spotted an orange sitting on Megan's desk. "Perfect!" He grabbed the orange and almost immediately had it plucked back out of his hand by Megan.

"Uh uh," she said, shaking her head. "You're not taking my orange."

Charlie looked startled and more than a bit perplexed. "I wasn't going to eat it. I just wanted to slice it to demonstrate how a Farey sequence works."

"Too bad. I want to eat it." She rolled the orange sphere between her hands with an air of self-satisfaction.

"Megan," Charlie said patiently. "You'd get to eat the slices when I'm done with them."

Megan shook her head again, more emphatically this time. "Nope. I plan to peel it and eat it later when I'm doing my reports."

"It's just an orange!" Charlie protested. "I'll replace it!"

"Oh, like you replaced my popcorn that one time?" she asked, her eyebrow arching. "Or my iced tea?"

Charlie flushed, chastened.

"Okay," he said politely. "May I please have your orange if I promise to go buy you one as soon as I'm done here?"

Megan tossed the orange in the air and caught it.


"Oh, come on!" Charlie cried in exasperation, reaching towards her. "Just give me the orange!"

Megan pulled the orange out of reach.

"I have a gun," she admonished lightly.

"Head's up, Chuck."

Don hung up his phone, stood up and gestured to an agent whose cubicle was the next row over. The agent threw him an orange, which Don caught handily and tossed to Charlie.

"Oh!" Charlie was startled, but grinned with delight as he held the orange aloft.

"There's more than one orange in the world," Don chided.

"Okay, Farey sequences!" Charlie began anew. "But first, has anyone got a knife?"