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First Date

Six months. It had been six months, to the day, and Momo was starting to wonder if he'd dreamt the whole thing.

On December twenty-fourth, Echizen's fifteenth birthday, Momo had gone all out. He threw a huge party, invited practically every team in the high school tennis circuit, and he'd even gotten Echizen an incredible present: a brand new tennis racket, exactly the same as the one he'd used in his freshman year of junior high, signed by his favorite professional tennis player, Roger Federer. Then, at the end of the night, he'd pulled Echizen aside and asked him to be his boyfriend. And he was pretty sure Echizen had agreed.

And yet, after that night, nothing changed. They still went for burgers every day, and played tennis on the street courts, and did all the other things they did together, but nothing more, and the regular trips never changed from "hanging out" to "date."

Here he was, six months later--June twenty-fourth, what would have been their six-month anniversary, if they'd actually been dating--Seigaku's fifteen-year-old captain walking next to him, his racket already in his hand as they neared the street courts.

"Hey, Echizen," Momo mumbled, pulling at his shirt collar. It was nerve-wracking, but he had to be sure.

"What, Momo-senpai?"

Big golden eyes looked up at him, the usual boredom failing to mask entirely the vague curiosity and concern.

"You know your last birthday?"

"What about it?"

"We--you know--I asked--and you--"

"Spit it out, Senpai."

"Well, at the party. After it, I mean." Momo swallowed. "I… asked you to go out with me. Right?"

"Yeah. So?"

"So, I just… wondered if that--that's still, I mean, happening."

Echizen blinked. "Huh?"

"Well, because, I mean, we never actually… did anything… like what, you know, couples do… so I just--ow!" Momo rubbed his head. "That hurts, you little runt!"

Echizen shrugged, thumping his racket once more on Momo's head. "Baka Senpai," Echizen said, lowering it. "Why should I have to do something? You asked me."

"…That's why we never dated or anything? Because you were waiting for me to make the first move?" Momo slung an arm around Echizen's shoulder. "You're such a cute little uke!"

"It's because you're a big idiot, Momo-senpai," Echizen said grumpily, shrugging the arm off. "Hurry up, all the courts will be taken by the time we get there at this rate."

Momo grinned and forced an arm around the smaller boy's waist, despite Echizen's protests, and together they set off for their first date.


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